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Brief report regarding Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor's illegal & unconstitutional attack on OC activist

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  • Duane Roberts
    Hello everybody: The Orange County Register has posted an interesting article about the arrest of Coyotl Tezcalipoca, an Orange County activist, at last
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      Hello everybody:

      The Orange County Register has posted an interesting
      article about the arrest of Coyotl Tezcalipoca, an
      Orange County activist, at last Tuesday's meeting of
      the Costa Mesa City Council (see below). I witnessed
      the whole thing. In fact, I unsuccessfully tried to
      prevent the Costa Mesa Police from arresting Coyotl by
      getting Captain Ron Smith to have his men back off of
      him. Coyotl was being surrounded by cops, and when he
      didn't move away from the podium fast enough for them,
      they pushed him hard, forcefully dragging him out the
      door with a policeman's arm around his neck, I tried
      to follow them out the door to see what else they were
      going do to him. But another cop grabbed my right arm
      and briefly detained me. When I froze, he released me.
      I was not arrested or injured. But Coyotl ended up
      getting bruised quite a bit. I viewed some of the raw
      video footage taken of the arrest by a Spanish
      language televison network, and some of the clips
      appear to show him being kicked by a cop while on the

      Costa Mesa police have filed three misdemeanor
      criminal charges against Coyotl. One for resisting
      arrest and two for violating municipal ordinances that
      regulate conduct during public meetings.

      Several people have alleged to me that Costa Mesa
      Mayor Allan Mansoor basically cut off Coyotl before
      his time to speak was up. Although this appears to be
      the case, it needs further research. The whole thing
      about him plotting to disrupt the meeting is complete
      garbage. Asking people to stand up silently during a
      meeting of any public body while public comments are
      in session is a wholly legitimate form of free speech
      and expression that is protected by the First
      Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Many people can
      attest to the fact that similar actions like the kind
      that Coyotl engaged in have occurred at previous
      meetings of the Costa Mesa City Council without
      incident. I even participated in them. What Mayor
      Mansoor did to Coyotl, in my opinion, was illegal and
      unconstitutional. The arrest was wholly unneccesary
      and the force the cops used to take him into custody
      was excessive.

      The lead staff attorney for the Orange County Chapter
      of the American Civil Liberties Union contacted me
      yesterday and told me they are conducting a full
      investigation into this matter to determine if they
      will intervene.

      In the meanwhile, Coyotl is in need of legal
      representation. If anybody knows of a good attorney
      that would be interested in handling his case, please
      don't hesitate to contact me. I'll pass on any
      references to him.

      Stay tuned for further developments.


      Duane J. Roberts


      Thursday, January 5, 2006

      Arrested activist vows to continue protest

      The Orange County Register

      COSTA MESA – A man forcefully arrested at a City
      Council meeting this week said Wednesday that he and
      other members of the activist group Tonantzin
      Collective will continue their protest.

      "I was treated unfairly, but I can still walk," said
      Coyotl Tezcalipoca, 24. "We'll definitely" stay the
      course, he said.

      The activists are demanding that Costa Mesa drop its
      efforts to give certain police officials the power to
      enforce immigration law – a role usually left to
      federal authorities.

      Mayor Allan Mansoor on Wednesday defended his actions
      at Tuesday's council meeting, saying he was only
      trying to maintain order.

      The incident started when Tezcalipoca asked his
      supporters in the crowd to stand, Mansoor told him not
      to do that, and Tezcalipoca urged them to do it

      Earlier, Mansoor did not appear to oppose Jim
      Gilchrist's request for members of the Minuteman
      Project - a group that advocates strict
      immigration-law enforcement - to stand up.

      But an interview with Mansoor and a review of the
      meeting's video recording revealed that he started to
      tell the Minutemen to stop standing and then cut his
      sentence short when they sat down quickly.

      After Tezcalipoca did not heed Mansoor's order, the
      mayor told him he could no longer speak. He didn't
      stop speaking, so police officers asked him to leave.
      He refused.

      When they tried to escort him outside, he resisted, so
      they dragged him.

      "We really didn't want to arrest him, because that
      never makes the situation better," Police Chief John
      Hensley said.

      Tezcalipoca, also known as Benito Acosta, was booked
      on suspicion of disrupting an assembly and obstructing
      an arresting officer, and released just after


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