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Fwd: The Phonies on Undocumented Immigration

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  • Al Soto
    Al wrote: Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 22:25:17 -0000 From: Al To: MestizajeImmigrationInformation@yahoogroups.com,
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      Al <atlatlal@...> wrote:
      Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 22:25:17 -0000
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      Subject: Fwd: The Phonies on Undocumented Immigration

      --- In stateyourcause@yahoogroups.com, Apollo wrote:

      The Phonies on Undocumented Immigration

      by John Case, Baseball Communist

      The truth is that the US, Mexican and undocumented
      workers all have more problems in common with each
      other than they do with their bosses, or their own
      national leaderships. Health care, income, retirement,
      education, safety. But you would never know it from the
      vomitations of the illegal-alien-bashing media and the
      'think-tank' industry that has arisen around them. Lou
      Dobbs, Pat Buchanon, a host of racist right-wing talk
      show morons, and most of the Republican members of the
      House of Representatives, are all piling on. Both the
      House and the Senate are going to devote a big chunk of
      the pre-election season to hearings on the immigration

      Meanwhile so-called research institutes like the
      'Center for Immigration', http://www.cis.org/, and the
      Heritage Foundation, publish reams of pseudo-analysis
      purporting to be 'scientific' conclusions, which then
      serve to fuel hot air for the loudmouth Limbaugh ditto-

      Not surprisingly, given their blatant bias, and scant
      references to real data, these 'research' conclusions
      quickly vortex around four defecations: 1. undocumented
      workers are taking some jobs that citizens would
      otherwise perform at higher wages. 2. undocumented
      workers are using more public services than they
      contribute 3. undocumented workers are a terror threat.
      4. border enforcement in the form of criminalizing
      undocumented workers is the principle solution.

      But a review of sources from the Congressional Budget
      office, the Federal Reserve, and the US Census shows
      the following:

      The first assertion is half-true--its the hook intended
      to seduce the public. Overall, immigration is generally
      complementary to the US economy. However, the overall
      stats conceal some strong trends in manufacturing,
      mining, and construction where undocumented workers
      have partially replaced previously higher paid
      workforces. In meatpacking and construction,a for
      example, specifically union workforces have been
      replaced by non-union contractors using undocumented

      The second 'fact' is false. A Census study notes that
      undocumented workers typically obtain fake documents
      and thus pay taxes toward benefits such as social
      security and health care that they can never receive.
      The only exceptions to this would include household or
      marginal small business employment. Most undocumented
      workers are young, and typically do not overuse health
      care. There are also local hospital, education and
      public health costs but no study shows overuse by the
      undocumented population. Instead, the growing sections
      of the entire working class that lack adequate health
      coverage is a far more powerful cost factor.

      3. The third 'fact' is both false and pernicious.
      Despite outright provocations to violence by right-wing
      media there have been no reported undocumented-worker
      'terror' cells.

      4. The fourth 'fact' is a dangerous fraud. The
      proposal--to establish border control by criminalizing
      undocumented workers, deploying US troops to round them
      up, deputizing so-called militias out of hate-groups
      like the 'minutemen', intimidating Mexico by stationing
      tens of thousands of troops on the Southern border --
      are tactics typical of a bullying imperial power. It
      will WORSEN, not improve, competition with forced-
      labor. It would be a catastrophe for North American
      relations. Given the record of all the enforcement
      programs advocated and enacted over the years, it is
      highly doubtful these proposals are even sincere.

      Border control expenses have increased tenfold --a
      significant component in the budgtets of border
      states--but have obviously done nothing against the
      overpowering economic incentives that cause workers to
      move North by any means necessary. What we have here
      instead is a not-so-subtle attempt to neutralize any
      legislation which moves even an inch toward
      citizenship, or toward any status where abuse and
      exploitation can be challenged. In other words to leave
      things just as they are -- only with more terror.

      For workers the wrong choice at least is clear.
      Branding a portion of the workforce criminal and
      stateless is a blatant invitation to abuse, a form of
      forced-labor akin to slavery, and will reduce the
      rights of all workers. To support the phonies in their
      fake enforcement campaign deepens this threat. There
      is no practical means of forcibly relocating 6 million
      workers to Mexico.

      But the question remains -- what steps can best protect
      the jobs and incomes of US workers? And what does it
      have to do with immigration policy? The overwhelming
      economic incentive for immigration is the gaping
      inequality between worker incomes among US trading
      partners, especially those in travelling distance of
      the Southern border, and the appetite of US employers
      to exploit that inequality. In a word: unregulated
      globalization--the single most important incident being
      the NAFTA terms of trade in agriculture, especially
      corn, that ruined thousands of primitive Mexican
      farmers. That alone propelled the largest undocumented
      immigration surge in recent decades.

      Thus reducing inequality is the only sure way to reduce
      the threat. No immigration policy can alone negate
      these incentives, as laws reflect, and are re-made by
      economic forces far more than than economic forces are
      determined by laws.

      Still, all workers have a common interest in mutual and
      universal legal status, including the protection of
      I.L.O and UN compliant labor laws. That will give the
      biggest boost to their incomes, and thus all incomes.
      It is the only relief for workers competing against
      forced-labor conditions.

      Further, whatever transitional program is adopted for
      undocumented workers to reach permanent resident or
      citizen status, it will fail unless it includes full
      protection under all US labor laws. Without this there
      is no incentive for undocumented workers to register to

      And lastly, if and only if the prior conditions are
      met, vigorous employer sanctions must be enforced for
      those who hire outside legal status once acceptable
      status is available. If employers do not hire
      undocumented workers, then they will not come. Many
      other countries, including our Northern neighbor
      Canada, have proven that this measure does more than
      any number of border officials in regulating the
      economic impact of immigration. Enforcing the latter
      will likely require a significant public investment in
      a national ID system, demonstrating the intimate link
      between immigration rights and basic questions of
      national security and civil rights.

      The truth is that the US, Mexican and undocumented
      workers all have more problems in common with each
      other than they do with their bosses, or their own
      national leaderships. If you don't believe me, organize
      a meeting with a Mexican and Canadian and US worker in
      your occupation -- see if you do not all come to
      agreement on the above!!


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      put to the test, usually find it to be an 'inconvenience.' We have
      opted instead for an authoritarian system disguised as a Democracy.
      We pay through the nose for an enormous joke-of-a-government, let it
      push us around, and then wonder how all those assholes got in
      there." - Frank Zappa

      "Music is prophecy, its style and economic organization are ahead of
      the rest of society. It makes audible the new world that will
      gradually become visible."
      -Jacques Attali in his seminal text "Noise"

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