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12/15: TX Rep. Cuellar wants a federally funded militia

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    Rep. Cuellar wants a federally funded militia From: _jose@bluelatinos.org_ (mailto:jose@bluelatinos.org) Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 Dear BlueLatinos.org members,
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      Rep. Cuellar wants a federally funded militia
      From: jose@...
      Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006
      Dear BlueLatinos.org members,
      U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar -- a so-called Democrat from Laredo, Texas -- wants to give $100 million dollars to the Minutemen, the racist, gun-toting vigilante group. Last October, Representative Cuellar sponsored a bill called the "Border Law Enforcement Act of 2005" that would essentially deputize members of the Minutemen militia by giving them new titles, badges and guns.
      Sign the petition and tell Representative Cuellar to condemn the Minutemen and withdraw his support of the "Border Law Enforcement Act." Cuellar should not to reward racist behavior.

      There is a saying in Spanish,"dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres," which basically means that you can tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep. Representative Cuellar sponsored the "Border Law Enforcement Act" with none other than the "Grand Dragon" of the anti-immigrant legislators - Rep. Tom Tancredo, Republican from Colorado. Cuellar's bill is also part of the draconian House-passed immigration reform bill HR 4437, which, among other wrong headed ideas, would further militarize the US/Mexico border, build a Berlin-style wall all along the border, and criminalize millions of immigrants and good Samaritans.

      We all agree that our nation's immigration system is a complete disaster. No one knows this more than the millions of immigrants that bear its deadly consequences. Every day a human being dies at our nation's doorstep because our policymakers don't have the courage to create legal channels for migrant workers to contribute to our economy. They would rather turn a bind eye and allow suffering to continue along the border.
      We can change this dreadful situation right now -- simply by creating legal means for migrant workers to participate in our economy. Let us not deceive ourselves anymore. And let us not allow any politician -- whether Latino or not -- to deceive us further. Building walls and giving away badges to untrained vigilantes is not the way. There is a better way to reform our disgraceful immigration system. Our economy needs workers and we need to create legal structures that honor their work and their human dignity.

      Sign the petition and tell Representative Cuellar to condemn the Minutemen, not reward them.
      In solidarity,
      José Quiñonez, BlueLatinos.org
      Church organizing anti-Minuteman campaign. Majority of City Commission would support resolution against border militia group. By SARA INÉS CALDERÓN, The Brownsville Herald
      Safer by the minute? Minuteman 'safety' questioned. By Dulcinea Cuellar, The Monitor, McAllen
      Warning: Minutemen to target Texas' border. By James C. Harrington and Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba,
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