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Re: [Border01] Press Release: Free the Children: Hutto Walk II, April 13-15: We Demand a public hearing of Bill HBC 64 now.

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  • Pamela Hernandez
    For those of you following this story, a judge on Monday ruled that it was likely that a court would find that keeping the kids in this facility would violate
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      For those of you following this story, a judge on Monday ruled that it was likely that a court would find that keeping the kids in this facility would violate the Flores agreement, which is a great victory!

      dorinda moreno <dorindamoreno@...> wrote:
      Free the Children: Hutto Walk II, April 13-15

      The Showdown between American Democracy and American Tyranny of the ICE age…

      Friday, April 13
        9am – Press Conference at Texas Capitol, Speakers Committee Rm. 2w.6
      10 am – Depart Capitol Steps
      Saturday, April 14
       9:30am: Begin at Manor City Hall in downtown Manor (W. Parsons and S. Burnet);
                     North on Old TX-20 which is also Hwy. 973; North on 973 to Rice’s Crossing
                     (Hwy. 973 and FM 1660)

      Sunday, April 15
       9:30am, Start at Rice’s Crossing (Hwy. 973 and FM 1660); Turn right on 79; Turn left on S. Main;
                     Turn left on Rio Grande Rd.; Turn left on Doak St. .;
                     Turn left on Welch St. to the Hutto Vigil VII in front of the Hutto prison camp;

      Hutto Vigil VII: until 8:00pm.
      Like some previous Hutto Vigils…this will be a Sunset Candlelight vigil.
      Let’s break the ICE. Let’s turn up the heat and melt the ICE.

      WE THE PEOPLE are announcing to the good people of Texas, the United States of America, and the whole world, that we will not stand for the imprisonment of innocent children, women and men. 

      WE THE PEOPLE are announcing to everyone that this is a showdown between American Democracy and the forces of corporate and ideological fascism.  We are a group of concerned human beings from all walks of life and the ideological spectrum, fully determined to expose the collusion of government and corporate interests, resulting in a criminal conspiracy betraying our nation and humanity. 

      We declare the Hutto concentration camp in Taylor, Texas, a shame to this country and to the good name of us all. 

      This concentration camp houses about 400 human beings from some 30 different countries. Overv half of them are children, and many are asylum seekers.  The conditions in which these human beings are being warehoused are nothing short of criminal, with children and adults subjected to the type of dehumanizing and abusive conditions seen in the worst jails and prison camps.  The owners of the Hutto prison camp, CCA is receiving tax payers hard earned money to incarcerate the innocent, creating a criminal alliance between private and public power brokers.  This corruption endangers us all, for democracy and human rights are at stake.

      WE THE PEOPLE declare to the good people of Texas, the United States of America and the whole world that we will not stand idly while the White House, Michael Chertoff and the Homeland Security/ICE machinery, in collusion with secretive and ruthless corporate interests, conspire to make scandalous profits on the backs of the innocent, as well as create a climate of political fear where basic civil liberties are revoked with impunity. 

      WE THE PEOPLE declare our unwavering intent to liberate our brothers and sisters, young and old.  We will liberate those that came to this country in search of a better life, only to find themselves warehoused in prison-for-profit concentration camps.  We declare it to be a crime against humanity the prison-for-profit incarceration of those who are undocumented and/or asylum seekers, but who are labeled by Homeland Security "illegals" or "terrorists. "

      WE THE PEOPLE declare to the good people of Texas, the United of America and the whole world that this crime is being addressed in the open and that we will remain committed, personally and resolved, until the day that these children and families are liberated.  We will be relentless until the Hutto children's concentration camp, as well as other such shameful places are shut down and those complicit for their creation, funding and operation, are brought to justice.

      Right now, HCR 64, the resolution introduced by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez and co-authored by Rep. Anchia's, and sponsored by l7 other representatives,  of  the Texas legislature to free the children in Hutto.  This bill is languishing, willfully stalled by the State Affairs Committee Chair, David Swinford, a self avowed “right wing nut,” and other cynical committee members.  This outrage will not stand, as we demand HCR 64 to be open to public hearings and presented to the floor of the Legislature, so that all our elected leaders be able to take a stand on this issue. 

      WE THE PEOPLE make a conscious stand to free the children and demand for universal human rights.

      http://www.capital. state.tx. us/BillLooup/ History.aspx? LegSess=80R&Bill=HCR64  (Tracking the Bill)

      http://www.capital. state.tx. us/tlodocs/ 80R/billtext/ doc/HC000641. doc  (HCR64 actual text)

      WE THE PEOPLE declare:

      That the prison-for-profit incarceration of innocent immigrants is an issue that transcends all national, racial, religious, ethnic, political, language or cultural divides, as there are victims of all such backgrounds imprisoned right here in Texas for profit.

      That we need for everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or political persuasion, language or culture unite for the liberation of children and families, and for the closure of such prison-for-profit concentration camps.

      That we will hold ALL who are complicit in the imprisonment of innocent people fully accountable for the abuse of these innocents. All those covering up and profiting from this shame, be forewarned.

      That we demand a public hearing of HCR 64: Let the people want the Legislature to know where we stand and we want to know where our elected representatives stand regarding the imprisonment of innocent children.

      That our future as a democratic society is at stake and in peril.

      That we say NO to prison-for-profit concertration camps run by corporations such as Emerald, CCA, KBR, MTC… and what ever other entity that for profit denies innocent children their inalienable rights to the freedom of a free society.

      Contact Numbers:

      Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr., 830 768-0768

      Dorinda Moreno, Media, 805 934-3884

      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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