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      Subject: Its All Farm Related

      Like our brother Tezo says "you can talk all about mother earth, but you dont know your mother until you get down on your knee's and do the work"

                              It All Farm Related!

      Our position is that of combatants between two worlds, one that we don’t acknowledge, and the other that does not yet exist.
      Roaul Vaneigem, Situationlist International, 1961

      We encourage our community in cultivating their own green spaces and    supporting community owed super markets, restaurants and searching for an alternative form of providing food to our jente in order to minimize the dependence on corporate food monopolies.
                              LABB 9 Point Platform

      The concept of autonomy is of a creating force orchestrated together by an autonomist collective in pursuit for freedom. When the institution that being the courts, school, police, city official and the economy integrates everybody in its realm not allowing for creativity (autonomy) to manifest, the Brown Berets then become the engine for autonomy. As autonomist we acknowledge the fabricated existence of corporate food markets and the corruption in subsidies money and land development in our community. Our discourse becomes questioning of our very existence and the institution that we live in. It’s All Farm Related! Self-sustainability for a Metropolitan Angelino required radical transformations.

      How many times have you seen a kid or adult selling candy in the Metro station or metro line? How many hours do they work? Who do they work for?

      These individual’s are autonomist in the concept of individual self-realization. A capitalist might call them ontipenuers because they still work with in the realm of the institution. But what about when you create, produce and label your own product for the purpose of combating giant corporate food chains? What about when you teach our community to grow their own organic produce, to cook healthy food, to be watchful of pesticide and hormones in our food and to demand for more farm land in our community? The purpose of the It’s All Farm Related Food Program is for social autonomy from the institutionalized frame works that is all ready here. The Los Angeles Brown Berets believed that every human being is entitled to five basic needs, which are food, education, work, healthcare and shelter. Our discourse here is Food with a capital F. We understand that the food chain is responsible for our poor health conditions and exploitation of our community.
      Just like it is our responsibility to exercise for better health, It’s All Farm Related promotes a four point’s platform: physical health, farming techniques, self-sustainability and autonomy encouraging Angelinos to take the initiative.

      Physical Health:
      Survival is the essence of our motivation. We promote physical health by Kapulli and farming. Understanding that our community is already suffering from dieses like diabetes, obesity and pulmonary problems we encourage our jente to be fit.

      Farming Techniques:
      In order to self sustain our selves we need to learn how to grow. We promote organic produces that are free from any pesticide. Further more we encourage our jente to learn how to grow plants and vegetables that promote a better health.

      As a whole (Autonomous movement) we are pushing to break ties from the market chain. We don’t need any more fast food joints in our community taking advantage of our people and making a profit. We promote more healthy “changaros” (food venues) for us by us.

      Another world is possible. This world is composed of a diverse community working mutual with out the need to exploit each other. It is a world that calls into question everything keeping things in movement without an end. 

      Our job as Brown Berets is to facilitate these points by working with organizations that are already in motion such as the South Central farmers (School of Operations). As it has been said that project of autonomy call into questing the very institution we live in. Through our school of operation we are constructing the moment of time, collecting and involving our selves in these process for our genuine creation of a community.
      • Zapatistas: The Chiapas Revolt and what it means for Radical Politics by Milalis Mentinis
      • Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

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