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Did Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley target a civil rights activist?

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  • Duane Roberts
    ... Sunday, January 8, 2006 DID COSTA MESA POLICE CHIEF JOHN HENSLEY TARGET A CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST? Surprising video shot by Minuteman suggests the lawman had
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      Sunday, January 8, 2006


      Surprising video shot by Minuteman suggests the
      lawman had Coyotl Tezcalipoca illegally arrested


      COSTA MESA, CA -- During the past 48 hours, video
      footage has unexpectedly appeared on the internet
      containing a number of startling images which suggest
      that Coyotl Tezcalipoca, a young Mexican civil rights
      activist who has been openly critical of Costa Mesa
      Mayor Allan Mansoor's proposal to merge city law
      enforcement with immigration duties, was illegally
      arrested by police officers at the Tuesday, January
      3rd meeting of that municipality's City Council.

      The footage in question, a high quality five minute
      video clip of that meeting, was taken by a
      self-professed "Minuteman" who lives in Los Angeles,
      and was posted on www.immigrationwatchdog.com,
      a website that is dedicated to fighting "the human
      tsunami of millions upon never ending millions of
      poor illegal aliens from Latin America ...
      [threatening] ... our way of life."

      A careful, but detailed analysis of this clip not only
      completely contradicts newspaper accounts claiming
      that Tezcalipoca was taken into custody because he had
      gone over his time limit during public comments and
      had refused to leave the podium, but shows that
      Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley himself may
      have acted improperly -- and possibly illegally --
      when he ordered several of his officers to arrest
      the young activist.

      The video clearly shows that Police Chief Hensley
      ordered Tezcalipoca arrested shortly after Mayor
      Mansoor stated twice over his microphone that the
      meeting was temporarily being adjourned for what
      appears to have been a pre-planned recess or
      "break." If this is the case, as it appears to be,
      then Hensley had his officers take Tezcalipoca into
      custody for "disrupting" a Costa Mesa
      City Council meeting which, technically, was no
      longer in session. This casts serious doubts over
      the validity of the arrest.

      In addition to this, the video establishes for the
      first time that Mayor Mansoor did in fact abruptly cut
      off Tezcalipoca two minutes and twenty seconds into
      his public comments -- out of the three minutes that
      were available to him according to the Costa
      Mesa municipal code. Civil libertarians looking
      into this case argue this was an outright violation
      of Tezcalipoca's constitutionally protected right to
      free speech and assembly.

      A separate investigation being conducted by John Earl,
      publisher of the www.ocorganizer.com, a website that
      covers labor and immigrant rights issues in Orange
      County, not only has uncovered additional evidence
      corroborating some of the claims brought up in this
      article, but has discovered video clips showing that
      Mayor Mansoor did in fact allow Minuteman founder Jim
      Gilchrist to do things he refused to allow Tezcalipoca
      to do during public comments.

      "It seems that Mansoor's message to the public," Earl
      told me yesterday via Yahoo messenger, "was that if
      you are a Minuteman you may stand for your beliefs,
      but if you are Mexican, please remain seated."

      The video also shows, contrary to claims that Police
      Chief Hensley made to the press last week, that
      Tezcalipoca, although appearing upset over the fact
      his comments were cut short by Mayor Mansoor, not
      only was fully complying with orders by officers
      to leave the podium, but was in the process of
      exiting the building shortly before they violently
      pushed him out the door.


      Click on the following links to download them to your
      computer in the appropriate formats.





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