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The 800 Mile Wall: Film Screening & Discussion | March Against 15 Year of Operation Gatekeeper

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    The AFSC San Diego Office Invites you to a free* screening of THE 800 MILE WALL Thursday December 3rd, 2009 6pm Joe & Vi Jacobs Center (Celebration Hall) 404
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2009

      The AFSC San Diego Office Invites you to a free* screening of THE 800 MILE WALL

      Thursday December 3rd, 2009


      Joe & Vi Jacobs Center (Celebration Hall)

      404 Euclid Ave. | San Diego, CA 92114


      The 800 Mile Wall highlights the construction of the new border walls along the U.S.-Mexico border as well as the effect on migrants trying to cross into the U.S. This powerful 90-minute film is an unflinching look at a failed U.S. border strategy that many believe has caused the death of thousands of migrants and violates fundamental human rights.

      Since border walls have been built, well over 5,000 migrant bodies have been recovered in U.S. deserts, mountains and canals. Some unofficial reports put the death toll as high as 10,000 men, women and children. As a direct result of U.S. border policy, migrants are forced to cross treacherous deserts and mountains in search of low skill and low paying jobs in the United States . The New York Times writes, "Current border strategy is serving as a funnel through deadly terrain." The 800 Mile Wall documents, in great detail, the ineffective and deadly results of a failed border policy and offers some thoughts and on how the current human rights crisis may be resolved. Directed by John Carlos Frey and Produced by Jack Lorenz. Running Time: 90 min.

      *A SUGGESTED DONATION OF A GALLON OF WATER IS WELCOMED FOR: Angeles del Desierto (Search and Rescue organization) & Water Station (Humanitarian Organization that places water in the Imperial Valley ).



      Sponsored by: Angeles del Desierto, American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego , American Friends Service Committee (US-Mexico Border Program), Water Stations, Raza Rights Coalition, and the Center for Social Advocacy


      For more information please contact:



      American Friends Service Committee

      San Diego Area Office

      P.O. Box 126147

      San Diego, CA 92112

      (619) 233-4114

      fax (619) 233-6247




      We also invite you to join Unión del Barrio to March Against the Border (Wall of Death) Policy of Operation Gatekeeper in its 15th year of implementation.


      ---------------------------From Unión del Barrio---------------------

      With repression and attacks against our community reaching astounding new heights, now more than ever students, teachers, workers, housewives, and all freedom-loving people continue to organize themselves against those who stand in the way of the self-determination of our pueblos.


      Unión del Barrio makes the call to those who continue to organize, and those who have now realized that we will only achieve true change and true democracy through organized collective processes, to come out and MARCH on Sat. Dec. 05.


      With more than 5,000 deaths at the border, we will be wearing black, not to mourn, but to represent and resist for all of those who have lost their lives as a result of the vicious system that continues to divide a people.




      If your organization would like to endorse this effort, or would like more information, please e-mail difusion_sd@...




      Con represión y ataques en contra de nuestra comunidad llegando a nuevas alturas, ahora mas que nunca estudiantes, maestros, trabajadores, padres de familia, y todos los que buscan la libertad continúan a organizarse contra esas fuerzas que impiden la auto-determinación de nuestros pueblos.


      Unión del Barrio hace el llamado a toda persona que continua a organizarse, y a esas personas que ahora reconocen que solamente podemos lograr cambios y la democracia verdadera tras procesos colectivos organizados, a MARCHAR el Sab. 05 dic.


      Con mas de 5,000 muertes en la frontera, nos vestiremos de negro, no de luto, pero para representar y resistir para todos los que han perdido sus vidas como resultado del sistema horrendo que continua dividiendo a un pueblo.




      Si su organización quiere apoyar este esfuerzo, o gusta mas información, favor de comunicarse a difusion_sd@....


      MARCH - Against 15 Years of Operation Gatekeeper:

      ¡Our Struggle in Defense of our People Continues!

      December 5, 2009 | 11am

      San Ysidro Park ( 52 E. Hall Ave. San Diego , CA 92173 )

      Watch YouTube video , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLEb1IF5cKM

      For more information please contact: 619-398-6648 or e-mail: difusion_sd@...

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