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12/10-18: International Migrants Day Events From Across the Country

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    12/10-18: International Migrants Day Events From Across the Country From: joann@ggjalliance.org Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), Jobs with Justice (JwJ) and
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      12/10-18: International Migrants Day Events From Across the Country
      From: joann@...

      Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), Jobs with Justice (JwJ) and the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR), are jointly organizing a week of action for global justice and immigrant rights from December 10th through December 18th, 2005.

      The WTO Ministerial is taking place on December 13-18 in Hong Kong and we are calling on your organizations to take part in organizing or attend an event during the National week of Action.
      There are 2 SIMPLE ways your organization can get involved:

      1. Signing on to the NNIRR’s Statement on International Migrants Day
      2. Join one of the actions taking place close to your area

      Please let us know if your organization is organizing an event by filling out the form below. We have a national media coordinator who is helping to put our voices out there!

      Let us know if you’re event is not listed!

      Partial List of U.S. Events & Activities in Recognition of International Migrants Day, and Week of Action for Global Justice and Immigrant Rights, Dec 10-18, 2005

      Boston, MA    Teach-In on  Global Justice and Immigrant Rights    Wed., Dec 14    33 Harrison Ave.  (UNITE-HERE Bldg.)    Ariana Flores  Boston Jobs with  Justice  617-524-8778

      Boston, MA    Right to Organize  March    Thur., Dec 8        Ariana Flores  Boston Jobs with  Justice  617-524-8778

      California-wide  (San Bernardino,  Temecula, Los Angeles)    La Posada sin  Fronteras (Posada Without the Border)    Sun., Dec 18  3pm – 6pm    State Field  Park, San Diego    Betty Canton-Self  Interfaith Coalition for Im. Rights  415-227-0388

      Chicago, IL    “The  Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Film Screening and Panel Discussion    Wed., Dec 14  6:30pm    Instituto del  Progresso Latino  2570 S. Blue  Island Ave.    Khemarey Nuth  CAAELII  773-248-1019

      Chicago, IL    Migrants Day  Community Gathering & New Orleans Trip Report-back    Sun., Dec 18  3pm – 6pm    Efebos Internet  Cafe, 1640 S. Blue Island Ave    Khemarey Nuth  CAAELII  773-248-1019

      Chicago, IL    Right to  Organize March    Thur., Dec 8        Carlos Fernandez  Chicago Jobs with  Justice  312-738-6100
      Clarksville, TN    Community  Presentation of “New World Border”    Sun., Dec 18        Jerrika Rivera  Asociacion  Latina  931-906-6114

      Denver, CO    “Light a Fire  for Justice!” Candle-light Vigil    Sun., Dec 18  3:30pm        Julia Gonzalez  Colorado Grassroots Movement for Immigrant Justice  303-477-6111 x17

      Jackson, MS –  New Orleans, LA    March to New  Orleans    Sat., Dec 10  2pm    Tonga Square  City Hall    Walda  Katz-Fishman  Project South  301-367-1079

      Los Angeles, CA    Workers Convention & Educational on Household Work    Sun., Dec 18  2pm – 5pm        Liz Sunwoo  MIWON  213-550-6042

      Louisville, KT    Fair Trade  Day    Tues., Dec 6        Attica Scott  Kentucky Jobs  with Justice  502-582-3508  x124
      Mexican border  (Arizona, Bahia,  El Paso, Houston, New Jersey, New Mexico, San Jose)    March for Human Rights    Sun., Dec 10        Eberto Romero  Border Network  for Human Rights  832-533-0029
      New York, NY    Popular  Theatre, Mock Caroling, and Petition    Sat., Dec 17    Radio City Music  Hall    Anita Graham  Community Voices  Heard 212-860-6001  x114
      Oakland, CA    International  Migrants Day and Anti-Minutemen City Resolution            Cary Sanders  CA Immigrant  Welfare Collaborative  510-663-8282  x303
      Portland    Right to  Organize March  Global  Justice Teach-In    Sat., Dec 10  Sat., Dec 17        Chris Ferlazzo  Portland Jobs  with Justice  503-236-5573

      San Antonio, TX    Dia de la  Virgen de Guadalupe Vigil o Posada    Thur., Dec 15        RubenSolis  Southwest  Workers Union  210-299-2666
      San Francisco    Screening of  “Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary”    Sun., Dec 18  4pm      Red Poppy Art  House  2698 Folsom @ 23rd  St.    Sheila Chung  Bay Area  Immigrant Rights Coalition  510-839-7598
      San Francisco    Press  Conference denouncing raids and announcing drivers’ license campaign    Thur., Dec 15  10am    16th  & Mission    Luis Herrera  Coalicion  Deporten a la Migra  415-487-9203
      Santa Fe, NM    Event and  Film on Border Vigilantism            Marcela Diaz  Somos un Pueblo Unido  505-424-7832

      Toledo, OH    Immigrant  & Latino Low-Wage Workers Hearing and Reception    Sat., Dec 10  5pm – 6:30pm    1221 Broadway  Street      Beatriz Maya  Farm Labor  Organizing Committee  419-243-3456 x3

      Tucson, AZ    3rd  Annual Corazón de Justicia Awards    Fri., Dec 16  6:30pm    Las Cazuelitas  Event Center    Kat Rodriguez  Coalición de Derechos Humanos  520.770.1373

      Tucson, AZ    Vigil to  Remember Lives Lost on the Border    Thur., Dec 15  7pm    El Tiradito Shrine    Kat Rodriguez  Coalición de Derechos Humanos  520.770.1373

      Washinton, DC    An Afternoon  of Performance and Education about Immigrant Labor Rights    Sat., Dec 10  1pm – 4pm    Marie Reed  Learning Center 2200 Champlain Street NW    Rosita Choy  Amnesty  International  202-544-0200  x301

      Call to Action for International Migrants Day, 2005

      Following a year of tremendous challenges for the immigrant rights community, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights invites your support and participation in activities to celebrate International Migrants Day and to reaffirm our commitment to the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families.

      About December 18 (International Migrants Day)

      On December 18, 1990, the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families was approved by the United Nations General Assembly, after almost a decade of governmental negotiations and advocacy by migrant groups around the world. On December 4, 2000, following lobbying efforts by international agencies and migrant groups, the United Nations recognized and proclaimed December 18 as International Migrants Day.

      Since 2001, in solidarity with migrant organizations around the world, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) has commemorated this day in the U.S. alongside its members, through local events, an annual national statement and press release, educational and organizing materials, media campaigns, and even a commemorative poster and t-shirts.  (For more details, visit www.nnirr.org/dec18 <http://www.nnirr.org/dec18>  and for more details on international events, visit www.december18.net <http://www.december18.net/>  and www.migrantwatch.org <http://www.migrantwatch.org/> .)

      International Migrants Day 2005

      This year has been a particularly significant year in the struggle for immigrant rights.  In recognition of the accomplishments by immigrant communities, and the challenges ahead of us, NNIRR is calling on organizations and individuals around the country to commemorate this year’s International Migrants Day on December 15th, 2005 (Thursday) with a local vigil ceremony highlighting one or more of the following issues/struggles:


      ·      Fighting back the right-wing attack on immigrants:  Immigrants have been scapegoat-ed and criminalized by armed, vigilante right-wing groups such as the Minutemen Project, who have expanded their deadly activities around the country, often with sanctioned approval of local government officials.  But immigrants and allies have resisted this attack, and we will draw attention to the right-wing agenda that has bluntly disregarded immigrants’ basic human rights, and put the lives of immigrants in grave jeopardy.

      ·      The injustices suffered by immigrants in the Gulf region in the wake of hurricanes: Undocumented immigrant victims have been denied disaster relief by FEMA and other agencies, while immigrant contract workers have been made to do hazardous cleanup work, handling toxic materials without proper safety equipment -- and then abandoned, without pay, by their employers.  Immigrants and anyone who “looked or sounded foreign” were harassed, denied assistance, and evicted from Red Cross shelters, accused of being undocumented immigrants.  We want to draw attention to these injustices, as well as to the structural racism and patterns of poverty that have plagued immigrants and other communities of color in the region.

      ·      The WTO’s (World Trade Organization) impact on migration and migrant labor: The WTO is having a critical meeting in Hong Kong on Dec. 12-18. The WTO’s trade policies have caused unemployment, and the depression of farmers and small businesses in poor communities everywhere.  These have caused mass involuntary migration of people who are forced to look for work and other sources of living in other regions and countries.  Now, through its “Mode 4” deal, the WTO is proposing to create a global guestworker program that will enable corporations to dictate the flow of temporary workers -- whose rights and immigrant status are tied to their employer, exposing them to significant abuse such as those endured by Braceros and other guestworkers, with no possibility of permanent residency.  We want to highlight how trade agreements struck by the WTO have caused communities to lose their livelihoods and forced people to migrate, while using immigrants as cheap, disposable labor for corporations.

      The vigil can take place at any number of places, and in various forms – late afternoon at a Federal Building , an evening gathering at a place of worship – even a potluck dinner at a local community organization’s office or center. We encourage you to publicize your activity in the media to help call attention to the significance of the day as well as to your own efforts to promote the rights of immigrants. And we also encourage groups to coordinate their efforts with others locally, and to reach out to allies and new friends through this event.

      NNIRR is developing educational, outreach and organizing materials to support these actions around the country. We will shoulder responsibility for collecting information on all these activities to publicize them nationally and internationally, to raise the collective power of grassroots community action.  We will also be circulating a national sign-on statement for International Migrants Day.

      Complete and email registration form by Monday, December 12th, to celiaalario@...

      Registration Form

      Yes! Please register our activity as part of the Week of Action for Global Justice & Immigrant Rights.

      Name of Organization:                                                                                              

      Contact Person:                                                                                                         

      Contact Phone:                                                                                                                   

      Contact Email:                                                                                                                   

      Date & Time of Event/Action:                                                    &nb

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