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4/23/2005 - ( CD - Anti-Immigrant Org ) Federation for American Immigration Reform under campaign finance violations...

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  • Al Soto
    Arizona Daily Star [4.23.05] ... passage of Proposition 200 in Arizona is being investigated for possible violations of state campaign finance laws. ... should
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      Arizona Daily Star [4.23.05]
      >Prop. 200 group under scrutiny
      >Immigrant advocates cite finance laws
      >By Lourdes Medrano
      >A national immigration reform group that played a key role in the
      passage of Proposition 200 in Arizona is being investigated for possible
      violations of state campaign finance laws.
      >At issue is whether the Federation for American Immigration Reform
      should have registered as a political committee and filed finance reports
      >last year's campaign to pass Prop. 200.
      >The main thrust of the successful initiative was to keep people who
      >living in the country illegally from receiving public assistance. FAIR
      >largely funded efforts to gather the signatures needed to put the
      >on last November's ballot.
      >On Friday, several Tucson immigrant-advocacy groups called
      on the
      >Attorney General's Office for swift prosecution of FAIR, saying the
      >engaged in a misleading campaign that helped persuade voters to
      >overwhelmingly approve the initiative.
      >"They at least need to play by the rules," said attorney Tom Berning,
      >filed a complaint with the Secretary of State's Office after receiving
      >FAIR letter before the election seeking financial support for Prop.
      >without stating state-required disclosures.
      >Berning's complaint resulted in a finding of reasonable cause that was
      >forwarded to the Attorney General's Office in March. Spokeswoman
      >Esquer confirmed the investigation but declined to disclose details.
      >FAIR headquarters referred inquiries to its Phoenix attorney, David
      >who said he is working with the Attorney General's Office toward a
      >resolution. He characterized the
      mailing - which also touted the
      >"pivotal role" in placing Prop. 200 on the ballot - as a mistake.
      >"There was no intent at all to do anything wrong," he said in a
      >interview. Abney said he didn't know how many such letters were mailed
      >how much money was raised.
      >In a February letter to the Secretary of State's Office, FAIR wrote
      >omission of the disclosures was not intentional, "as can be seen from
      >careful adherence to all disclosure requirements on a lot of the ads
      >helped sponsor."
      >It also wrote that "revenues not designated as membership
      >would be spent on behalf of the Yes on Proposition 200 Ballot
      Committee .
      >for whom FAIR was at the time a major contributor under Arizona law."
      >As such, FAIR wrote, the group did not need to register as a political
      >action committee as mandated
      by state law.
      >Final reports for the Nov. 2 election showed that Protect Arizona Now,
      >FAIR ally, listed total expenditures of $518,314. FAIR was a major
      >for the money spent on gathering signatures. FAIR also contributed to
      >separate Yes on 200 Committee, which spent another $256,895 on the
      >"But for FAIR, Prop. 200 would never have been approved," said Isabel
      >Garcia, who co-chairs the Coalici´┐Żn de Derechos Humanos, a
      >human-rights group. Noting FAIR's planned rally at the state's capitol
      >Monday, Garcia said the organization is "fanning the flames" of the
      >anti-immigrant sentiment in Arizona and other states.
      >Added Alexis Mazon, an organizer with Defeat 200: "We're not surprised
      >find out that there are wrongdoings on FAIR's part, because it is
      >consistent with the disingenuous approach that they take to its
      >"In Arizona we have fallen victim to the falsehoods that FAIR has
      >propagated again and again about the contributions of immigrants to
      >? Contac t reporter Lourdes Medrano at 573-4347 or at
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