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10/05/2005 - Send a message...BOYCOTT Colorado...no skiing on their slops...in 2005-2006 ski season....cancel your reservations...

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  • Al Soto
    Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 22:04:35 -0400 From: Steven L. Robinson Subject: Anti-Immigrant Politics Come to Colorado Border Wars Colorado
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2005
      Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 22:04:35 -0400
         From: "Steven L. Robinson" <srobin21@...>
      Subject: Anti-Immigrant Politics Come to Colorado

      Border Wars Colorado Eyes Arizona's Prop 200 To Stop Illegals

      By Michael Conniff, 10-04-05


      How bad has the battle over illegal immigration become? Three Colorado state
      legislators are in Arizona today, patrolling the Mexican border with the
      Minutemen civilian militia group. The mission for the legislators: to see
      just how bad things might get if nothing is done about illegal immigrants.

      Led by David Schultheis, a Republican from Colorado Springs, the
      lawmakers are also in Arizona to study the value of bringing Proposition 200—the
      measure passed by voters in Arizona last year to stop healthcare and
      welfare services for immigrants—and they are considering additional measures to
      make it illegal for illegals to buy property in the state. Under the plan
      scheduled for introduction in the next session of the Colorado
      legislature, people who work in the food business would also have to produce a photo
      ID and fingerprints.

      The passage of such a measure would have a profound impact on Aspen,
      Snowmass, and other towns in the Roaring Fork Valley, where Mexican
      immigrants—legal and illegal—have become the backbone of the work
      force, supplanting the prototypical and historical ski bums with people who
      eschew the slopes as they pursue the American dream.

      The implications of the visit by the legislators— Schultheis and two
      other Republicans, Bill Crane of Arvada and Jim Welker of Loveland— is
      potentially profound, according to coverage in The Denver Post. Arizona State
      Representative Russell Pearce has also been approached by legislators
      in other states, including Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Utah. "We must
      secure the borders," Pearce told reporter Elizabeth Aguilera. "You simply have
      to know who is coming in," Pearce said. "I don't blame those folks seeking
      a better way of life. I blame our government for failing to ... secure
      our borders."

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