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7/21: Bradley County, TN Deputy Sheriff makes traffic stop, then calls ICE

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    Missing Truck Located In Tennessee Bradley County Deputy Sheriff makes traffic stop, then calls ICE agents By H. Nelson Goodson El Conquistador Newspaper
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2006
      Missing Truck Located In Tennessee

      Bradley County Deputy Sheriff makes traffic stop,
      then calls ICE agents

      By H. Nelson Goodson
      El Conquistador Newspaper
      3206 W. National Ave.
      Milwaukee, WI 53215
      Date: July 21, 2006

      Milwaukee- Jorge Guzman stopped by El
      Conquistador Newspaper a week ago to discuss the
      disappearance of a 1998 Toyota truck, in or
      around Cleveland, Tennessee.

      An incident happened on May 13, that involved
      agents from ICE on a traffic violation stop. Mr.
      Wenceslao Garcia, 45, was stopped in Tennessee
      for a traffic violation on Highway 75 by Deputy
      Shane McKee of the Bradley Sheriff's Department
      in Cleveland.

      Deputy McKee on the traffic stop asked Garcia, if
      he was a U.S. citizen. When Garcia refuse to
      answer, Deputy McKee called Immigration and
      Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and they
      responded to the scene.

      By the way, Deputy McKee did not give Garcia a
      traffic citation for a tailgating violation while
      driving on the highway. He was taken into custody
      by ICE agents and was then later deported.
      Although, Garcia had a valid Wisconsin Driver's
      license and other documents with him.

      Garcia from Mexico, and the Allco Credit Union
      authorized Guzman to go to Tennessee and recover
      the truck. When Guzman arrived in Tennessee in
      early June, he went to the facility where Garcia
      had been detained and no records indicated where
      the truck had been taken too. Garcia could not
      recall exactly where he was stopped or which
      county sheriff’s department in the area had
      stopped him on the highway. But, that a sheriff’s
      deputy had taken the truck keys from him,
      according to Garcia. Authorities could not locate
      the truck in storage or that it had been towed or
      where Garcia had been picked up.

      Guzman went to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s
      Department in Chattanooga and they too could not
      fine any record of the truck. He returned to
      Milwaukee empty handed.

      Two months later, Guzman contacted El
      Conquistador Newspaper and we contacted the
      Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff
      John Cupp authorized an inquiry about the May
      incident. Sheriff Cupp felt that it was unusual
      for a truck to disappear in this type of
      circumstances. The Hamilton Sheriff’s Department
      informed El Conquistador that they found that the
      Bradley County Sheriff’s Department was involved
      in Garcia’s traffic violation stop and indeed ICE
      agents responded to assist in his detention.

      El Conquistador contacted Bradley County Sheriff
      Dan Gilley and he did confirmed the 1998 Toyota
      truck was being stored in a safe place. The truck
      had been stored for over 67 days and a charge of
      $110 towing fee and a $15.00 a day storage fee
      was being accumulated daily, according to the
      towing company representative. The truck
      apparently did not appear in the computer system
      for other law enforcement agencies to locate it.

      Lieutenant Brian Quinn from the Bradley County
      Sheriff’s Department said, that Garcia was sent a
      certified letter in June to his Milwaukee address
      from the storage company who towed the truck from
      the highway. He had two months to pick up the
      truck or it would be auction off to pay for the
      fee’s, explained Lt. Quinn. Ironically, Garcia
      had been deported to Mexico from Tennessee. The
      truck is valued at more than $5,000.

      El Conquistador Newspaper sent an inquiry to the
      U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services in
      Memphis, Tennessee asking the following

      Does the federal government allow county deputies
      or local law enforcement officials to enforce
      immigration laws while enforcing local or state
      traffic violations? Why is the deputy asking
      Latinos, (in this case) if they are U.S. citizens
      while he makes a traffic stop violation? Has the
      Bradley County Sheriff's Department been granted
      federal authority to enforce immigration laws
      while patrolling local highways or streets?

      Any information or reference to current specific
      federal laws allowing this type of practices by
      local officials should be cited. El Conquistador
      Newspaper would also like to know, where these
      local law enforcement officials get their
      authority to enforce immigration laws? The U.S.
      Department of Homeland Security, and the
      Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      representatives have yet to respond or to grant
      any comment about this incident in Cleveland, Tennessee.
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