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05/08/2006 - Alabama - harrasses and uses police inaction.....during immigrants march....

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  • Al Soto
    From: Rosalio Munoz rosalio_munoz@sbcglobal.net Date: Mon May 8, 2006 11:53am(PDT) Subject: Alabama :Immigrants march, harrassed, police inaction, Minutemen
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2006
      From: "Rosalio Munoz" rosalio_munoz@...
          Date: Mon May 8, 2006 11:53am(PDT)
      Subject: Alabama :Immigrants march,  harrassed, police inaction,
      Minutemen an

      My good friend from the Chicana movement, she was a 14 yr old Brown
      Beret at the time of the East LA walkouts, she sent me information on
      recent happenings in Alabama. Quite interesting how the cops ignore and the
      Minutemen and KKK move parallel if not coordinated. She sent me an
      article on the Klan rally on Saturday I include below here letter.l Roving
      repression as  I see it as in Karl Rove.  Rosalio

      Hello Rosalio,

      A lot has happened but most important on May 1st a total
      of 1,500 participated protested at down town Huntsville

      Took everyone by surprise now many of the residents
      mostly rednecks are retaliating by harassing immigrants
      a church in Decatur, Alabama was vandalized.

      Many employers allowed employees attend the march
      as well as non-immigrants only a few went.

      On the day of the protest some of the employees left their cars
      in the parking lot Cinaram is the name of the company
      right down the street from ours.

      When the employees went back to get their cars
      they were found with all the windows bashed in
      look like someone used a bat the police are saying
      this was not a hate crime because both non-immigrants
      and immigrants cars were found with bashed windows.

      HUH??? The redneck way to justify things, could it be that
      these are the same employees that attended the
      protest ???

      The police say more has to be investigated I really
      doubt it will happen.

      1300 students did not attend school... now some
      action will be taken expulsion or deportation ??

      It has been hard to find out...

      No one is saying anything...then the KKK is also
      having protest...asking Huntsville residents to join
      in.... things are getting really heated.

      The minutemen are suppose to stop by.

      Many did not want the protest to take place
      fearing for their safety, immigrants felt this
      would make it even harder find work it has
      in some places.

      will keep you posted.

      Take Care,


        KKK anti-immigration rally draws over 300 in Alabama   RAW STORY
      Published: Saturday May 6, 2006
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          A rally organized by the Ku Klux Klan attracted over 300 supporters
      and counter-demonstrators in Alabama on Saturday, according to a
      breaking story at the Website for The Birmingham News.
        "No violence or arrests were reported during the hour and a half
      march and rally as about 30 police and sheriff's deputies watched," the
      Alabama newspaper reports.
        Excerpts from the article:
        #  The event began with about a 10-minute march by 50 people,
      including about a dozen robed klansmen, to the front of the Franklin County
      Courthouse for the rally. Franklin County, with a population of about
      31,000, has seen a growth in its Hispanic population in recent years.
      Hispanics now make up more than 7 percent of the population, nearly double
      the percentage of blacks living in the county, according to 2004 census
        At the rally, marchers yelled anti-immigration slogans such as "Send
      them back." One robed woman held a sign saying "Remember the Alamo,
      Stop Invasion Now, Save America."
        Ray Larsen, imperial wizard of the National Knights of the Ku Klux
      Klan from South Bend, Ind., told the crowd on a megaphone that illegal
      immigrants are in America to take jobs. "They want to take all jobs," he

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