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7/17/2005 - Ku Klux Klansmen...finally showing their Minutemen stripes....in Ohio...

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  • Al Soto
    Alleged rape triggers ethnic violence: Ku Klux Klansmen threaten growing Hispanic population in Ohio city. by Dan Sewell Associated Press 7/17/2005 El Paso
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2005
      Alleged rape triggers ethnic violence: Ku Klux Klansmen threaten growing Hispanic population in Ohio city.
      by Dan Sewell
      Associated Press
      El Paso Times
      HAMILTON, OHIO - It started with the spray-painted, mispelled "Rapest" on thehouse of a Hispanic man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old Anglo girl.  Then the house went up in flames in a suspected arson.
           Confrontations, name-calling and threats against Hispanics followed.  Men roamed the streets wearing pillowcases with eye holes, and Ku Klux Klansmen in hoods and robes showed up to pass out pamphlets.  There were rumors of beatings and other assaults.
           Now this Ohio-River city's booming Hispanic population is cowed, and the streets in their neighborhoods are nearly deserted.
           Outside the office of the Living Water Ministry, which two months ago drew hundres of people to its first Cinco de Mayo festival, there lingers a smnell of charred wood from the June 21 fires, which gutted the house next door and damaged the outside of the ministry's office.
          "Before, the strret would be covered with people, people out all over the place," said Sasha Amen, community outreach coordinator for Living Water.  "There's a lot of fear now.  People are shutting themselves in their homes."
           Hamilton has been a hotbed of Hispanic growth in Ohio, which has lagged behind much of the nation in Hispanic population.  The number of Hispanics in Hamilton rose fivefold in the 1990s, to 1,566, and is now estimated at 4,000 or more in a city of 61,000.
           For the most part, theimmigrants had settled in without much controversy in Hamilton, whose mayor in the 1990s was of Cuban descent.
           But lie here was trransofrmed on June 19, when a 9-year-old Anglo girl was raped, allegedly by a Hispanic man who has apparently fled the city.
           The next day, the house where the man was staying was spray-painted  by angry residents, and the next evening, thehome went up in flames.  Threats were made, the Klansmen showed up, and rumors of violence spread.
           "Yes, there is fear," said Ramona Ramirez, who owns a corner delisupermarket where she says business is off and her bread delivery man is now afraid to come.  "They are attacking all the Hispanics, and its is only one person.s"
           Lupe Galvan, a Mexican-born woman who has been here five years, said some neighbors are talking about moving away.
           Though the anti-Hispanic backlash has stunned many of the immigrants, some saythe've felt racial prejudice here before.  The Rev. Fustaquio Recalde, a native of Paraguay, says he was often harrasedand ridiculed while working a factory job as the lone Hispanic employee.
           "I think it's been around," Recalde said.  "sThis was an opportunityfor a few people to express it."
      Review, Opinion, Comment (ROC'n)
      It's always the eyes with holes...from which they seek to see...be it binoculars...or holes in hoods...same M.O. 
      I guess Americans should have their homes spray painted and burned down...for all the Ohioans that have traveled to Mexico to rape young boys, girls, and other Mexican nationals, while on vacation there...
      I do not condone rape...from any anyone in any form...on anyone else.   I wonder how many Ohio KKK members are minutemen...??? 
      And Ohio isn't even a bordering state to either Canada or Mexico?
      Al Soto  (c) 7/17/2005
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