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3/15-17 Oakland, CA: Advanced Immigration Program Management Training (CLINIC)

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      Advanced Immigration Program Management Training

      Preparing for an Earned Pathway to Citizenship

      Presented by:
      Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) 

      Hosted by:
      Catholic Charities of the East Bay

      March 15, 2010:  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      March 16, 2010:  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
      March 17, 2010: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

      Catholic Charities of the East Bay
      433 Jefferson Street

      Oakland, CA  94607-3592
      Phone: 510-768-3100   


      $275 per person for staff at CLINIC affiliates (paying annual dues)
      $825 cap for up to three staff ($55
      materials fee per person for more than 3 attendees from the same office site.)

      $295 per person for nonprofit program staff
      $885 cap for up to three staff/site ($55 materials fee per person for more than 3 attendees from the same office site.)

      $415 per person for private attorneys and their staff

      Registration fee includes a copy of the training manual

      This three-day training is focused on key program management and capacity development topics geared towards creating and expanding immigration legal services for a possible comprehensive immigration reform with an earned pathway to citizenship.  The curriculum will include elements of CLINIC’s highly praised Immigration Program Management Training.  The training will focus on six advanced areas:

      ·       Participants will learn how to frame their fundraising proposals in a manner that gives them the greatest chance for success.  Each participant will get help creating a framework for proposals for either preparing for the new law or immigrant integration.

      ·       Advanced case management from a current perspective and with comprehensive change in mind.  All will complete an analysis of existing case management strengths and weaknesses and a plan to improve.

      ·       Group processing as applied to comprehensive immigration reform and how to pilot that model with available immigration benefit workshop.  Each participant will create a plan for her or his program.

      ·       Sophisticated enhancements to increase fees revenue despite the recession.  Participants will receive individual consultations on agency fees and processing designed to increase their control over this funding stream.

      ·       Each participant will apply lessons about business planning to create such a tool for their agency.

      ·       Advanced issues in Board of Immigration Appeals will be applied by each participant to create a plan that insures that all agency locations are not engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and that sufficient sites are ready to go when the new law comes.

      The training is highly interactive.  Participants will leave with an array of useful and customized tools to help them create or improve immigration legal services. 

      Who should attend?

      This is not a basic immigration program management training.  Participants should have attended a prior training by CLINIC on immigration program management or have two years of management level experience running an immigration program


      Ms. Lina Avidan is a Program Executive at the Zellerbach Family Foundation where she manages two grants programs:  Immigrants and Refugees, and Strengthening Communities. She has 23 years of experience advocating on behalf of under-served communities in the areas of immigration policy, income rights, and civil rights. She worked for eight years as the Director of Public Policy at the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and later served as the founding Director of the Northern California Citizenship Project, a regional multi-agency consortium dedicated to expanding civic and political participation among newly naturalized citizens and immigrants in Northern California.

      Mr. Jeff Chenoweth is a Field Support Coordinator in CLINIC’s Center for Citizenship and Immigrant Communities, in Washington, D.C.  He assists charitable immigration programs in Northeastern states with capacity building and program management needs.  Chenoweth directs the Center and supervises five Field Support Coordinators.  He has written and spoken extensively on group naturalization processing.

      Ms. Vanna Slaughter directs the Immigration Counseling Center of Catholic Charities of Dallas, has a masters in social work, and is a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) fully accredited representative.  Ms. Slaughter is celebrated throughout the Catholic and other networks for her innovative development of immigration program management strategies that produce higher quality service and greater volume of individuals and families assisted.  She has taught and consulted extensively on immigration program management and mentored numerous successful program directors.

      Mr. Robert Yabes is a BIA fully accredited representative and the Program Director of Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services in San Jose.  Mr. Yabes represents clients before the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and the Executive Office for Immigration Review. He manages a staff of eleven, does program planning, and works collaboratively with community partners on issues facing immigrants. His program suffered a 10% loss of fee revenue in 2008.  Using innovative techniques his program was able to turn that trend around and realize a 5% increase in fee-based revenue in 2009 despite the recession.

      Mr. Jack Holmgren is a Field Support Coordinator in the San Francisco office of CLINIC’s Center for Citizenship and Immigrant Communities.  He has specialized in immigration program management since 1996 and is knowledgeable about fundraising and BIA agency site recognition and agency staff accreditation.

      Registration details and deadline

      The training is for the staff of Catholic agencies and other community-based organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) status, and attorneys and legal worker staff of private law offices.  As a requirement of registration, if you are registering as staff of a community-based organization, fax a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter designating your agency as a nonprofit entity to CLINIC at (415) 394-8696 to the attention of Jack Holmgren.  Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of this letter and your payment through the website by credit card only.  No checks or cash accepted for payment. 

      The deadline for registration is March 08, 2010.   Only on-line registration and payment by credit card is accepted at the CLINIC web site.  Space is limited and we suggest you register early.  Registration may close prior to the stated deadline if the number or registrants reaches capacity.  If that happens, the website will not accept your credit card payment.  For more information, contact Jack Holmgren at (415) 394-8074.

      Lodging: Oakland has a wide range of hotel accommodations and San Francisco is just a BART ride across the Bay.  The training site is within easy walking distance from the 12th Street BART Station in downtown Oakland.

      Pay parking lots are within walking distance of the training site and the BART 12th Street Station in Oakland is also within walking distance.

      Information on additional training opportunities is available on www.cliniclegal.org and www.immigrationadvocates.org.


      Payment of registration fees by credit card only.


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