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President To Give Speech on Immigration Reform

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    ... Subject: President To Give Speech on Immigration Reform Obama’s Immigration Speech President Barack Obama is set to deliver a major speech about
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      Subject: President To Give Speech on Immigration Reform

      Obama’s Immigration Speech

      "President Barack Obama is set to deliver a major speech about immigration policy this coming Thursday, July 1st, at 10:30 AM from the campus of American University in Washington, DC."


      A presidential speech on immigration today

      "This morning the President will make clear that this is a top priority and call on Congress to tackle it in a major speech at American University at 10:45AM EDT. Watch the President’s speech at 10:45 here at WhiteHouse.gov/live." White House, July 1, 2010.



      President To Give Speech on Immigration Reform


      As Bill Hing reported earlier today, President Barack Obama claims to be pushing for immigration reform.  He is set to deliver a speech about immigration policy tomorrow at 10:45 AM on the campus of American University.  Watch it live!  For some pre-speech speculation from Alex Wagner at Politics Daily, click here.

      Here is how the White House is touting the speech: 

      "The President believes that we must have a practical, common-sense approach that reflects our heritage and our history -- as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. Government must be accountable for enforcing the law, businesses that seek unfair advantages over competitors must be accountable for exploiting the system, and those who break the law must be accountable as well. But as always, the President will put it more eloquently than I can, so tune in for the speech streamed live at WhiteHouse.gov at 10:45 a.m. EDT. If you miss it, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, you can still join Cecilia Muñoz, one of the President's closest advisors on this issue, who will be taking questions from Americans all over the country in a unique online roundtable."


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      Obama, Labor, and Activists Will Target Republicans and Push Reform

      Erica Werner writes for the Associated Press

      WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation that will showcase Republican opposition and include a speech by the president.

      The strategy was discussed during a meeting Monday by a range of prominent labor leaders and activist groups. Participants said Obama reiterated his support for immigration legislation but noted the political realities that have stalled it in Congress.

      Latino leaders say they will work in coming months to pressure Republicans to give way and support an immigration bill - and make opponents pay at the ballot box if they don't.

      "We're going to make absolutely crystal clear who's at fault here," said Eliseo Medina, a leader of the Service Employees International Union.

      Prospects for passage of comprehensive immigration legislation look bleak this election year, and even many Democrats are wary of wading into the hot-button issue. But Obama, who pledged as a candidate to make immigration reform a top priority during his first year in office, faces pressure from the Hispanic community to act - or at least to try. Click here for the rest of the story.


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      Asylum Cases Can Truly Mean Life or Death

      Julia Preston in a New York Times article reminds us that asylum cases, in this instance a young Salvadoran man who fled gang violence in El Salvador but was ordered deported there after his asylum claim was denied in the United States, can have life-or-death consequences.


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