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ALL OUT THE STREET! May Day 2009 National Immigrant Workers Mobilization!

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    May Day 2009 National Immigrant Workers Mobilization National Immigrant Solidarity Network _http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/MayDay2009/_
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      or visit:
      Additional Report on MayDay 2009 Events being held that we know of

      Aurora Grajeda

      Below please find a Report on MayDay 2009 Events being held that we
      know of, if you are aware of other events, please let me know to
      update the list. In addition, there will be a follow-up on the number
      of people in attendance in each event, these numbers will be added to
      hopefully have a total which reflects the numbers from the Organizers
      or Attendees, to balance the numbers that the local Police Departments
      releases that, as we have known in the past, are always deflated.

      I've committed myself to compile these numbers to the best of my
      ability, if you can help in any way, this will enhance my ability to
      carry out this task - Repeating myself, I can use your help in these
      two areas, 1. If you know of an event which is not listed, please let
      me know and, 2. After the actions, if you do know the number of people
      in your event, or other events, please let me know. (My thanks to
      activists who have already made me aware of previously unknown events)

      MAYDAY 2009: List of Marches and Actions - Primero de Mayo 2009: Lista
      de Marchas y Acciones --- Abreviated list of MayDay 2009 events in
      Ascending Alpha Order and a list by State & then city
      Thank you very much for your attention and consideration to this matter.

      In fraternal solidarity,

      Aurora Grajeda


      Phoenix, AZ - Marcha Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum to State Capitol 8:30 AM AZ

      Tucson, AZ - Marcha y mitin - South Gate Shopping Center 8 AM AZ


      Berkeley, CA Rally y Marcha - Sproul Plaza al City Hall, 11 AM CA

      Cal State Dominguez Hills: Labor and Social Justice Fair Conference CA

      Calexico, May 1st Binational immigration symposium Conference - 08:30
      AM-08:30 PM CA

      Chico, CA Mitin/Marcha - City Hall, 3 - 8 PM CA

      Davis, CA Mitin y marcha - UC Davis Campus, 11 – 2 PM CA

      Farmersville, CA - Marcha - Parque Memorial 4 PM CA

      Fort Bragg, CA - Marcha, Tienda La Bamba 9:00 AM CA

      Fresno, CA Eaton Plaza March (at the water tower) Gathering at 5:00
      p.m begins at 6:00 p.m. CA

      Fresno, CA Mitin y marcha - Centro Civico - Fulton Mall 4 - 8 PM CA

      HAYWARD, CA - March & Rally - 10 a.m. Weekes Park @ 27182 Patrick Ave,
      10:30 - 12:30 March to City Hall, 1:30 Rally @ City Hall CA

      Los Angeles, CA ABRIL 30 Immigrant Rights Teach In - Antioch University 2 PM CA

      Los Angeles, CA March by MIWON & LA County Fed, 1:30 PM Meet @ Echo
      Park, 4:30 PM Rally& postcard action @ Placita Olvera CA

      Los Angeles, CA Marcha - Cinco Puntos a City Hall 11 AM CA

      Los Angeles, CA Marcha - Olympic/Broadway 12 PM CA

      Los Angeles, CA Marcha y Mitin - 3rd/Vermont a McArthur Park 2 – 7 PM CA

      Madera, CA - Mitin, 5 PM CA

      Martinez, CA - Vigilia y marcha, Martinez Marina 5:30 PM CA

      Mendota, CA ABRIL 29 Marcha de los Niños - 10 AM CA

      Modesto, CA - Mitin - Hatch Road/Crow Landing, 10 AM CA

      Modesto, CA ABRIL 29 Rally-March - Gil’s Plaza 3 PM CA

      Mountain View, CA - Vigilia - The Worker Center, Calvary Church 5 PM CA

      Mountain View, CA Vigilia - The Worker Center, Calvary Church 5 PM CA

      NAPA, CA - Vigilia / Vigil - Veterans Park in Napa Downtown From 5:00
      p.m. to 7:00 p.m CA

      Oakland, CA: Program at Fruitvale Plaza 3:30-4:30pm Veteran’s Memorial
      Coliseum to State Capitol CA

      Oakland, CA: Students/Youth MARCH to City Hall! 10:00 AM-01:00 PM
      GATHER at High St. and International Blvd. CA

      Riverside, CA: Immigrants / Workers Rights = Human Rights MayDay March CA

      Sacramento, CA - Marcha, Hiram Johnson High School a State Capitol 10 AM CA

      Salinas, CA - Cuatro marchas - Constitutional y Laurel, 12 PM – 5 PM CA

      San Diego, CA - Marcha - Chicano Park a City Hall, 10 AM CA

      San Diego, CA - Rally - City College, 3 PM CA

      San Francisco, CA: SF May Day March And Rally - Dolores Park 12 Noon
      March to Civic Center for 4 PM Rally CA

      San Jose, CA: May Day Action - Mi Pueblo Shopping Center, Story Rd. &
      King Rd. to City Hall, 04:00 PM-06:00 PM CA

      San Rafael, CA - Vigilia y marcha - Community Center – Canal, 6 AM – 10 AM CA

      Santa Barbara, CA - Begins at 6:30pm in Presidio Springs at 721 Laguna
      Street CA

      Santa Cruz, CA: May 1st March & Rally for Immigrant & Worker Rights CA

      Santa Rosa, CA - Marcha - Old Albertsons Shopping Center 11 AM CA

      SFA 'Dine with Dignity' May 1st Campus actions CA


      Vancouver CANADA Marcha, Solidaridad con Inmigrantes, Migrantes e
      Indocumentados- Clark Park a Grandview Park 6 PM Canada


      Denver, CO March - 12th & Mariposa Lincoln Park 10 AM CO

      Greeley, CO, May 2nd Unity March - Island Grove Park – 514 N. 14th Ave
      - More info 970.388.0834 or 303.887.2795 CO

      Longmont, CO: UNITY MARCH - Detention & Deportation - 11:30 AM-01:30 PM CO


      Washington D.C. ABRIL 30 100TH DAY ACTION IN DC - Detention &
      Deportation 10:00 AM-03:00 PM DC

      Washington D.C: May 1st Rally - Malcolm X Park, W St. NW and 16th St.
      NW - 03:00 PM-06:00 PM DC


      Gainesville, FL: Mayday Demonstration - Kirby Smith Community Center,
      620 East University Ave - 04:30 PM-06:30 PM FL

      Immokalee, FL - Begins at 5pm in the Immokalee Community Park at 312
      1st Street North FL

      MIAMI, FL MAYDAY 2009 - Downtown Miami, 100 Chopin Plaza 04:00 PM-08:00 PM FL

      Tampa, FL - Begins at 3:00pm at the corner of Dale Mabry and Columbus FL


      Atlanta, GA - Begins at 10AM at the Capitol Building on Washington Street GA


      Park, Ogden and Ashland 10:00 AM-04:00 PM IL


      Indianapolis, IN Marcha - 5 – 9 PM IN


      Wichita, KS: May Day March - City Hall, 455 N. Main Street - 06:00
      PM-08:00 PM KS


      Louisville, KY Mitin y marcha - Courthouse a Jefferson Park 5 – 7 PM KY

      Louisville, KY: May Day Rally 11:30 AM -01:30 PM. Gather at Courthouse
      (Broadway & 6th) - Noon: Rally at Jefferson & 6th KY


      Boston, MA - March and Rally - Glendale Park, Elm St., Everett, MA
      4:30 pm - March from Central Square MA

      Chelsea, MA Marcha - City Hall a Central Square 2 – 5 PM MA

      E. Boston, MA Mitin y marcha - Boston Common 4pm, gathering time
      2:00pm - March from Chelsea City Hall, gathering time 3:00pm MA


      Detroit, MI - 4th Grand Peaceful March - W. Vernor & Woodmere 10:00
      AM, RALLY at Clark Park at 12:00 Noon MI

      Kalamazoo, MI: MayDay March - 5:00 pm, St. Joseph Gymnasium, 930 Lake St. MI


      Minneapolis, MN - International Workers Day March & street festival -
      Lake Street & 13th Ave S - 04:00 PM-08:00 PM MN


      Asheville, NC - Begins at 5:30pm in Pack Square, Downtown Asheville NC

      Raleigh, NC Manifestación pasiva - Cámara legislativa NC


      Elizabeth, NJ Mitin - Warinanco park 11 AM NJ

      Jersey City, NJ ABRIL 29 Rally - Journal Square 3 PM NJ

      Newark, NJ - Rally Starts at 11:00AM in Lincoln Park on Broad Stree,
      march to 970 Broad St (Federal Immigration Buliding) NJ


      Albuquerque, NM - March Starts at 4:30pm at Holy Rosary Church, 5525
      Fortuna Road - Tiguex Park 3 – 5 PM NM People Present

      Santa Fe, NM - Marcha - Downtown – De Vargas Park 4 – 7 PM NM


      Las Vegas, NV: Justice for Immigrants March - 3:30 Meet-up Commercial
      Center, 5:00 March to Fed. Courthouse Mitin 7 PM NV

      NEW YORK

      New York, NY - APRIL 30 Public Forum (For Publico) on the STRIVE Act -
      LaGuardia Community College 1 – 2:30 PM NY

      New York, NY - May Day Rally for Workers and Immigrants Rights, Union
      Square, 14th Street & Broadway 12:00 PM-07:00 PM NY

      New York, NY - MayDay Rally & March for Workers & Immigrant Rights,
      Union Square 04:00 PM-06:30 PM NY


      Portland, OR March & Rally - South Park Blocks, SW Salmon and SW Park,
      1pm Posters & Party, 4pm – Speakers & Entertainment OR

      Salem, OR: Unity March - Rally and March for Comprehensive Immigration
      Reform - Oregon State Capitol - 11:00 AM-03:00 PM OR


      Philadelphia, PA - Elmwood Park @ South 71st St. and Buist Ave,
      Southwest Philly NOON TO 2 PM PA

      PITTSBURGH, PA: - 4:00 p.m. Vigil at ALLEGHENY COUNTY JAIL, 2ND AVE -
      5:00 p.m. March for Immigrants' Rights PA


      Providence, RI - Rally outside of the USCIS office at 3:30pm RI


      Austin, TX - Will be held on the State Capitol South Steps, 5 – 7:30 PM TX

      El Paso, TX - Gather at the corner of Mills and Walnut at 4:30pm and
      march to downtown - Placita de los Lagartos TX

      McAllen, TX Marcha - Municipal Park 6 PM TX

      San Antonio, TX - Mitin y marcha, Plaza del Zacate 12 PM – 7 PM TX

      SAN ANTONIO, TX: International Workers Day March - Milam Park In Front
      of Santa Rosa Hospital - 06:00 PM-08:00 PM TX


      Montpelier, VT: Rally - Vermont Statehouse, 111 State St. - 12:00
      PM-03:00 PM VT


      Bellingham, WA Mitin - Cornwall Park 12-6 WA

      Mt. Vernon, WA Mitin y marcha 11am WA

      Seattle, WA - Marcha y mitin - Seattle Center Fisher Pavillion 3 PM WA

      Seattle, WA: 9th Annual May 1st March & Rally - Rally 3:30PM Judkins
      Playfield (behind St. Marys Church) WA

      Yakima, WA Marcha - Miller Park 3:30 PM WA


      Madison WI March for the poor, immigrants & workers - 11:00 a.m.
      Gathering at Brittingham Park WI

      Madison WI Marcha y Mitin - Capitolio estatal 12 PM WI

      Milwaukee, WI: Statewide Immigrant & Labor Rights March - Depart from
      5th and Washington Streets 12:00 PM-02:00 PM WI

      "Charity is commendable; everyone should be charitable. But justice
      aims to create a social order in which, if individuals choose not to
      be charitable, people still don’t go hungry, unschooled or sick
      without care. Charity depends on the vicissitudes of whim and personal
      wealth; justice depends on commitment instead of circumstance.
      Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based
      justice offers a place at the table."
      -- Bill Moyers

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      e-mail: info@...

      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C.: (202)595-8990
      Chicago: (773)942-2268
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                  May Day 2009 National Immigrant Workers Mobilization

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/MayDay2009/


      May Day 2009 Useful Handouts and Know Your Immigrant Rights When Marches


      1. Check Your Local May Day 2009 Action!Click Here


      2. Please send your May Day 2009 reports to: info@...

      3. Please Post Your May Day 2009 Video at our ActivistVideo.org


      We are calling A national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building new immigrant rights & civil rights movement!

      Wear White T-Shirt, organize local actions to support immigrant worker rights!

      1) No to anti-immigrant legislation, and the criminalization of the immigrant communities.
      2) No to militarization of the border.
      3) No to the immigrant detention and deportation.
      4) No to the guest worker program.
      5) No to employer sanction and "no match" letters.
      6) Yes to a path to legalization without condition for undocumented immigrants NOW.
      7) Yes to speedy family reunification.
      8) Yes to civil rights and humane immigration law.
      9) Yes to labor rights and living wages for all workers.
      10) Yes to the education and LGBTQ immigrant legislation.

      We encourages everyone to actively linking our issues with different struggles: wars in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine & Korea with sweatshops exploitation in Asia as well as in Los Angeles, New York; international arm sales and WTO, FTAA, NAFTA & CAFTA with AIDS, hunger, child labors and child solider; as well as multinational corporations and economic exploitation with racism and poverty at home—in order we can win the struggle together at this May Day 2009!

      Please send your May Day 2009 reports to: info@...

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      e-mail: info@...

      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C.: (202)595-8990
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