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Fwd: [ojinaga] "Minutemen out of Texas" - Texans

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      > Subject: [ojinaga] "Minutemen out of Texas" - Texans
      > Texas County Says 'No' To Minutemen
      > The Associated Press
      > Officials in a Texas county have passed a resolution opposing
      > citizen border patrols, citing respect for immigrants, confidence
      > in federal law enforcement and a shared history with Mexico.
      > The resolution against 'the presence of Minutemen or other
      > vigilante groups' passed unanimously during a meeting of the
      > Cameron County Commissioners Court in Brownsville Sept. 13.
      > 'The safe and legal passage of immigrants and foreign visitors to
      > Cameron County is important to the civic life of our county,' the
      > resolution reads. 'The future growth of Cameron County depends on
      > the continued good will of our brothers in Mexico.'
      > The Minutemen drew international attention in April, when they
      > trained binoculars along the Arizona border in an effort to show
      > how sending more personnel and resources could staunch the flood of
      > illegal immigration.
      > They said they helped apprehend 335 illegal immigrants and would
      > expand to other border states ' Texas in October.
      > Al Garza, state president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps,
      > said last week the group would come sooner to Texas to fill in for
      > any area U.S. Border Patrol agents sent to help in the wake of
      > Hurricane Katrina.
      > He said there were about 50 volunteers for a Texas deployment that
      > would stretch from ranch land about 75 miles north of the border to
      > the border itself.
      > Mr. Garza said the group was looking for sites but planned to come,
      > resolution or not, starting sometime between Sept. 16 and Sept. 24.
      > 'They can't stop us from assembling and protesting illegal
      > immigration,' he said. 'By doing that they're advocating illegal
      > immigration. That's what it's all about.'
      > Others Have Said 'No' To Minutemen
      > Several Texas entities have said 'No thanks' to the Minutemen.
      > Last spring, 11 Texas Democrats in the state Legislature signed a
      > resolution asking Governor Rick Perry to say the Minutemen were not
      > welcome in Texas.
      > 'I don't think that there's any doubt that there's a tinge of
      > racism beneath the surface in their attempt to try to stop
      > immigrants from Mexico,' state Sen. Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa, the
      > resolution's author said at the time.
      > Mr. Perry refused, saying he could not ban people from legal
      > activity.
      > In August, the city of El Paso passed a resolution against such
      > groups.
      > Last weekend, members of a small Cameron County church near the
      > border distributed more than 1,800 white ribbons to protest the
      > civilian patrols.
      > Cameron County Judge Gilberto Hinojosa said he and the
      > commissioners were impassioned about the resolution.
      > 'This is the right thing to do.' he said. 'Our local law
      > enforcement community and federal government can handle the law
      > enforcement efforts without these people coming.'
      > The resolution came a day after the first Texas chapter of the
      > Minuteman Civil Defense Corps dissolved with little explanation.
      > Mr. Garza said the leader of the Goliad chapter of the group said
      > things weren't working out. '
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