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4/30 Nuevo Laredo/Tamaulipas: US's Mexico Travel Advisory Sparks New Criticisms

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    US-Mexico Border News Mexico Travel Advisory Sparks New Criticisms April 30, 2005 Nuevo Laredo/Tamaulipas News A renewed warning for U.S. travelers in
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      US-Mexico Border News
      Mexico Travel Advisory Sparks New Criticisms
      April 30, 2005
      Nuevo Laredo/Tamaulipas  News

      A renewed warning for U.S. travelers in northern
      Mexico touched off another round of criticism by Nuevo
      Laredo businessmen. Prompted by continued drug-related
      violence, the U.S. State Department renewed its
      advisory on April 26 cautioning U.S. visitors to
      northern Mexican border cities. The warning
      highlighted the deteriorating security situation in
      Nuevo Laredo, where more than 30 U.S. citizens have
      been kidnapped and/or murdered during the last 8
      months. While Arturo Salgado, vice-counsel for the
      Mexican embassy in McAllen, Texas, expressed
      understanding of the advisory, some Nuevo Laredo
      residents were less diplomatic.  “It’s a slap in the
      face,” said Nuevo Laredo businessman Pablo Jacobo
      Suneson, the owner of Marti’s store. Suneson blamed
      State Department alerts and U.S. press coverage of
      the narco-violence in his city for driving away U.S.
      tourists in favor of  destinations like San Antonio,
      Texas.  Members of the Nuevo Laredo business community
      had earlier cited the first State Department travel
      advisory issued last January 26 for resulting in a
      dramatic economic plunge. 

      Betty Flores, the mayor of neighboring Laredo, Texas,
      said that violence across the international boundary
      was beginning to undermine her city’s economy. Flores
      said that the loss of business income in Nuevo
      Laredo’s tourist quarter was thinning the money which
      is  recycled in Laredo’s strip malls where Mexicans
      shop. She added that drug gangs were “destroying a
      very vibrant city” and hurting another one across the
      river. “We are one economy,” said Flores. “We are one
      dependent on the other.”

      The travel advisories also applied to Tijuana and
      Ciudad Juarez as well as Reynosa, Tamaulipas,  all
      places where daytime kidnappings, public executions
      and police extortions of U.S. motorists have been
      recently reported.  In Reynosa, an armed band in the
      service of presumed drug traffickers ambushed a convoy
      of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) last week.
      Residents reporting hearing two loud explosions and
      automatic weapons fire in the subsequent clash which
      left at least one PFP officer wounded. In Nuevo
      Laredo, meanwhile, business and civic leaders plan a
      community march for peace on Sunday, May 1, in
      rejection of the violence that is afflicting their

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      Articles by Lynn Brezosky.   
      Compiled by: kihuac@...
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