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Fw: Call to Action to Hold DHS Accountable!

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  • Pamela Hernandez
    another FYI, this time from Detention Watch Network   Pamela Genghiní Hernández   CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any attachments are for the sole
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2009
      another FYI, this time from Detention Watch Network
      Pamela Genghiní Hernández
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      Subject: Call to Action to Hold DHS Accountable!

      Detention Watch Network
      Rights Working Group
      Hold DHS Accountable!
      Restore our values of due process and human rights
      National Week of Action April 8-15, 2009
      Take action during the National Week of Action to demand Department of Homeland Security (DHS) oversight and meaningful reform to protect our communities' due process and human rights.
      In its first 100 days, the Obama Administration has taken some important steps to hold the DHS accountable.  DHS Secretary Napolitano has launched an investigation of the Bellingham workplace raid to investigate if due process protections were violated and directed DHS agencies to assess the impact of their programs in order to identify needed reforms.  However, fundamental reform is needed to ensure that DHS is held accountable to enforcing our immigration laws in a sensible and fair manner.
      To date, there has been limited response to:
      • Two recent deaths in detention in Virginia and Louisiana.
      • Reports of detainees who, after protesting conditions in the Reeves Texas detention facility, were prevented from speaking with family or outside observers.
      • Degrading treatment of immigrants by local law enforcement in Maricopa County, Arizona acting under an ICE 287(g) agreement.
      • ICE local enforcement programs that are sweeping immigrants into detention facilities or deportation without a fair day in court.
      During this National Week of Action from April 8-15, demonstrate your community's need for DHS accountability and reform:
      • Visit Congressional representatives in their home districts to raise awareness for the need for DHS reform.
      • Hold vigils outside of local ICE offices or detention facilities.
      • Host a community conversation to share the stories of those who have been affected by inhumane and unfair DHS policies.
      • Write letters to the editor of your local and regional newspapers to explain the need for DHS reform.
      Register your action with the Rights Working Group and Detention Watch Network.
      Join the Rights Working Group and Detention Watch Network on a national call on March 19th to learn more about how to participate in the National Week of Action to Hold DHS Accountable!
      RSVP for the March 19th call at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT.
      A Resource Packet of sample media materials and talking points will be available. Please contact Pabitra at pbenjamin@... or 202-296-2300 x 130 for more information.
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