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Camilo Mejía @ Midwest Socialist Conf erence

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  • dorinda moreno
    Camilo Mejía @ Midwest Socialist Conference
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2007

      Camilo Mejía @ Midwest Socialist Conference

      Posted by: "scruggs48" scruggs48@...   scruggs48

      Sun Sep 9, 2007 7:43 pm (PST)

      2007 Midwest Socialist Conference
      Building the Revolutionary Alternative
      November 3-4 * Chicago, Illinois

      ***Featured speakers include (so far):

      CAMILO MEJíA, author of the new book, Road from Ar Ramadi (New Press*, 2007). He was
      a sergeant in the Florida National Guard and courageously refused to return to Iraq
      because of his opposition to the occupation. He is now the chair of Iraq Veterans Against
      the War* national board of directions.

      *for identification purposes only

      ***The 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference, "Building the Revolutionary Alternative,
      " is a
      two-day event in early November that will bring together socialists and other activists who
      are involved in struggles across the region—from opposing the war to organizing against
      the death penalty, for immigrant rights, and for national health care—to discuss how to
      rebuild the Left, and a revolutionary alternative to the priorities of this system: war,
      corporate greed and racism.

      ***Preliminary List of Saturday Workshops

      *Between the Lines: The Struggle for Palestine
      *Cuba: Myth and Reality
      *The Democrats: The Other War Party?
      *Engels on the Origins of Women's Oppression
      *The Fight for National Health Care: Capitalism and Health Care
      *From Malcolm X to DRUM: The Rise of Black Power
      *Gay Liberation and Socialism
      *Is U.S. Empire on the Decline?
      *Lenin and the Vanguard Party
      *Lenin's Left-Wing Communism
      *The Meaning of Marxism
      *Marxism and the Economy: Why Does Capitalism Go Into Crisis?
      *No One is Illegal: Capitalism and Immigration
      *Perspectives for Socialists: Between Things Ended and Things Begun
      *The Racist "Injustice" System: The New Jim Crow?
      *Revolutionary Rehearsals: Iran 1979
      *The Rise and Fall of 1960s Students for a Democratic Society
      *Soldiers Against the War
      *What do Socialists Say About Political Islam?
      *Where is Venezuela Headed?
      *Why do Socialists Look to the Working Class?

      ***Preliminary List of Sunday Workshops

      *Black Liberation and Socialism
      *The 1917 Russian Revolution
      *Lenin on Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism
      *Marxism versus Anarchism
      *State and Revolution
      *Subterranean Fire: The Industrial Rebellion of the 1930s
      *Trotsky on the United Front
      *Women and Socialism: Whatever Happened to Feminism?

      Suggested donation (sliding scale): $10, $20, $30…

      The Midwest Socialist Conference will be held at the University of Illinois-Chicago campus,
      750 S. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois.

      For more info please e-mail chicago_socialists@ yahoo.com
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