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WITNESS Acts: Gabriel, Bernal: End Murder of Women, Mexico; etc..

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  • dorinda moreno
    Sat Aug 25, 2007 Peter Gabriel, Gael Garcia Bernal Call to End Murders of Women in Mexico Now Artists Peter Gabriel, Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, and Diego Luna are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2007

      Sat Aug 25, 2007

      Peter Gabriel, Gael Garcia Bernal Call to End Murders of Women in
      Mexico Now

      Artists Peter Gabriel, Gael García Bernal, and Diego Luna are urging
      Mexico's President Felipe Calderón to solve the brutal murders of
      hundreds of young women and girls along the U.S. - Mexico border,
      once and for all. Add your voice to this campaign by taking action

      http://www.democrac yinaction. org/dia/organiza tionsORG/ witness/campaign

      Since 1993, over 400 women and girls have been violently killed and
      thousands have disappeared in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua, Mexico.
      Under fire for their inability to solve these crimes, the police have
      tortured people to confess to the murders. "Dual Injustice," the
      video co-produced by WITNESS and the Comisión Mexicana (CMDPDH),
      tells the story of Neyra Cervantes, who disappeared in 2003, and her
      cousin, David Meza, who was tortured to confess to her murder. The
      video played a pivotal role in the campaign that led to David's
      release from prison in June 2006.

      Yet, Neyra's murderer remains at large and her family is just one
      among hundreds that is fighting against impunity. We need your help
      to bring justice to all the murdered women and girls, one case at a

      Last week, on the heels of the U.S. Congress asking President
      Calderón to make this issue a top priority, Gael García Bernal and
      Diego Luna held a press conference with WITNESS and the CMDPDH in
      Mexico City, where they screened "Dual Injustice" and signed a letter
      calling for an investigation into Neyra's case and for punishment of
      those responsible for torturing David.

      Resolving Neyra's murder would bring renewed promise for hundreds of
      other families. Act Now to solve this case and stop violence against
      women in Mexico.

      http://www.witness. org

      In solidarity,
      Tamaryn Nelson
      Program Coordinator for Latin America/Caribbean

      INFO: Save the Date - November 7, 2007
      Come celebrate WITNESS' 15th Birthday!
      Wednesday November 7, 2007
      Focus for Change
      Benefit Dinner & Concert
      Hosted by Peter Gabriel

      http://www.witness. org/index. php?
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      VIP Reception 6:00
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      Dinner & Concert 7:15

      For further information: www.witness. org/events
      Phone: 718.783.2000 x.303
      Email: events@witness. org

      Support WITNESS, donate online now!

      http://www.witness. org

      WITNESS empowers human rights activists to promote awareness,
      increase engagement and catalyze change through the strategic use of
      video and media technology.

      Campaign Alert: New video shows impact of war in Chechnya
      Dear James,

      When U.S. President George W. Bush met with Russian President
      Vladimir Putin recently, the agenda included many newsworthy items,
      such as missile defense systems and Iran. However, some issues were
      noticeably absent, most importantly impunity for human rights
      violations in Chechnya.

      More than 4,300 people are considered missing in this southern
      Russian republic since 1994, according to Chechnya's human rights
      ombudsman, but local NGOs estimate the number to be higher. "Crying
      Sun" is a new video that investigates the disappearances of four
      people from the mountain village of Zumsoy in January 2005, as well
      as the struggle of Chechens to preserve their cultural identity and
      traditions in the context of war. Produced by WITNESS and our
      partners at Memorial Human Rights Center in Grozny, the video
      presents evidence that, while the war is officially over, military
      raids, enforced disappearances, and displacement of villagers
      continue to threaten the livelihoods and lives of local people.

      By helping to articulate the voices of Zumsoy's villagers in the
      public and policy spheres, "Crying Sun" calls on local and federal
      authorities in Chechnya and Russia to end impunity for human rights
      violations and to establish policies for the return of mountain
      villagers to their ancestral homes. I hope you will watch the video
      and take action

      http://www.democrac yinaction. org/dia/organiza tionsORG/ witness/campaign
      .jsp?campaign_ KEY=12159

      to let thousands of displaced and struggling communities in Chechnya
      know that they are not forgotten.


      Violeta Krasnic
      WITNESS Program Coordinator for Europe and the former Soviet Union

      http://www.witness. org/index. php?
      option=com_content& task=blogcategor y&id=85&Itemid= 234

      Support WITNESS, donate online now!

      80 Hanson Pl., 5th Floor
      Brooklyn, NY 11217
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