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10/3 Conf Call: Anti-Immigrant/Border Fence Bills Passed, What is Our Next?

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    Anti-Immigrant/Border Fence Bills Passed Lessons we should learn, and what is our next stage of the struggle? Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Solidarity
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Anti-Immigrant/Border Fence Bills Passed
      Lessons we should learn, and what is our next stage of the struggle?

      Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      Please join our conference call to discuss what’s our next steps for the immigrant rights struggles.


      Time: Tuesday, October 03, 8:00 PM - 8:55 PM EST

      Dial-in Number:1-605-725-3600 ( South Dakota )

      Access Code: 91030


      Last Week was one of the darkest and shameful days for the immigrant and human rights in recent U.S. history.

      Despite repeat appeal from the activists, the U.S. Senate, approved the outrageous and racist detainee bill (S. 3930) and another multi-billion dollars for immoral war in Iraq and Afghanistan (H.R.5631). At the House, they passed the wire tap bill (H.R. 5825) and several other anti-immigrant bills (H.R. 4844, H.R. 6089, H.R. 6090 and H.R. 6091).

      But the most shameful one, on Friday September 29, the Senate rushed to passed the shameful Border Fence Bill (H.R. 6061), calling for construction a multi-billion dollars 700 miles of fence along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

      Lists the anti-immigrant bills: H.R. 6061, S 3930, H.R.5631, H.R. 5825, H.R. 4844, H.R. 6089, H.R. 6091

      Here's some lessons we should learn for our recent defeats:

      1) We cannot have any more illusion that there's such thing as critical Republican-Democrats splits at the Congress could help us against anti-immigrant/anti-civil liberties bills, because all these bill's passage had clearly reflects bipartisan, even overwhelmed supports from the members of both parties. Therefore, we need to redefine our Congressional lobbying/legislative strategies, and rethink who is our real ally.

      2) There's no doubt that there's a direct link between anti-immigrant/anti-civil liberties politics, the war in Iraq/Afghanistan and the multi-billion dollars military industrial complex. Just right before the House vote on the border fence bill, the Boeing had won $70 million dollars to Boeing for building a "test" border wall.

      3) Although we lost the immigrant votes, we should not give up the fight and need to be visionary: We need to think 2-3 steps ahead to begin our next fights to stop their next possible anti-immigrant agendas at the Congress. We need to continuously keep up our fights and pressure our policy makers from now to the mid-term election, during the lame duck section, the holiday recess and to the next year. The anti-immigrant group ALIPAC had laid down their next campaign strategy, we can learn a lot from them.

      4) In order to win our struggle, we should building a grassroots, multi-ethnic coalition includes: African American, Native American, African immigrant, Asian American, Latino/Latina, Arab-Muslim-North African, progressive labor, interfaith, LGBTQ, student, anti-war/peace and global justice groups from across the country. Understand we have different values and agendas and should accept and help diverse tactics to achieve our common goal.

      5) Fundamentally, we need to educate our community, our ally and our enemies--this is not just a immigrant rights struggle, it's a civil rights and human rights for tens of millions of immigrants and people of colors in this country, because we need to tell anyone who supports the anti-immigrant/border fence bills are ignorance as just like supporting the idea of "Separation but Equal." We cannot allow us to turn the clock back to the time when racial segregation, McCarthyism, KKK lynching mobs are everywhere.

      Recent U.S. House's Anti-Immigrant Legislation


      On Tuesday, October 3rd 8 PM EST, we invite you to join our conference call to discuss what’s our next steps for the immigrant rights struggles.


      Time: Tuesday, October 03, 8:00 PM - 8:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

      Dial-in Number:1-605-725-3600 ( South Dakota )

      Access Code: 91030


      Suggest agendas:

      1) Latest updates, discussion, lesson from the recent passages of the anti-immigrant bills.

      2) Discussion/ideas for October/November immigrant rights campaigns.



      Proposal from National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      Immigrant Rights Campaign National Month of Action


      Moths of actions targeting Congressional members who’d vote for the anti-immigrant bills, suggest actions includes:

      - Office visit, protest and direct actions during their campaign at their home district at October, week of action before the November election, and the on-going actions after the election/lam duck section.

      - Local and national media meetings to educate them about the issue.

      - Community education campaigns about immigrant rights.


      Organizing Strategy:

      This will be a decentralized, diverse-tactic, non-violent direct action campaign, including activities such as: letter writing/calling, lobbying/House visits, voter registration, and a week of direct actions, to pressure the worst anti-immigrant/pro-war/anti-union lawmakers on the eve of the mid-term election. We say enough is enough! Respect us and change, or we won't vote for you.


      The organizing will be primarily by conference call, Internet, e-mail, and locally organized actions by National Immigrant Solidarity Network and sponsoring organizations.



      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

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