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Letter to the editor regarding Costa Mesa Mayor's criminal behavior

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  • Duane Roberts
    Hello everybody: The following letter, written by Chris Blank, a Costa Mesa attorney, was published in the Wednesday, January 18, 2006 issue of The Daily
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2006
      Hello everybody:

      The following letter, written by Chris Blank, a Costa
      Mesa attorney, was published in the Wednesday,
      January 18, 2006 issue of The Daily Pilot. He sent
      the letter in response to a slanderous and
      unfactual column written by Diane Harkey, a Dana
      Point City Councilwoman who is running for the 35th
      District state Senate seat.

      See what she wrote at the following link:



      Duane J. Roberts


      Politician's take on council meeting misses reality

      Regarding Diane Harkey's commentary published in the
      Daily Pilot on Thursday:

      The Dana Point city councilwoman is running for higher
      office and must have decided that her campaign will
      benefit by hitching her wagon to the policies and
      rhetoric espoused by Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor
      and his supporters. So be it. That is a political
      public relations decision she's entitled to make, and
      if the people elect her anyway, that's our tough luck.

      What she is not entitled to do is to mischaracterize
      the events that occurred at the Jan. 3 Costa Mesa City
      Council meeting.

      At that meeting, Coyotl Tezcalipoca spoke in protest
      of the mayor's misguided proposal to train city police
      officers to be immigration agents. Before
      Tezcalipoca's speaking time expired, the mayor
      suspended the meeting and said or did things that by
      prearrangement caused the police to move in on
      Tezcalipoca. While Tezcalipoca was telling the
      officers who had surrounded him that he would leave on
      his own and that he did not want them to touch him,
      they grabbed him around the neck and forcibly removed
      him from the council chambers.

      This event was filmed by numerous news outlets and at
      least one private resident in attendance, who posted
      the clip on a website that advocates deportation of
      undocumented immigrants.

      I did not personally witness what occurred immediately
      outside the chambers and I doubt Harkey personally
      witnessed it either. That, however, did not stop her
      from falsely claiming that Tezcalipoca "needlessly
      struggled and yelled, while practically throwing
      himself to the ground, as he knew the cameras were
      rolling. The chaos created by this staged performance
      caused the public hearing to come to a screeching

      The truth, as I see it, is that the meeting came to a
      screeching halt because Mansoor didn't like what
      Tezcalipoca was saying. The mayor also didn't like
      that Tezcalipoca asked his supporters to stand, a
      request to which the mayor did not object when it was
      made by Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project some 45
      minutes earlier. The meeting came to a screeching halt
      because the mayor announced that the council was going
      to take a break and said or did things that caused the
      police to surround and forcibly remove Tezcalipoca.

      Harkey has probably never been forcibly removed from
      anywhere by police. She probably has never been
      dragged 100 feet up several stairs while one police
      officer is sitting on her and handcuffs were digging
      into her wrist.

      To suggest that Tezcalipoca staged this aggressive
      treatment of him by the police is ludicrous. To state
      that what happened outside the council chambers caused
      the meeting to come to a screeching halt is an
      outright falsehood.

      She owes Tezcalipoca an apology and the rest of us a
      retraction. Soon we'll see what type of person she
      really is. I hope the voting public will not forget.

      Costa Mesa

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