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05/06/2006 - The BLACK Republican MinuteMenso of California...exposed

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  • Al Soto
    Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:48:40 -0700 From: Steven L. Robinson Subject: Homeless Activist Ted Hayes and the Minutemen L.A. Organizers
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2006
      Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:48:40 -0700
         From: "Steven L. Robinson" <srobin21@...>
      Subject: Homeless Activist Ted Hayes and the Minutemen

      L.A. Organizers Denounce Black Minuteman

      Wave Newspapers, News Report,

      Gene Johnson Jr., Apr 27, 2006

      LEIMERT PARK - A coalition of community activists from diverse backgrounds
      came together in Leimert Park Wednesday to denounce homeless activist
      Ted Hayes' recent alliance with the ultra-conservative Minutemen Project as
      a means of battling illegal immigration.

      During an afternoon news conference at the Lucy Florence Coffeehouse,
      activist Najee Ali said he believed Hayes is being used as a pawn by
      what he called a racist faction that never has affiliated itself with the black
      community until now.

      "Ted Hayes and his involvement in the Minuteman group is certainly an
      issue that we should be concerned about," Ali said. "We feel that [the
      Minutemen] will polarize the [black and Latino] communities. It will bring us
      farther and farther apart instead of [bringing us] together collectively to
      talk about tolerance, peace and resolution."

      Hayes, who did not attend the news conference, said he approached the
      Minutemen about eight months ago, in part, because they were in support
      of helping the homeless. Hayes help organize Dome Village, the homeless
      encampment west of downtown.

      "I'm realizing that illegal immigration is taking away the resources of
      the homeless," Hayes said. "The Minutemen are right. They want to help the
      homeless. I can't get Jesse [Jackson] or [Rep.] Maxine Waters to work
      with the homeless. Who's helping me? White people."

      Others speakers at the Leimert Park news conference faulting Hayes'
      alignment with the Minutemen included Randy Jurado Ertll, executive
      director of El Centro De Accion Social; Gideon Krakov of the Progressive Jewish
      Alliance, attorney Cynthia McClain-Hill and writer and activist Earl
      Ofari Hutchinson.

      "We [have] enough violence between black and Latinos in schools, jails
      and in the community," Ali said. "We're speaking out against potential
      violence that may happen based on Ted Hayes."

      Ertll agreed with Ali saying that "we need to unite both communities. I
      think it's time that [blacks and Latinos] start talking to each other
      more and finding common ground and common issues that we can work on

      "I think the president and Congress need to find a solution to [illegal
      immigration] because it will create more divisions in the future,"
      Ertll said.

      It's a matter of learning to listen and "walk in other people's shoes,"
      added Krakov "and not being a part of the problem, but being a part of
      the solution."

      Hayes, a Republican, his newly formed Crispus Attucks Brigade, and some
      of his Minutemen allies held a forum Sunday in Leimert Park, drawing more
      than 100 people. It became an intense war of words between him and another
      group, the Progressive Alliance, a coalition of blacks and Latinos urging

      The argument grew into a physical altercation for which Hayes later

      During the Sunday forum, Hayes announced a plan to hold a protest march
      in downtown Los Angeles on May 21 and invited gang members to join the
      border patrol.

      Tuesday Hayes said he went to the downtown Mexican Consulate to
      "clarify" the goals for his new group.

      "We support civil rights for illegal immigrants - but in Mexico, in the
      country that drove [illegal immigrants] out - whatever country that
      drove you out," he said. "[Iillegal immigrants are] coming here to get my
      civil rights, something [blacks] fought for. You just can't come here and
      take our civil rights.

      "We're going to champion your cause for civil rights in Mexico. We, as
      blacks, are going to be your champion," he said. "You might not
      understand now, but in time you will."

      Hayes said he wrote the Mexican consulate general a letter about five
      weeks ago, asking President Vicente Fox to allow a multi-ethnic delegation
      led by blacks to talk with Fox, Cardinal Roger Mahony and other Mexican civic
      and social leaders as a means of restoring civil rights back to Mexicans.

      Hayes has called illegal immigration the "biggest threat to blacks in
      America since slavery."


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