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    National Immigrant Solidarity Network webpage: _http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org_ (http://www.immigrantsolidarity.org/) e-mail:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2007
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      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      e-mail: info@...

      May Day 2007 National Day of Immigrant Rights! http://www.MayDay2007.org

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      Feb 2California
      Gracias !!! San Diego , Tijuana and all for a WONDERFUL send off !!! Aztec dancers, Mauricio Farrah and the Mexico Human Rights Commission, people from   Mexico , theUS and lots of national and international media !!! Wow !!!. After an hour ceremony we plated the first of 4400 crosses and honored Oscar Garcia Barrios killed at border May 18th, 2006 as a very emotional letter was read (by Micaela Saucedo) from his mother. We then said good bye to all and 25 autos joined the MARCHA MIGRANTE II as we headed to our first stop the Holtville cemetery.

      In Holtville, we planted 440 crosses for the unidentified but not forgotten migrants buried there. It was a very moving experience and again the first of our stops as we headed on our 5,000 mile journey.  

      We ended the night by placing 60 crosses on the Mexicali/Calexico border wall and asked, that like in Tijuana/San Diego we have permanent crosses to continuously remind us of the unjust suffering and death of our brethren.

      Feb 3 ( Arizona )
      After sleeping in a church in Somerton, we went to Yuma where we were met by 100 local community members and we placed 100 crosses for those that have died in the region the last 2 years alone. They fed us and after fellowship we hit the road to Phoenix…where we were to meet with the National Leadership (MALDEF, Peter Schey, HERMANDAD MEXICANA, Rosa Rosales, LULAC, Nativo Lopez, Angela Sombrano, Gloria Saucedo, DERECHOS HUMANOS, Isabel Garcial, Senator Gil Cedillo, AFSC, Arnoldo Garcia, ….. etc) of the movement for Latino rights: when we arrived, we were moved to tears as they gave us a rousing standing ovation. After our talk about our mission, (to hear the stories from the migrants themselves on why we need the human immigration reform, to later take to DC) we were again given a rousing standing ovation GRACIAS TODOS!!!

      In the evening 500 people met us as we camped out and joined Elias Bermudez and other Arizona locals on a “fast for justice” 464 more crosses on the fences surrounding the camp site, beautiful.At the revival Estela de los Rios of our MARCHA read another of the touching letters and then we prayed, we danced and we cried. Gracias Phoenix, and thanks for the beautiful send off the next day.

      Feb 4 ( Arizona )
      Off to Tucson…where we arrive at the sacred EL TIRADITO shrine where local activist, religious leaders and community folks lead us in a very spiritual ceremony to remember not only the hundreds that have died in the region the last few years, but Isabel Garcia shares two heartbreaking stories of the tragic deaths of two children. Father Carney, Kat Rodriguez, Alexis Mazon and all of us were moved to tears as 12 year old Mathew (the youngest of the caravan group, asked “why we killing all these people” as 200 crosses laid in the middle of our circle.   

      Off to Douglas to deliver supply to migrants and to remember the tragic murder of Francisco Javier Dominguez (killed in the region, last month) We met with a local Border ministry group and Meagan led us in song, psalms and reflection before our own Francisco Dominguez placed a cross for his namesake at the memorial for our fallen brethren.

      Feb 5 ( New Mexico )
      Que Viva Pancho Villa !!! Just outside of Columbus , New Mexico we went to the the wall with Chihuahua , Mexico and placed a cross at the memorial of “those that have died in the desert” , many of the crosses we place have names, this one was for Geovena Villa (maybe a descendent of el general?) our journey continues…

      ( Texas )
      In the evening we arrived in EL PASO , and were met by three of the local mayors, including Mayor John Cook of El Paso , where they graciously welcomed, thanks and fed us. It is good to see that there are mayors that not only talk about human rights…but practice it as well Mathew our youngest member received the “key to the city of El Paso ”

      Feb 6 (Texas )
      Redford, Texas (Eziquiel Hernandez tribute)

      Tomorrow the 7th Del Rio, Txs & Acuna, Mexico ….then off to 8th Laredo, 9th Mcallen, 10th Eagle Pass, 11th open, 12 & 13th Hutto & San Antonio, 14 & 15th New Mexico, 16th Nogales & LA, 17 San Diego ALL PEOPLES IMMIGRATION HEARING

      MARCHA MIGRANTE II to be followed by border walk     


      Please remember every day at noon to say a prayer or have a moment of reflection for our brethren and for all of us as we continue on MARCHA MIGRANTE II where we will have updates on www.borderangels.org where you can get information on how to support us, join us, buy a tshirt or simply pray for us and see you all the 17th @ the ALL PEOPLE’S IMMIGRATION HEARING upon our return. Thanks for all the donations and support, we can really use it!


      Enrique Morones
      Border Angels/Gente Unida
      (619) 269-7865

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
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      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131
      Washington D.C.: (202)595-8990

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