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      Police Terror in the Park
      by Leslie Radford Wednesday, May. 02, 2007 at 12:55 AM
      The police shoot and tear gas families celebrating immigrants and May Day
      Reporter:   "What's the police's excuse going to be?"
      Witness:    "Besides racism?"
      MACARTHUR PARK, May Day 2007--Police stormed a workers' and immigrants' rally at 5:30 p.m. this afternoon in MacArthur Park, sending thousands of families running in terror as they cleared MIWON Immigrant rally and festival with foam and beanbag bullets, batons, and tear gas.  The cops marched through the park in riot gear, indiscriminately clubbing down people in their wake.  Young people formed the front line against the onslaught, running in retreat for a few yards at each thud-like explosion of a teargas canister and then turning back to the cops, while older and younger people ran through the single open exit in fear that it, too, would be barricaded.
      A few moments before, children had been playing on the hillside and dancing with puppet dragons.  A drum circle was beating out a rhythm, hot dog and shaved ice vendors strolled through the crowd, and speakers at the north end stage called out for solidarity among immigrant and and non-immigrant workers.
      According to a witness, the melee began when someone in a crowd gathered on Alvarado Street between 7th and 8th Streets hurled something toward the police, as the Aztec danzantes performed for a group gathered on Alvarado.  The witness reported that the motorcycle cops nudged the audience, then cops on foot split the crowd in the street and stormed them. 
      A National Lawyers' Guild observer, Sanjukta Paul, was beaten repeatedly, including a blow to the kidneys, as she attempted to separate the police from the crowd.  She had demanded that she had the right to be there as she tried to move people off the street, but a cop replied, "No, you don't," then clubbed her with his baton.
      From inside the park, the first warning was a single thud.  Then a line of squad cars, sirens wailing, raced down 6th Street and turned onto S. Park View to 7th Street.  Crowds from the street began pouring into the south end of the park, as parents scooped up children from impromptu wrestling matches and pulled them out of trees where they had climbed.  Finally a helicopter overheard blared out the dispersal order, telling the crowd to leave the park and return to their cars.  Another round of cop cars tore down the crowded street.
      "I've been in protests in the '50s, the '60s, '70's.  I've never seen anything like this," an elderly woman reported.  She had been on Alvarado when the cops had charged.  The people had lifted the woman over a fence onto private property, where the owner offered her sanctuary.  Her daughter, frantically seeking her child as she retreated, was batoned in the stomach three times by a pig who said she wasn't moving back "fast enough."
      As the police entered the park, vendors at the entrance frantically tried to escape with their carts.  Organization members desperately tried to clear tables and literature in the path of the incursion.  Roughly eighty pigs formed a diagonal line and marched across the park, sweeping everybody into a shrinking semicircle.  
      The police used foam and bean bag bullets against the people in the park.  At least one guy left with blood soaking through his white T-shirt and a massive bruise already forming.  Foam bullets carry the impact of a 95 m.p.h. fastball or a baseball bat.  Last month, David K. Maxson from McHenry County, Illinois died in a "justified" police shooting with a beanbag gun.
      A slight breeze wafted much of the teargas away, but those in the park felt welling eyes and difficulty breathing.  One woman complained that the fracas had triggered an asthma attack.
      The police arbitrarily fired on and beat those within range.  Several reporters were beaten, and at least one was taken in away in an ambulance for a wound to his leg.  One white-haired guy reported that his wife had been shot in the chest.
      A few stray rocks from the park did little to slow the advance of the armed and firing pigs.  Someone in the retreating crowd smashed a brick on the sidewalk so that others in front of him could hurl the shards at the police, but no one did picked them up.   For a few moments some of the ralliers reorganized in a march on 6th Street and stopped traffic, but the cops ordered that they leave the area.  The marchers threw the rocks in their hands on the street in frustration as they left.  A number of people circled around the clock and came back down to the park on 6th Street, but the cops kept them at a distance, and a legal observer convinced them to leave the area.
      By 8:00 p.m. the park was clear, but the Pico Union district was filled with people in the streets, sitting on stoops, and hanging out on street corners.  Last year's May Day march also ended with police violence in Alvarado Street.   The district was a hot spot during the 1992 Rebellion, and Pico Union is the home of the infamous Rampart Police CRASH unit, which cost the city millions of dollars for lawsuits involving drug dealing, perjured testimony, and framing innocent people.  A federal investigation of CRASH was suspended when it was revealed that the FBI was likely complicit in the unit's abuses of immigrants.

      By Rosalio Munoz
      While much time, energy, thought and struggle of progressive activists in Los Angeles has focused on the LAPD attack on the afternoon May Day immigrants rights march, the object of the march, the congressional debate on comprehensive immigration reform, has taken a back seat in Los Angeles, the largest immigrant center in the country. Less attention has also been given to the legislative struggle around the war in Iraq, just when the President vetoed the attempt to initiate a withdrawal process, the state health care debate, the local bus fare debate, etc, etc. Diversion is part of what repression is all about, after of course, intimidation and elimination.
      The main immediate beneficiaries of the diversion are President Bush and his Republican and corporate colleagues seeking to move immigration policy and debate to the right with the leverage of potentially being able to block anything in the Senate. Just before the May 1 marches Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid said that floor debate on comprehensive immigration begin on May 14. Bush and many Senate Republicans are pushing to strengthen the priorities of corporations at the expense of family reunification in immigration policy, impose huge fines and fees for very limited legalization, open up a huge temporary worker program, and much more repression like authorizing more local police authority in immigration matters.
      Had the LAPD attack not taken place much of the immigrants rights focus in Los Angeles would be on the congressional debate, particularly the Senate. Where do Feinstein and Boxer stand? Will they stand up for as strong or stronger legalization program than they did last year, the so-called " orange card" that rejected a multi-tiered family divisive legalization and called for a recent inclusion date for eligibility? Will they oppose a vast new guest worker program or oppose or put sharp limits on it. Or will they give in to Bush's "my way or the highway" approach.
      The debate in the House is also important, but the decisions there will come after debate in the Senate. The Democrats are in charge of debate and they want Bush and the right wing Senators to play their cards first, and the GOP's strongest hand is in the Senate.
      Los Angeles is the immigrant capital of the nation; its pro immigrant voice is needed loud and clear in the Congressional debate. For the moment the LAPD attack has gotten the pro immigrant lobby diverted. This can be straightened out. We should began calling Senators Feinstein Boxer and demand congressional hearings and action against the police attack as well as for a the strongest legalization program, more green cards for family reunification, no bracero like guest worker programs, and an end to the ICE raids.
      We should demand that the city council and mayor start lobbying our Senators and Representatives for just and dignified legalization, an end to the ICE raids, and for congressional investigation of the police attacks well. We should also demand they take a strongest and against the war and denounce the veto, as well as stop the bus fare hike.
      I make these recommendations from bitter experience as a leader of the Chicano Moratorium Committee during the federal/police attacks on our movement in 1970 and1971. The federal/police attacks; including agents’ provocateurs, then severely diverted and intimidated many in the movement. The focus on peace/antiwar, the base of the movement, was lost. This is not to say that the focus against police brutality was wrong, then or now, but that the main focus should not be lost, there is so much more power today, organization, allies, and there is so much more at stake.
      I suggest phone calls early Monday morning calls to the DC Senate offices of Feinstein and Boxer, ask for them at the Congressional switch board 202-224-3121,then those in the LA area, after City Hall opens up, call Mayor Villaraigosa's office at 213- 978-0600 and then your city councilperson at: 1st ED P. REYES 485-3451 2nd WENDY GREUEL473-7002 3rd DENNIS P. ZINE 473-7003 4thTOM LABONGE 485-3337 5th JACK WEISS 473-70056th TONY CARDENAS 473-7006 7th RICHARD ALARCON847-7777 8th BERNARD C. PARKS 473-7008 9thJAN PERRY 473-7009 10th HERB J. WESSON, JR.473-7010 11th BILL ROSENDAHL 485-3811 12th GREIGSMITH 485-3343 13th ERIC GARCETTI 473-7013 14thJOSE HUIZAR 485-3335 15th JANICE HAHN 473-7015

      By Peter S. Lopez AKA Peta de Aztlan
      Well, I have made it through another month of living in this land of fears. Now we are into May 1, 2007 and we shall see what we shall see. I hope there will be a lot of Immigrant Rights Marches and Rallies, though, I know they will not be as strong in terms of community participation by Latinos as it was last year.
      There is a lot of internal division among the Chicano leadership, which includes a lot of dysfunctional groups, individualist egotism and petty bickering. We all need to do our own inventory, clean house and determine who are our allies and who are out opponents, not fight against our potential allies.
      Last year by coming out of the shadows and exhibiting their mass participation, a lot Latinos who are not U.S. citizens thought their personal involvement would bring about relevant immigration reform and result in one form of amnesty or another for undocumented worked or so-called illegal immigrants, especially those of Mexican-citizenship . However, such immigration reform in the legal sphere has not occurred and I suspect it will not happen anytime soon.
      Who will protect us if we are attacked except us ourselves with the weapons we can wield with our own hands? We must be self-reliant. No one else is coming to our rescue.
      The U.S. Congress, now under the superficial control of the Democratic Party, is caught up in conflict with the Bush Regime over the Iraq-nam War and that issue will dominate official partisan politics at least until the Presidential Election of 2008.
      Latinos as a people do not have the social organization {including multi-media tools for mass community education}, finance capital {non-profit orgs and entrepreneurs} and infrastructure {networks, offices and real estate} set up in order to protect immigrants and refugees in general from the designs of ICE
      A unique form of totalitarian fascism is already 'in power and secure' inside the United States that is largely disguised with the veil of the prestige of power over it, though, the Bush Regime has exposed its dark side to many seeing intelligent people worldwide. Many people still have an old comic-book notion of fascism that harks back to the Nazi-era, but today’s modern fascism in Amerika is acutely aware of itself, scientific, sophisticated and mercilessly counter-revolutionary.
      Fascism is aided and abetted by an apathetic passive general population that will allow it to wage expensive foreign wars with impunity and a land of sleeping sheep who will certainly not speak out and mobilize en masse against attacks upon so-called illegal immigrant or non-U.S. citizens. All leaders of positive social movements must come to understand that the very legal stature of the U.S. government is illegal, immoral and seen as a terrorist rogue regime by many people throughout the world.


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