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No Borders Camp Discussion @ NCOR

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  • Matt
    I just wanted to share this. I ll be @ NCOR this year, so if you re headed too shoot me a message. I get into town on March 5th and leave March 11th. I m
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      I just wanted to share this.  I'll be @ NCOR this year, so if you're headed too shoot me a message.  I get into town on March 5th and leave March 11th.  I'm also hoping there will be some dialogue about the Camp at the Local to Global Justice Teach-In (www.localtoglobal.org) - March 1st & 2nd.  matt (in phoenix)
      Experiences and Perspectives on No Borders Camp US/Mexico 2007
      Location TBA
      Description: The first No borders camp in the western hemisphere took place in November 07 in Calexico/Mexicali on the US/Mexico border. In this workshop we'll discuss:
      • Why No Borders Camp?
      • A horizontal, cross-border, multi-city, multi-culture, multi-lingual organizing process .
      • Creating an Autonomous space in a border zone and dynamics of participation at the camp.
      The necessity of an Anti-capitalist No Borders Network. We will use the no borders camp as an example of how these concepts are applied in practice, and discuss how these concepts may be useful in the many overlapping struggles against borders, for immigrant rights, against capitalism and against all oppression.
      Valerie C. was born and raised in the rural California/mexico borderlands. A desire to create space in a world for understanding the complex interplay between Identity, Experience, and perception / Assumption drives her organizing. Her hobbies include Fighting Minutemen and other bigots , Resisting being pigeonholed and cooking huge pots of vegan Pozole.
      Hernazio K. was born en Mazatlan Mexico is pro basketball player and activist organizer living in the borderlands. He has worked with different collectives and groups creating a bridge between different anti-border and anti-capitalist groups on the US/Mexico. He has worked with different groups of immigrants and other autonomous groups around mexico. and also is a musician of an anarchopunk band.

      "I am an outlaw simply because I refuse to live by the laws that assert more rights to the inanimate property used to destroy life, than to the life that is being destroyed." Rod Coronado

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