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Radio Tadamon! Racism & "Reasonable Accommodation" in Quebec.

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  • Stefan Christoff
    From: Tadamon! * Radio Tadamon! Racism & Reasonable Accommodation in Quebec. http://tadamon.resist.ca/index.php/post/895 Listen to an
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      From: Tadamon! <tadamon@...>

      * Radio Tadamon! Racism & "Reasonable Accommodation" in Quebec.

      Listen to an interview with Nazila Bettache of No One is Illegal Montreal on
      "Reasonable Accommodation" in Quebec. A governmental commission began last week
      in Canada, on the growing racism faced in Quebec by immigrants.

      Immigrants in Quebec have faced a growing political storm throughout the past
      year, as a Provincial debate on what is referred to as "reasonable
      accommodation" has attracted international headlines.

      A series of public hearings will occur throughout the coming months in Quebec,
      as part of the state commission lead by two Quebec academics who are not new
      immigrants. These government initiated take place within the context of growing
      racism toward new immigrants in Quebec, a pattern of racism directly targeting
      the Arab / Muslim community.

      "Using the term accommodation simply put really, sort of implies to me a
      hierarchy of identities, where by, the identity the one that has been framed in
      the mainstream media as the so-called Quebcoies national identity," explains
      Bettache within the interview.

      Debate on immigration in Quebec reached extremes in the past year, when the
      rural town of Herouxville passed a resolution which demanded that "new
      arrivals, abandon the way of life from their countries of origin, as it cannot
      be recreated" in Quebec. Civil liberties groups throughout Canada slammed the
      resolution as racist.

      * For more information on No One is Illegal visit:

      * Radio Tadamon! is produced by the Tadamon! collective in Montreal, a social
      justice group focusing on building solidarity with movements for social /
      economic justice in the Middle East and Montreal, while also working within
      Diaspora communities in Canada. Information at: http://tadamon.resist.ca

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