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4/23: UFPJ and LASC Endorses May Day 2007 Mobilization! & Statements

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    4/23: United For Peace & Justice, Latin American Solidarity Coalition Endorses May Day 2007 Mobilization! & Statements May Day 2007 National Day of Immigrant
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      4/23: United For Peace & Justice, Latin American Solidarity Coalition Endorses May Day 2007 Mobilization! & Statements
      May Day 2007 National Day of Immigrant Rights! http://www.MayDay2007.org
      Please Post Your May Day 2007 Calendar Items: http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/calendar/Calendar.php
      UFPJ Stands with Immigrant Communities to Challenge Bush’s Policies at Home and Abroad

      On May 1, immigrant communities and rights groups across the country will vigil, march, boycott and rally for justice. Last year, more than a million marched on May 1 for immigration law reform.

      In solidarity, United for Peace and Justice urges our member groups to join the May 1 activities in communities near you. We join the call for justice for immigrant communities as we challenge the Bush administration’s policies both at home and abroad. http://www.fairimmigration.org/events/

      The Congress will be discussing immigration law reform legislation in the next days. What’s at stake is whether laws will be passed that provide opportunities for millions of hard-working immigrants who are already in the U.S. to apply for a change of status and a path to eventual citizenship, or will the assault on the rights of immigrants continue.

      At a time when Bush is escalating the war in Iraq, the administration and the right wing are escalating a campaign of fear and intimidation in immigrant communities. The Bush administration is launching raids, round ups and deportations that split up families. Workers are being rounded up at work sites while children are left behind at day care centers and schools. http://fairimmigration.org/learn/immigration-reform-and-immigrants/national-level/immigration-raids/

      Many immigrant community and rights organizations are UFPJ member groups. They have organized for peace demonstrations in the past four years because they know the impact of U.S. policies of war, occupation and unfair trade policies.

      The Bush administration’s foreign and domestic policies are closely intertwined. Both are premised on aggression, intolerance and manipulation of peoples' fears. Ending foreign policies premised on control of resources - both human and natural - will dramatically affect the conditions which compel people to migrate from their home countries. Embracing those who have immigrated here under difficult conditions will strengthen the democratic traditions of our country

      We know that peace abroad is impossible without fighting for justice at home. As the peace movement stands strong for justice and against the targeting of immigrant families who live and work in our communities, we are strengthening the movement to end the immoral war in Iraq and prevent a new war in Iran.



      For the Administrative Committee,

      Judith Le Blanc
      UFPJ National Co chair
      Latin America Solidarity Conference Denounces Raids and Deportations and Adopts
      Resolution in Solidarity with Immigrant Workers

      April 2007

      The 4th Latin America Solidarity Conference (LASC IV) took place from April 13-15,
      2007 in Chicago, Illinois. In its final plenary on Sunday, LASCIV unanimously
      denounced the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and the detentions of
      immigrant workers throughout the United States.  LASC IV demands the immediate end
      to the raids and deportations of immigrant workers and the reunification of their

      The participants of LASCIV and the groups and organizations of the Latin America
      Solidarity Coalition stand firmly in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in
      all immigrant communities.

      We understand that many immigrants to the United States were forced to leave their
      countries because of the economic havoc caused by NAFTA, CAFTA and other "free"
      trade agreements. To come to the United States is oftentimes the only way for Latin
      Americans to make a living and provide food and shelter for their families. Many
      are victims of repressive militaries who were trained and equipped by the U.S.
      government through the School of the Americas (SOA /WHINSEC) and other U.S.-
      military programs. Currently, the Colombian military and rightwing paramilitary
      groups are terrorizing civilian populations in Colombia, therefore causing internal
      displacement and migration. But this is hardly a new phenomenon. In the 1980s,
      during the civil wars in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua; military and
      paramilitary groups uprooted people from their homes, and many subsequently fled to
      the United States.

      In our fight to end U.S. military and economic intervention in Latin America and
      the Caribbean, we continue to work towards a world that is free of suffering and
      violence. We recognize U.S. military and economic policies towards Latin America
      and the Caribbean are part of a racist system of violence and domination, which
      destroys people’s lives and drives them into exile. We ally ourselves with the
      victims of military and economic violence and their families in our effort to
      create a better world.

      This increase of the brutal, racist raids and deportations – meant to terrorize
      immigrant families - is just the latest attempt by the US government to
      criminalize, scapegoat and force immigrant workers and their families into the
      shadows of society where they can be super-exploited with no rights. It is also an
      attempt to intimidate immigrant workers whose grassroots activism against
      anti-immigrant legislation has received tremendous national support.

      Immigrant rights organizations have called for actions and events to take place on
      May 1, 2007 and beyond to demand "Legalization for all Immigrants", "Stop the Raids
      and Deportations", and "Protect Workers Rights".

      The Latin America Solidarity Coalition urges all people to become more educated
      about the life stories and experiences of recent immigrants and to support human
      and civil rights!

      For more information go to www.lasolidarity.org.  For information about Mayday
      actions go to  http://www.MayDay2007.org , http://maydaymovement.blogspot.com/   and


      *Conferencia de Solidaridad con América Latina Denuncia Redadas y Deportaciones y
      Adopta Resolución en Solidaridad con las y los Trabajadores Inmigrantes*

      Abril 2007

      La Cuarta Conferencia de Solidaridad con América Latina (LASC IV, según sus siglas
      en inglés) tuvo lugar del 13 al 15 de abril en Chicago, Illinois. En su plenaria
      final del domingo, la LASC IV denunció en forma unánime las redadas conducidas por
      la Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE, policía de aduanas y de inmigración,
      comúnmente conocida como “La Migra”) y las detenciones de trabajadores inmigrantes
      en todo Estados Unidos. LASC IV exige el fin inmediato a las redadas y
      deportaciones de trabajadores inmigrantes; así mismo demanda la reunificación de
      sus familias.

      Los participantes en la LASC IV y los grupos y organizaciones de la Coalición de
      Solidaridad con América Latina se mantienen firmes en solidaridad con nuestras
      hermanas y nuestros hermanos en todas las comunidades inmigrantes.

      Entendemos que muchos inmigrantes que vinieron a Estados Unidos se vieron forzados
      a dejar su país por el caos económico causado por los tratados de “libre” comercio
      como el NAFTA y el CAFTA. Venirse para Estados Unidos es a menudo la única forma
      para los latinoamericanos para sobrevivir y proveer alimento y vivienda a sus
      familias. Muchos son víctimas de militares represivos quienes fueron entrenados y
      equipados por el gobierno de Estados Unidos a través de la Escuela de las Américas
      (SOA, en inglés) y otros programas militares estadounidenses. Actualmente, el
      ejército colombiano y grupos paramilitares derechistas están aterrorizando a la
      población civil en Colombia y causando a la vez desplazados y migrantes al interior
      del país. Pero esto no es un fenómeno nuevo. En la década de los 1980s, durante la
      guerra civil en El Salvador, Guatemala y Nicaragua, grupos militares y
      paramilitares sacaron a la fuerza gente de sus hogares y muchas huyeron a Estados

      En nuestra lucha para poner fin a la intervención militar y económica de EE.UU. en
      América Latina y el Caribe, continuamos trabajando por un mundo que sea libre de
      sufrimiento y violencia. Reconocemos que las políticas militares y económicas de
      EE.UU. hacia América Latina y el Caribe son parte de un sistema racista de
      violencia y dominación, el cual destruye las vidas de los pueblos y los empuja
      hacia el exilio. Nos aliamos con las víctimas de la violencia militar y económica y
      sus familias en un esfuerzo por crear un mundo mejor.

      Este incremento de redadas y deportaciones brutales y racistas, que tienen como
      propósito aterrorizar a las familias inmigrantes, es el último intento del gobierno
      de EE.UU. de criminalizar y de convertir en chivos expiatorios a los trabajadores
      inmigrantes y sus familias forzándolos a las sombras de la ilegalidad donde son
      súper-explotados sin ningún derecho. Es también un intento de intimidar a las y los
      trabajadores inmigrantes cuyo activismo gremial contra la legislación
      anti-inmigrante ha recibido una tremenda respuesta a favor.

      Organizaciones de derechos de los inmigrantes han llamado a accionar y a organizar
      eventos este Primero de Mayo del 2007 y más allá para exigir “Legalización para
      Tod@s l@s Inmigrantes”, “Alto a las Redadas y Deportaciones” y “Protejamos los
      Derechos de los Trabajadores”.

      La Coalición de Solidaridad con América Latina urge a todas y todos a conocer e
      informarse más acerca de las anécdotas y experiencias de inmigrantes recientes y a
      apoyar los derechos humanos y civiles.

      Para mayor información visite www.lasolidarity.org. Para información sobre las
      marches del primero de Mayo visite http://www.MayDay2007.org ,
      http://maydaymovement.blogspot.com/   y http://www.may1.info/
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