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Bay Area (5/2) Meeting: Globalization, Unions and the FTAA

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    Date: 5/1/01 1:12:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time From:    blasi@uclink4.berkeley.edu (Jeremy Blasi) The John F. Henning Center for International Labor
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      Date: 5/1/01 1:12:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      From:    blasi@... (Jeremy Blasi)

      The John F. Henning Center for International Labor Relations
      presents an evening conference about the Free Trade Area of the Americas

      Globalization, Unions and the FTAA:
      What Free Trade Means for Workers

      Wednesday May 2, 2001
      SEIU Local 250
      560 20th Street, Oakland
      (Near 19th Street BART Station)

      5:00-6:00 Dinner and recent film footage of protests in Quebec, San Diego,
      and Buenos Aires ($10)
      6:00-7:30 Panel presentation by labor leaders from across the hemisphere
      7:30-8:30 Small discussions

      During the last three years, representatives from 34 countries have been
      working in secret on plans to expand the North American Free Trade Agreement
      (NAFTA) to Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  Like NAFTA, the
      FTAA will have a disastrous impact on jobs both here in the US and abroad. 
      Many thousands of jobs may be lost in the US and working conditions across
      the Americas may get significantly worse as workers are forced to compete
      with one another for employment.  There is, however, a growing movement among
      unions and community groups to change all of this.

      At our May 2 dialogue, you will have the chance to hear from labor leaders
      from across the hemisphere, including:

      *Kathleen Conner, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurse's Unions
      *Liliane Fiuza, activist and expert on child labor and unions in Brazil
      *Harley Shaiken, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies
      *Stan Gacek, Assistant Director of International Affairs, AFL-CIO
      *An Organizer with the Kukdong apparel factory strike in Mexico

      Please join us for this exciting event. You can register by returning this
      email to: hningctr@...

      Would your organization like to have an information table?
      (Our suggested donation is $10 at the door)

      Co-sponsored by the California Labor Federation, San Francisco Labor Council,
      SEIU 250, UCB Center for Latin American Studies, Global Exchange

      For more information, call 510/642-1583 or see

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