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BREAKING NEWS: Criminal Trial for Costa Mesa Activist

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  • Duane Roberts
    ... =========================== From the August 2007 issue of The Orange Coast Voice =========================== CRIMINAL TRIAL FOR COSTA MESA ACTIVIST Not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2007

      From the August 2007 issue
      of The Orange Coast Voice


      'Not guilty' verdict could lead to costly
      political problems for mayor

      By JOHN EARL
      OC Voice Editor

      The long delayed criminal trial of Costa Mesa resident
      and immigrant rights activist Benito Acosta, a.k.a.
      Coyotl Tezcatlipoca—a name that references his native
      American heritage—is scheduled to start Aug. 15 at the
      Harbor Superior Court in Newport Beach. Acosta is
      charged with one misdemeanor count each of violating
      city codes 2-61(b) and 2-64, which address unlawful
      conduct by audience members during city council

      The charges of “disrupting” a city council proceeding
      stem from a free-for-all that broke out during a
      public comments session of the Jan. 3, 2006, Costa
      Mesa city council meeting after police, acting on
      Mayor Allan Mansoor’s orders to take an early recess,
      pulled Acosta away from the speaker’s podium and
      pushed him outside the council chambers before his
      three minute speaking limit had expired.

      If found guilty, Acosta faces a maximum sentence of 6
      months in jail and a $1,000 fine on each count. But a
      verdict of not guilty for Acosta in his criminal trial
      could lead to a politically costly “guilty” verdict on
      the civic conduct of both the mayor and the former
      Chief of Police John Hensley and an ensuing civil

      The rest of this story, printed on the front page, can
      be read at www.ocvoice.com or by clicking directly on
      the following link:



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