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3/28 Minutemen Watch San Diego, CA: Criminal Charges Filed Against Minuteman

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      Minutemen Watch - Projects of National Immigrant Solidarity Network
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      San Diego, CA: Criminal Charges Filed Against Minuteman

      [March 28, San Diego IMC] SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego City Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges yesterday against 36-year-old John Monti, a member of the Minuteman Project, for acts of violence against two day laborers at a Rancho Penasquitos hiring site in November 2006.
      According to the City Attorney’s Office, Monti allegedly began taking photographs of the workers and calling them “Mexicano Cochinos” (dirty Mexicans). Monti then stuck his camera in a worker’s face. The worker, Estanislao Gonzales, who is disabled, tried to walk away from Monti, but Monti began punching him.

      A second worker, Roberto Pena, tried to help Gonzales get away but was also assaulted by Monti. Immediately after the incident, Monti contacted the police, claiming he had been robbed and assaulted by 6-8 migrant workers.
      The charges filed by the City Attorney’s Office include four counts of battery, four counts of interfering with day laborers’ civil rights, and one count of filing a false crime report with the San Diego Police Department. Monti is scheduled to appear in court on April 13.
      Judge unseals search warrant served on Minutemen leader
      By Dana Littlefield
      San Diego Union-Tribune
      March 30, 2007

      SAN DIEGO - A judge unsealed a search warrant yesterday that had been served
      on San Diego Minutemen founder Jeff Schwilk's home in connection with an
      investigation of vandalism at several migrant camps.

      Schwilk, who served as his own attorney in San Diego Superior Court,
      requested that the document - and a supporting affidavit - be made public.
      He also asked the judge to order the return of his property, which was
      seized last week when San Diego police searched Schwilk's Oceanside home.

      Prosecutors opposed the request, arguing that the investigation is ongoing
      and could be jeopardized if the documents were disclosed.

      Judge Jeffrey Fraser reviewed the documents and determined they contained no
      information that would prejudice a jury in any potential criminal
      proceedings. Fraser then ordered police to return any of Schwilk's
      belongings that were unrelated to vandalism.

      Apparently, that would include any documents or information pertaining to
      the American Independent Party. Schwilk said in court that he serves locally
      as the organization's communications director.

      "We cannot conduct operations for our political party," said Schwilk, noting
      that police took the group's recruiting materials.

      It was not clear yesterday when Schwilk could expect to receive the seized
      items. The judge did not mention a deadline, but said it takes awhile for
      police to go through items taken during a search. >> Read More
      Police Raid Minuteman Founder's Home
      Officials Say Warrants Connected To Vandalism On Migrant Camp
      March 21, 2007
      NBC San Diego (CA)
      SAN DIEGO -- Detectives from the San Diego Police Department searched the home of one of the founders of an anti-illegal immigrant group on Wednesday.

      Officials said the search warrant served at Minutemen founder Jeff Schwilk's Oceanside home was "granted as part of the investigation into the migrant camp vandalism that occurred on Jan. 27, 2007." >> Read More
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