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Editorial - Arnold comes out of Wilson ’s shadow

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    http://www.hispanicvista.com/HVC/Columnist/posiojr/050205HVCeditorial.htm Arnold comes out of Wilson’s shadow HispanicVista Editorial The first time around
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005

      Arnold comes out of Wilson’s shadow

      HispanicVista Editorial

      The first time around his press secretary, Margita Thompson, made excuses for him – the Governor didn’t mean to say “close the border” with Mexico – why, no, no. He meant to say close the border between ports-of-entry that is where illegal immigrants cross. Golleeee, how could anyone think Governor Schwarzenegger could have meant anything else?
      But now, even the bountiful qualities of Ms. Thompson cannot disguise the intent of the governor’s words. Schwarzenegger has finally come out to join with the likes of Pete Wilson and the rest of the ultra-extremist right wing of the Republican Party that holds Mexicans responsible for all of California’s ills. Forgetting of course that Mexico is California’s number one trading partner, purchasing over 16 percent of all of California’s exports.
      Adding to the calamity of his words supporting the Arizona vigilantes, soon to set up camp in Califorina, is the ultimate hypocrisy. Schwarzenegger travels to the Far East promoting California’s farm products, which the governor knows full well, or should know, are planted and harvested by the very people he now encourages vigilantes to round up.
      One thing is to be against illegal immigration, most California citizens are against such trespassing, but it’s quite another to defend and support vigilante activity. The governor who has sworn to uphold the law acknowledges the good job armed vigilantes are doing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from crossing the border is nothing short of scandalous.
      Calling vigilantes “Minutemen” does not change the fact that they are vigilantes. Do they belong to any law enforcement agency? No. Were they invited to patrol the border by any law enforcement agency? No. Were they deputized by any law enforcement agency? No. They are then lawless vigilantes.
      Is it possible that Governor Schwarzenegger on seeing his popularity dip in the polls has decided to listen more closely to Wilson and Wilson advisors he now employs?
      The course seems to be the same – Wilson was in deep trouble at the polls and seemingly headed for a loss to win reelection when he came across the illegal immigration issue. He hung his hat on it and rode it to victory. It didn’t matter to Wilson that he defamed and dehumanized poor people in search of work and a better life – to him they were not important – winning was.
      So it would seem that Governor Schwarzenegger has decided on the same course. How sad, he had the potential of becoming a rare and true statesman, but has instead chosen the road other cheap politicians have taken.
      We expect and demand from Governor Schwarzenegger to uphold the laws of the state of California, and stop the immediate promotion and support of lawless groups.
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