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Immigrant riot leads to Eloy prison lockdown: staff use chemical agents

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    Disturbance by immigrants leads to Eloy prison lockdown, cause unknown Staff Reports January 02, 2009 Email to a friend    Voice your opinion    ELOY - A
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      Disturbance by immigrants leads to Eloy prison lockdown, cause unknown
      Staff ReportsJanuary 02, 2009
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      ELOY - A disturbance at a private prison in Eloy by immigrant de tainees Wednesday led to a lockdown there.
      Corrections Corporation of America said in a press release that at about 11:30 a.m. some inmates in the South Special Housing unit at Eloy Detention Center began throwing furniture at staff members. The assailants also caused property damage in the housing area with the active participation of other detainees.

      The disturbance was contained to the one housing unit by responding staff and quelled within the hour. "Approved chemical agents were utilized by staff to enforce lawful orders for active participants to cease their actions and return to their cells," the release said.

      No information was available about any injuries.

      At the time of the incident, there were approximately 34 federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees assigned to the unit. An investigation is under way to identify the assailants and all active participants, as well as to determine the cause for the incident, CCA said. Following standard procedures, the entire facility was placed on lockdown status, meaning that detainees were restricted to their housing cells until further notice.

      Eloy Detention Center is a 1,500-bed facility owned and operated by CCA. The company contracts with ICE to house federal detainees awaiting the determination of their immigration status or pending deportation.

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