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Iowa Students Protest Arizona's new immigration law

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      Subject: Iowa Students Protest Arizona's new immigration law


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      Iowans React To Arizona Immigration Law

      POSTED: 4:28 pm CDT April 30, 2010
      UPDATED: 10:14 am CDT May 1, 2010

      AMES, Iowa -- Just last week, Arizona's governor signed into law a controversial immigration bill.

      It requires local and state law enforcement to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

      Iowa candidate for governor, Bob Vander Plaats said Friday he would propose a law like it for Iowa. Meanwhile, students in Ames held a protest.About a hundred Iowa state university students marched in the rain to call for an end to Arizona's new immigration law.

      It calls for police to investigate a person's immigration status if they suspect that person is here illegally.The students worry officers will primarily consider skin color and accent.

      At least one Iowa candidate for governor said he supports Arizona's plan.

      "This is not a racist policy. This is an anybody-who-is-here-illegal policy," said Vander Plaats.Vander Plaats said the federal government has failed, and it's now up to the states.

      "As soon as everyone understands we have high expectations regarding immigration within our state, and we are holding people accountable, I think it will clear up very quickly," said Vander Plaats.

      Protesters are concerned that innocent people will be jailed, detained or harassed in the process."They can just be sent to jail until they produce evidence that they are legal residents," said ISU student Frederick Cortes.

      They do agree with Vander Plaats on one thing. So far, the current administration has failed to come up with a plan for immigration reform.

      "We are a rising population and we elected him.

      We got him into the presidency. So we also need to send a note to President Barack Obama saying this is important to us," said Mexican Citizen and ISU student Claudia Prado.

      Vander Plaats also said he favors tougher penalties for businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers.

      The students hope the protests continue until something is done to reverse the law in Arizona.

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