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El Paso border wall protest

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  • Joe Heyman
    Please join us and please circulate this as widely as you can. Please note the date is one week later than the one I originally sent out Joe ... The border
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      Please join us and please circulate this as widely as you can. Please note
      the date is one week later than the one I originally sent out Joe

      The border wall has not yet been built in Texas. But it is
      coming...unless we build a wall of opposition.

      Here's an important and exciting update...

      Two weeks ago, a notice was sent to you regarding the border wall
      protest walk in El Paso. We thank all who have helped to forward and
      post this event.

      Subsequent to our announcement, many organizations in El Paso have come
      together to plan all the details of this march. Here are the details of
      the update.

      The March will *NOT* be *August 19-23*. The dates *WILL *be* August
      27-31*. That allows more time for planning and organizing on the part
      of the El Paso Planning Group.

      (See attached flier for the route map)

      Here is a breakdown of the *August 27-31*protest march against the
      border wall.

      *August 27(Wed)*. Kick off cultural event in *Fort Hancock*.
      *August 28 (Thu)*. From* Fort Hancock*, walk to *Alamo Alto*.
      *August 29 (Fri)*. From *Alamo Alto*, walk to *Tornillo*, hold
      community event. End in *Fabens*.
      *August 30 (Sat)*. From *Fabens*, walk to *San Elizario*, hold
      community event. End in S*an Ysleta
      del Sur* with the *Tiguas* community.
      *August 31(Sun)*. Morning ceremony in *San Ysleta del Sur* . Then to
      *El Paso*. After arriving in *El Paso*, a
      bi-naional event will be held in *Anapra*,* Chihuahua* and
      *Sundland Park, NM*.

      You know! It was not many years ago that we called an "*iron curtain*"
      something immoral and inhumane, something that only cruel and hateful
      people would do to their fellow man, a product of a totalitarian enemy.

      So, from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, from both
      sides of the border we invite all citizens of good will, organizations,
      faiths and media to join us in this peaceful and united protest against
      the border wall.

      Below this update are two letters. One is from Carlos Marentes of the
      organizing committee in El Paso. The other letter is from Javier
      Perez, also of the organizing committee in El Paso. If you would like
      more information or would like a customized flier of the one attached,
      Javier's contact info follows this letter.

      Of any city along the US-Mexico border, El Paso is the one with the
      deepest and longest history, some four centuries of human struggle and
      quest to preserve peace and unity. Yet, the far away powers of greed
      and callous seem to condemn each generation of El Pasoans to more
      division and oppression.

      The border wall is the latest assault against this community. 56 miles
      of "iron curtain" is the longest stretch of the proposed border wall
      against any populace along the entire US-Mexico border. While hundreds
      of miles of border wall has been constructed along the southern 1950
      miles of US, of all the border cities, no other city or community is
      subject to as many miles of border wall. In solidarity, we cannot allow
      that to happen to them.

      We must join them in solidarity to oppose this assault against their
      community. We can show solidarity in many ways. Join the march,
      forward this information, donate to the event, post the event on blogs,
      and encourage the media to not allow such an historic event to be
      suppressed at the national level.

      So, please feel free to join us and liberally share this information
      with others.

      In solidarity against the border wall...


      Border Ambassadors
      /Connecting the Dots...Making a difference
      /Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
      (830)734-8636 (cell)
      *US-Mexican Peace and Unity March*

      "*One Community United Against the Wall"*

      To the Residents of the Borderlands,

      The people of the border share and are united by a history, a language,
      a culture. While this land may be separated by an international
      boundary, the people cannot be divided. As construction begins on the
      proposed border wall, it stands to not only further divide the land but
      to divide the people.

      We of the border are one community. We are all affected when our
      neighbors are displaced from their homes, are all affected by waves of
      violence, by unemployment and anti-immigrant measures. As the
      borderlands experience a difficult time, we cannot be passive and simply
      hope for change. We cannot allow our community to be parted and so it is
      for ourselves and our future that we must stand together in an act of

      As the border wall cuts the land, it cuts the communities of the border
      and tries to create differences among them. This wall, imposed upon us
      by those who do not live here, is said to be a form of "security" but
      there can be no security when division and hate are created.

      *It's time that we mobilize to stop the building of the wall!*

      We are urging you to join the Peace and Unity March against the wall. On
      Wednesday evening, August 27, marchers will gather at Ft. Hancock for a
      cultural event to celebrate the beginning of the March. On Thursday
      August 28, the participants will walk to Alamo Alto. Friday, August 29,
      the march will stop to rest and a community event in Tornillo and end
      the day in Fabens. The march will continue Saturday, August 30, an will
      make a rest stop in San Elizario for a community action, to continue to
      Socorro. After a morning ceremony in Ysleta del Sur on Sunday, August
      31, the march will continue to El Paso. A binational act in
      Anapra/Sunland Park will end the protest.

      Those wishing to take part in the march can do so in a number of ways.
      Marchers are invited to participate for the entire five days, for any
      shorter amount of time or for the nightly events only. Donations of
      food, water, and transportation are needed along with monetary
      contributions. Whether or not you take part in any other way, everyone
      can help the march by publicizing it and discussing the issues with your
      friends, family, and neighbors.

      Now is the time to act, now is the time to create the change we want to
      see. With this march, we will show the world that we are one community
      united against the wall: one voice speaking out for peace.

      *Join the march!* Let us know if you are willing to participate in any way.

      Carlos Marentes

      On behalf of the Planning Group


      *Let us know if you want to be added as a contact for the march and feel
      free to add your information when forwarding it to your contacts. Also,
      let us know if you need a flyer (the one attached) with your contact
      information. We will e-mail you one with that information. Gracias*

      *For more information, please contact Javier Perez: or cell (915) 474-4930

      Javier Pérez
      Centro de lo Trabajadores Agrícolas Fronterizos
      201 E. 9th Avenue
      El Paso, TX 79901
      (915) 474-4930 (c)
      (915) 532-0921 (o)
      (915) 532-4822 (f)
      soymechista@... <mailto:soymechista@...>
      chamucos00@... <mailto:chamucos00@...>


      ------ End of Forwarded Message

      ------ End of Forwarded Message
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