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Re: [LRL] FW: NAHR Voter Mobilization Summit March 15

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    ... On 3/7/08, Danny Morales wrote: Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:43:50 -0800From: maryann.gonzales@sbcglobal.netSubject : NAHR Voter
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      On 3/7/08, Danny Morales <morales9@...> wrote:

      Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 12:43:50 -0800From: maryann.gonzales@...: NAHR Voter Mobilization Summit March 15To: maryann.gonzales@...

      National Alliance for Human Rights
        "Latino Summit on Voter Mobilization 2008 Presidential Elections"
      March 7, 2008
      Armando Navarro, PH.D., NAHR Coordinator (951)333-6819

      On behalf of several Mexicano/Latino activist leaders throughout California who I have been in contact in the last two weeks, I want to extend to you a cordial invitation to attend the "Latino Summit on 2008 Presidential Elections Voter Mobilization."   Facilitated by the National Alliance for Human Rights (NAHR), the Summit will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2008 at the University of California, Riverside "Life Science 1500."  Registration is scheduled from 9:30 to 10 a.m. and the Summit from 10 to 2 p.m.  Ten dollars per person and five dollars per student are being requested to defray the Summit's organizing expenses.
      The Summit agenda's primary focus is on developing a "strategic plan of action" that includes: (1) "Grass roots organizational capacity" designed to deliver the Latino vote to the designated Democratic party nominee; (2) Coordination of "massive voter registration  and political education" actions that include forums, meetings, marches, and other direct actions designed to galvanize the vote; Formation of "political action committees" that will raise the requisite resources to set up offices and hire staff; and a Massive "Get Out the Vote" drive for November.
      This call for the Summit is in accordance with a southern California wide meeting convoked by NAHR in San Bernardino on January 12.  Attended by some 65 people it was agreed that in order to leverage efforts to promote immigration reform in 2009 the presidential elections needed to be utilized and that the concerted push would be for a Democrat.
      Because there was no consensus on whether to support Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama, anticipating the results would clearly point as to who was going to be the frontrunner, the decision was made to hold off until the election results of California's February 5, Super Tuesday.  It was also agreed that a people's convention or Summit would be held sometime in February or early March to endorse and put forth the a grass roots voter mobilization movement for the November elections; however, it has yet to be determined who will be the front-runner; nonetheless, after making a number of calls on the matter, it was mutually agreed to hold a Summit on March 15 in Riverside.
      Nationwide the primaries and caucuses have clearly revealed the presence of a Latino political renaissance, a powerful awakening that has seen millions of Mexicanos/Latinos voting Democrat.  As a community if we move expeditiously and organize, we as Latinos possess the "swing vote capability" that will elect the next Democrat president.  The emphasis on supporting the Democrat candidate is predicated on the simple question of who can deliver immigration reform in 2009; who can disengage the U.S. out of the Iraq quagmire; and who can best address the country's worsening economic crisis and numerous other social problems that pervade it, all which are issues impacting us as a community.  The answer for now is the Democrats.
      As a result of our demographic growth, from the East, South, Midwest to the West, as a people, especially Mexicanos, we are under a "State of Siege."  Draconian "ethnic cleansing" legislation at all levels of government is being passed, ICE raids are being conducted, and millions of undocumented migrants live under the specter of fear of being deported.  Adding to this threatening reality, is that we are in the midst of a "crisis" in education, health care, housing foreclosures, unemployment, violence and drug addiction and growing poverty in our barrios.
      For all those who read this "call for action," I EXHORT YOU TO BE WITH US AND PARTICIPATE IN LAUNCHING A MOVEMENT that will not only deliver the Mexicano/Latino vote; but more importantly, get us organized and with the leverage and be in position to demand from a Democrat administration action on immigration reform and resolution to the myriad of policy issues that negatively impact us as a people.
      For the record, I am not a Democrat, I am still today registered Raza Unida Party, but I believe that until we have our own viable political party, the Democrats in 2008, under a Clinton or Obama administration, is strategically the best way to go.  Republican warmongering McCain is not an option.  Already Republicans in Congress are preparing nativist legislation that is even more horrific than Sensenbrenner's H.R. 4437, which sought to criminalize 12 million undocumented migrants.
      In closing, we can sit on the sidelines and merely criticize and do nothing or we can make history and empower ourselves through our actions by "Re-Organizing, Re-Committing, and Re-Mobilizing" our communities by launching a historically unprecedented movement based on the "needs of our people."   Again, I urge you to join us in making it a reality.  Gracias.
      For further information, please call: Armando Navarro, at (951) 333-6819; Maria Anna Gonzales, (951)743-7173; or Francisco Sola, (951)780-7206.  PLEASE CIRCULATE LETTER.

      National Alliance for Human Rights
      "Make a Difference & Make Political History"
      "Statewide Latino Leadership Summit on Latino Voter Mobilization for the 2008 Presidential Elections"
      March 15, 2008
      REGISTRATION: 9:30-10:00 a.m.
      SUMMIT: 10:00 a.m.to 2:00 p.m.
      Location: Life Sciences 1500
      University of California, Riverside
      (Off the 60 Freeway)
      Riverside, California 92501
      ·  Endorsement of Democrat Presidential Candidate
      ·  Development of a Grass Roots Strategic Plan of Action for
      Latino Voter Mobilization 2008 that includes: Organization, Voter Education,
      Voter Registration and Get-Out-the-Vote for November 4
      ·  Formation of Latino Voter Mobilization Political Action Committee (PAC)

      For information call:
      Armando Navarro (951)827-1826 or (951)333-6819; Francisco Sola (951)780-7206

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