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Lee Siu Hin: New Year Message - How to defeat Arnold in 2006?

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    Lee Siu Hin: New Year Message How to defeat Arnold in 2006? January 1, 2006 I am wishing you the year 2006 will be a great successful year for life,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006

      Lee Siu Hin: New Year Message

      How to defeat Arnold in 2006?

      January 1, 2006



      I am wishing you the year 2006 will be a great successful year for life, happiness, peace and justice.


      I had my New Year celebration non-stop working in front of my computer—4 years on the row, I had been working without rest.


      Every new year, I always wish we will be better then last year: “Never Again!” “Ya Basta!” but bad things still happens. I want to show you my new year article I wrote for the Change-Links newspaper 7 years ago:


      1998: A Year Of Inappropriate Relationships



      1998:  The Year of Liars




      See? More the change, more the same, people are “completely” and purposely forgot about the same problems we had been facing 10 years ago are still haunting us today.


      Thought 2005, I heard many complain from activists about the failure of the movement. While we had won several labor, peace & justice campaigns, overall, our accomplishment had been very limited on 2005.


      Domestically, last year we lost almost every major labor, immigrant and civil liberty campaigns; internationally, we still didn’t able to stop the U.S. war in Iraq/Afghanistan, we able to derail FTAA agreements but not able to stop multi-national corporation from laying-off people. With new military threat against Iran ,Syria and other countries are getting clear, and the critical upcoming November 2006 elections—peace and justice activists should learn from the past in order to build a long-term vision on building the movement of the future.


      Many friends of mime had suggested to me that I should be more positive and hopeful. That’s the reason, I want to talk to you how we can use our past lessons to build a successful campaign to defeat California ’s governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at upcoming 2006 November election (and other campaigns elsewhere across the country).


      So I spend my new year day to draft a 8-steps program, or a modern-vision of Shunzhi’s warrior's strategy for activists. I hope it’ll helpful to you.


      *Health Warning! I will say something very strong and  provocative, so if you cannot face it, and don’t want to ruing your holiday moods, I suggest you just delete the e-mail and don’t think about it.



      1) Stop Complain Others For Creating Your Problems!

      (We don’t have to work together, but we shouldn’t spend more time fighting with each others then fight our common enemy, we need to learn how to agree to disagree. Also, we should not just choose to blaming other people so we can walk away from our problem and liability)


      2) Don’t Bullshit! Show Me the Results! You Do What You Said!

      (Talk is cheap! I hate people promises something and never deliver, or activists enjoying political masturbation. People will appreciate if we can do something meaningfully and practically--even small--that can change their life for better)


      3) Be Honest, Admit We’re Looser (At Least Sometimes) So We Can Face the Failure To Fix It! (Remember: Pride Kill People! If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work, we need to think openly and humbly to find a alternative solution, and a tool to improve ourselves)


      4) It’s the Money, Stupid!

      (You need ask yourself, are you doing this because of your pay-check? Or for the people, don’t bullshit to me, you REALLLY know the answer!)


      5) Don’t Be Afraid, Always Challenge Yourself!

      (You need to be very brave, need to able to sacrifice a lot in order to accomplish something; never afraid of threats, intimidations and loosing everything. Revolution and social changing is not a romantic recreational activity, you need to prepare loosing everything for your believe—a believe that our children will be living a better life without fear).


      7) Be Passionate, Talk to Everyone!

       (Remember, we don’t have license to be the “God of the Truth”, so we all should drop our arrogance attitude to attack anyone we don’t like/agree. Because as equally important as no one have right to judge us because of our race/color/class/religion/political belief/sexual orientations, we have *no right* to pre-judge someone because they are sexist/racist/pro-war/anti-homophobia—we need to against all of these form of oppressions, but we also need to open our hearts to talk them, to understand why they choose what they believes).


      8) To Be Long Term, To Be Visionary.

      (A real victory of the struggles doesn’t come tomorrow or next month, we should logistically and psychologically prepare it’ll take decades even to our grandchildren’s time. Because many problems had been pre-existed for generation even hundreds of years, it’ll be completely naïve to believe we can change it overnight)


      9) “Understand Your Enemy, Understand Yourself, Then You Can Win Every Fight!”



      So I lie, this e-mail is not a cookbook procedure on how to defeat Arnold , because as eastern philosophy always says: we know how to defeat your enemy, and only you can defeat yourself. If we can truly understand our strength and weakness; our beautiful and evil sides, we can conquer our fear to win the struggles.


      Still, regardless what happens to me and the World for the past year, I always need to think positive for the coming year, and pray for:

      1. Peace On Earth

      2. Stop All Hunger

      3. Justice To Everyone

      4. One True Love



      Happy New Year to Everyone!


      Lee Siu Hin

      A community activist, low-pay/sweatshop worker struggling somewhere in the place called America...
      Action for World Liberation Everyday!

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