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San Bernardino - Protesters denounce immigration raids

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    http://www.sbsun.com/ci_11345787?source=rss sbsun.com Protesters denounce immigration raids Stephen Wall, Staff Writer Posted: 12/31/2008 02:35:27 PM PST SAN
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      http://www.sbsun. com/ci_11345787? source=rss


      Protesters denounce immigration raids

      Stephen Wall, Staff Writer
      Posted: 12/31/2008 02:35:27 PM PST

      SAN BERNARDINO - Day laborers and their allies Wednesday called for a
      stop to recent raids targeting immigrant workers.

      About 60 educators, church members, students and community leaders
      held a news conference and protest across the street from the Home
      Depot at the corner of Lincoln Drive and 21st Street.

      On Dec. 23 through 25, according to witnesses, U.S. Border Patrol
      agents in unmarked vehicles arrested and detained at least five day
      laborers as they waited on the sidewalk to solicit work.

      Natalie Alvarez, a member of the Centro Cristiano Agape Church in
      Rialto, said she was delivering food to the workers the morning of
      Dec. 24.

      She said she was praying with a large group of day laborers when a
      plain-clothes agent arrived and detained a man who was standing by

      Luis Enrique, a 25-year-old day laborer who did not want to give his
      last name because he is an illegal immigrant, said he saw a fellow
      worker picked up by the Border Patrol.

      "We're living in a state of fear," said Luis, a Mexican immigrant who
      came to the United States eight years ago. "We're not criminals. We're
      just=2 0here to work to feed our families."

      Border Patrol agents working out of the agency's Riverside office
      performed the arrests as part of their routine activities, said
      Richard Velez, an El Centro-based Border Patrol spokesman.

      "It's nothing out of the ordinary," said Velez. "It's part of the
      daily duties of Border Patrol agents as mandated by Congress. Our
      mission is to secure the nation from terrorists, alien smugglers as
      well as violators of drug laws."

      Velez said he did not have details of the arrests.

      Emilio Amaya, who runs a nonprofit that provides assistance to
      individuals detained by immigration authorities, said he has been able
      to confirm the names of five people who were detained. It's possible
      others were arrested, he said.

      The five detainees are from Mexico and Central America, he said. Some
      voluntarily returned to their home countries while others are being
      held at a federal detention facility in Lancaster, he said.

      Amaya also criticized the Border Patrol for placing agents at the
      Greyhound Bus Station in downtown San Bernardino.

      Agents question passengers about their immigration status when they
      arrive at the station. Latinos are treated differently than other
      riders, according to Amaya.

      "Latinos are asked to stay on the bus while the others can get off.
      It's racial profiling," Amaya said.

      Velez said the Border Patrol does20not engage in any kind of racial

      "The Border Patrol does not target any type of race or gender," Velez
      said. "The Border Patrol has a mandate to do their job. In the case of
      the bus stop, it's only a casual conversation. An agent approaches
      somebody and talks to the person. They ask, `How are you doing? Where
      are you going?' As the conversation develops, the agent can develop
      reasonable suspicions and take it from there."

      Velez said there is a history of illegal immigrants using Greyhound
      buses to travel within the United States.

      "Public transportation hubs will be used by smugglers to move illegal
      immigrants into the country. That's why we do it," Velez said.

      Organizers of the protest say they plan to have observers in front of
      Home Depot over the next week to prevent additional arrests.

      "Officials do this because they don't think anybody is watching," said
      Suzanne Foster, executive director of the Pomona Economic Opportunity
      Center, also known as the Pomona Day Labor Center. "In all my years, I
      have never seen such an aggressive and hostile raid during Christmas
      time. We're concerned it separated families on one of the holiest days
      of the year."

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      Subject: San Bernardino County Sun: Protesters denounce immigration raids

      SAN BERNARDINO - Day laborers and their allies Wednesday called for a stop to recent raids targeting immigrant workers. View Full Story


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