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8/1: IMMIGRATION WATCH by Southern Poverty Law Center

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    IMMIGRATION WATCH by Southern Poverty Law Center An e-newsletter monitoring extremism and the anti-immigration movement For the week of Aug 1, 2006 ... [TX]
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      IMMIGRATION WATCH by Southern Poverty Law Center
      An e-newsletter monitoring extremism and the anti-immigration movement

      For the week of Aug 1, 2006
      [TX] KKK plots anti-immigration rally
      San Angelo Standard-Times / July 29, 2006
      A Texas chapter of the Alabama-based Empire Knights of the Ku Klux
      Klan announced plans for an August 5 demonstration in Amarillo.
      title=http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyP0EE href="http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyP0EE">splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?aid=70

      [NY] Minutemen scuffle with protesters at WTC site
      Reuters / July 28, 2006
      A publicity event at the World Trade Center site to promote Minuteman
      leader Jim Gilchrist's new book turned violent.
      title=http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyQ0EF href="http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyQ0EF">splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?aid=70#2

      [CO] Former Governor attacks Hispanic culture
      Rocky Mountain News / July 27, 2006
      Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm said that Hispanics "remain an
      'underclass' in America because their culture is 'not
      title=http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyR0EG href="http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyR0EG">splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?aid=70#3

      [TX] Texas Minutemen announce 'Operation Sovereignty'
      Houston Chronicle / July 25, 2006
      A Texas Minutemen spokeswoman said several hundred armed volunteers
      will muster near Laredo for a
      two-month border watch starting
      September 11.
      title=http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyS0EH href="http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyS0EH">splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?aid=70#4

      [NJ] Town council targets Brazilian immigrants
      The New York Times / July 27, 2006
      Riverside's five-member Council unanimously approved the "Illegal
      Immigration Relief Act" in response to the town's fast-growing
      Brazilian population.
      title=http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyT0EI href="http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/ayQw0HqyiY0L1h0EgyT0EI">splcenter.org/intel/news/item.jsp?aid=70#5


      Want to learn more about the anti-immigration movement? Read these
      articles from the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report:

      *** The Nativists ***
      A survey of hardliners who are fanning the flames of anti-immigration

      *** The Little Prince ***
      An investigative profile of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leader Chris

      *** Playing Rough ***
      Profiles of some of the more than 40 anti-immigration vigilante
      outfits formed in the first six months after the Minuteman

      *** The Puppeteer ***
      A report detailing links between white supremacist organizations and
      anti-immigration groups backed by Federation for American Immigration
      Reform (FAIR) founder John Tanton.

      *** Open Season ***
      A 2003 feature on anti-immigration vigilantes in the pre-Minuteman

      *** The Battle of Georgiafornia ***
      A feature on the hate crime
      backlash against Hispanic immigrants in Georgia.

      *** Arizona Showdown ***
      A feature on the landmark April, 2005 Minuteman Project in Arizona.
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