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Immigration UNITY Conference in LA! PROGRAM & SPEAKERS now available!!!

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  • Ron Gochez
    PLEASE Forward to your contacts!!! This is shaping up to be a VERY dynamic and historic UNITY conference!! Register online today!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2009
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      PLEASE Forward to your contacts!!!

      This is shaping up to be a VERY dynamic and historic UNITY conference!!
      Register online today!!!

      www. immigrationcoal ition.org

      NEXT Southern CA Immigration Coalition meeting:
      Sunday, April 5, 2009!! 11:00AM
      Centro Cultural Francisco Villa
      2100 S. Maple Ave. LA, CA 90011


      Invited/ Confirmed Workshops & Speakers
      Southern California Immigration Coalition's
      2009 Immigration UNITY Conference:


      Stop the ICE Raids and Strategies and Tactics to Employ (moderator – Ron Gochez)
      a. Enrique Morones, Border Angels, San Diego (confirmed)
      b. Adriana Jasso, Raza Rights Coalition, San Diego (confirmed)
      c. Francisco Ramirez, Comite de Derechos Humanos – Oxnard (confirmed)
      d. Ron Gochez, Union del Barrio, Los Angeles (confirmed)

      2. Fair and Humane Immigration Reform (moderator – Odilia Romero)
      a. Professor Raul Hinojosa (confirmed)
      b. Professor Gilbert G. Gonzalez (confirmed)
      c. Attorney Peter Schey (confirmed)
      d. Christian Ramirez, American Friends Service Committee, San Diego (confirmed)
      e. Odilia Romero, Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales (confirmed)

      3. Municipal Immigration Reform (moderator – Nativo Lopez)
      a. Miguel Robles, ALDI, San Francisco (confirmed)
      b. Hector Alvarado, PUMAS, Maywood (confirmed)
      c. Arturo Jimenez, Pomona Habla, Pomona (confirmed)
      d. Nativo Lopez, Hermandad Mexicana-Latinoamerican a/MAPA, (confirmed)

      4. Parents & Teachers and Immigration Reform (moderator – ARE)
      a. Association of RAZA Educators (confirmed)
      b. Eva Rivas, Padre de Familia de Echo Park (confirmed)
      c. Martina Lopez, Padre de familia, Sur Centro – Frente Contra las Redadas (confirmed)
      d. Raul Anorve, IDEPSCA (not confirmed)

      5. Labor Rights are Immigrant Rights (moderator – Rodolfo Barragan)
      a. Maria Elena Durazo, LA County Federation of Labor
      b. Esther Lopez, UFCW
      c. Pablo Alvarado, NDLON
      d. Rodolfo Barragan, HGTUI, Vice President
      e. Jubilee Shine, Roofers, Local 36

      6. The Role of the Media and Immigration Reform (moderator – Raymundo Reynoso)
      a. Ruben Luengas, En Contexto, Channel 52
      b. Pilar Marrero, La Opinion
      c. Ruben Tapia, KPFK (confirmed)
      d. Raymundo Reynoso, KPFK
      e. Fernando Velasquez, KPFK (confirmed)
      f.  El Mandril – LA RAZA
      g. Comite Pro Democracia en Mexico, KPFK (confirmed)

      7. Cultural Artists and Immigration Reform (moderator - Emilio Amaya)
      a. Mujeres de Maiz (confirmed)
      b. Emilio Amaya (confirmed)
      c. Olmeca – Rapper/ Activist (confirmed)
      d. Judith Navarro, Danza Cuautemoc (not confirmed)

      8. Criminalization of Immigrants and Immigration Reform (moderator – Alex Sanchez)
      a. Alex Sanchez, Homies Unidos (confirmed)
      b. Jesse Diaz (confirmed)
      c. Cynthia Anderson- Baker, Attorney (confirmed)
      d. Hamid Khan, South Asian Network (confirmed)

      9. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community and Immigration Reform (moderator – Roi Lopez)
      a) Francisco Dueñas (LAMBDA Legal)
      b) Frankie Palacios (Somos Familia) (confirmed)
      c) Yuisa Gimeno (Radical Women) (confirmed)
      d) Carlos Ramirez (International Socialist Organization) (confirmed)
      e) Bambie Salcedo (California Translatina Coalition) < span id="ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_ltl_body">(confirmed)

      10. Students and Immigration Reform (moderator – Celina Benitez)
      a. Claire Sanchez, Pitzer College
      b. Laura Martinez, Mt. San Antonio - ISO (confirmed)
      c. Maria Rodriguez, CHIRLA (confirmed)
      d. Christian Rodriguez, MEChA, Cal Poly Pomona (confirmed)

      1. Senator Gil Cedillo (morning)
      2. Soledad Alatorre (morning)
      3. Senator Gloria Romero (afternoon)
      4. Congressman Xavier Becerra
      5. Daniel Montes – closing speaker (Confirmed)
      6. Nathalie Contreras – closing speaker (Confirmed)

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