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Fwd: "City's 'Biggest Hater' Gets 9 Months InJail" - London, Ontario

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    Al wrote: Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 16:48:16 -0000 From: Al To: atlatlal@yahoo.com Subject: Fwd: City s Biggest
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      Al <atlatlal@...> wrote:
      Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 16:48:16 -0000
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      Subject: Fwd: "City's 'Biggest Hater' Gets 9 Months InJail" - London, Ontario

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      City's 'biggest hater' gets 9 months in jail

      By _RANDY RICHMOND_ (mailto:rrichmond@...) , FREE PRESS REPORTER

      A white supremacist, who bragged he was London's "biggest hater," has
      sentenced to nine months in jail for spreading "the unrelenting
      message of
      hatred" over the Internet.
      Tomasz Winnicki showed total disregard for a court order banning him
      spreading hate messages, Federal Court of Canada Justice Konrad W.
      Finckenstein said in a just-released ruling.
      Winnicki "has posted material that is entirely disrespectful of the
      judicial system let alone the Federal Court. The material is wilful,
      contemptuous, repetitious and contumacious, and shows a total lack of
      respect for
      the Court," the judge wrote.
      "He has shown no remorse for his contempt. Given this, I find that
      behaviour justifies a term of imprisonment of nine months," he
      Winnicki could not be reached for comment last night. It was unclear
      an appeal is open to him.
      The ruling, released late yesterday, elated Ottawa lawyer and human
      advocate Richard Warman, who first brought Winnicki's hate messages
      to the
      Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2003.
      "Mr. Winnicki is entirely the author of his own misfortune," Warman
      "This represents the culmination of three years of work by myself
      representatives of the Jewish, black, Arab, South Asian and human
      rights groups."
      The sentence should serve as a warning to other white supremacists
      using the
      Net to spread hate, Warman said.
      "There are very serious consequences to breaking the law," he said.
      Winnicki ended up in federal court because he refused to stop posting
      messages online.
      His early, profanity-laced messages called for a holy war against non-
      and non-Christians, warned Jews he and others were coming after them
      and told
      blacks they should leave Canada now.
      The rights commission investigated Warman's complaint, agreed it had
      and took the case to a human rights tribunal.
      The tribunal heard the case last August and December. In the
      Winnicki continued to post hate messages.
      The commission sought a federal court order to ban Winnicki from
      posting hate
      messages until the tribunal ruled.
      In October, the court ordered Winnicki to stop posting messages until
      tribunal decision. He refused, but altered many of his messages to
      multiculturalism and Canada's justice system.
      The commission took him back to the federal court July 4 to answer
      Von Finckenstein compared Winnicki's later messages to earlier ones.
      "It is evident that both the form and substance of the messages are
      the same.
      They have the same vile content and the unrelenting message of
      hatred for
      Jews and contempt for people of the black race and/or immigrants.
      The obvious
      subterfuge to talk about 'multiculturalism' instead of 'Jews' . . .
      does not
      deceive anyone," he wrote.
      Winnicki's troubles are far from over.
      The rights tribunal ruled in April that he had violated the Canadian
      Rights Act by exposing people to hatred or contempt based on their
      national or ethnic origin, colour or religion.
      His messages posted after that decision was made are the subject of a
      contempt hearing set for August.
      He's also to appear in a court in Toronto on criminal charges after
      were found in a car on its way to a neo-Nazi rally.

      “Today’s terrorist is tomorrow’s freedom fighter.”
      â€" SHAC leader Kevin Kjonaas, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention




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