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4/22 New York City: Urgent Support Needed for Detainees

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    New York City: Urgent Support Needed for Detainees April 22, 2005 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Alert! URL: _http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org_
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      New York City: Urgent Support Needed for Detainees
      April 22, 2005
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network Alert!
      This message distributed by / Este mensaje distribuido por:
      Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHRI)
      Coalicion para los Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes
      339 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012 tel 212-254-2591 / 888-575-8242
      fax 212-674-9139 email <chri@...>

      1. Support the Key Fund: Unlocking the Door for Detained Immigrants
      2. Donations Needed for Families of 2 Girls Detained on Secret Evidence
      3. Organizational Letters of Support Needed for Detained Teen Girls

      1. Support the Key Fund: Unlocking the Door for Detained Immigrants
      Tue, 5 Apr 2005 19:23:49 -0400
      From: Subhash Kateel <subhash@...>
      To: aarti@...
      Subject: Unlock the Door for a Detained Immigrant

      Special Request

      The Key Fund: Unlocking the Door for Detained Immigrants

      Founded by: Families for Freedom, Immigrant Defense Project of NYS Defenders
      Association, Keeping Hope Alive of the National Lawyers Guild's National
      Immigration Project, and the Urban Justice Center.

      Dear Friend,

      We are writing for your help in raising money to start a revolving bond fund to
      help P. "Charles" Brown and others like him-immigrants with severe health
      problems who are being detained only because they cannot afford to post bond.

      Charles has been in immigration detention for four and half years, mostly in
      Louisiana.  Being separated from his mom and community in Brooklyn has been
      hard.  But incarceration is especially hard for Charles because he is HIV+ and
      his medical care in detention has been grossly mishandled.  For instance,
      doctors have routinely prescribed him the wrong drug cocktail, and as a result
      his body has unnecessarily built up resistance to certain HIV drugs.

      Now Charles is at the Passaic County Jail in New Jersey, a facility exposed by
      NPR for its use of attack dogs.  Conditions and overall hygiene are so bad that
      it has triggered a federal investigation.  Charles is particularly vulnerable
      there because of his suppressed immune system.

      Furthermore, the government has wrongfully prolonged Charles's time in jail.
      They relied on inaccurate paperwork, and it took Charles two years, fighting
      alone from his jail cell, to correct their mistake.  The Immigrant Rights
      Clinic at NYU Law School has now taken on his case.

      But Charles is more than a sympathetic story.  During his time in detention he
      has worked tirelessly on behalf of unrepresented detainees, helping them learn
      about their legal rights.  He has even helped win cases in federal court!

      Last month the immigration officials set a bond for him for the first time:
      $7,500.  But Charles can't pay it himself.  He has only made $13/month in
      detention.  His 74-year old, bedridden mother raised about $500 from her
      church, but that leaves her $7000 short.

      Charles's mom said to us: "All I have is Charles. People don't know what it is
      like to only have one thing, and watch that thing being taken away. You don't
      just take people's kids away like this, not thinking about who else suffers."

      Charles's story has motivated the creation of The Key Fund and the Urban
      Justice Center has agreed to be the fiscal sponsor.  We would love to tell you
      more, so please call, or just send your donation to the address below!

      Thank you,

      Aarti Shahani & Subhash Kateel (FFF, 212-898-4121) Benita Jain (IDP,
      212-898-4134) Malik Ndaula (KHA, 617-227-9727) Debbie Greenberger & Tara Urs
      (Law Students, 212-998-6624)

      Make your tax-deductible donation to the Urban Justice Center (with "Key
      Fund" in the memo) and send it to Families for Freedom, 2 Washington Street
      766N, NY, NY 10004.  Please note your address in order to receive a receipt.

      2. Donations Needed for Families of 2 Girls Detained on Secret Evidence
      Sat, 16 Apr 2005 09:26:57 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Saurav Sarkar <sauravsarkar2000@...>
      Reply-To: NDDNYC@yahoogroups.com
      To: nodetention <nddnyc@yahoogroups.com>

      Please forward...

      Financial Crisis For Detained Teenagers' Families

      As you may have read recently in the New York Times and a number of other
      publications, two Muslim teenage girls have been detained.  One is from Guinea,
      and the other is from Bangladesh. The government is using immigration law to
      jail these 16 year olds without charging them with a crime, holding secret
      proceedings against them without giving them access to the evidence that is
      being used against them, and slandering them in the media as "suicide bombers"
      without providing proof.

      In fact, an FBI official told The New York Daily News, "Nobody here believes
      they are wanna-be suicide bombers."  Another official at the Department of
      Homeland Security commented, "We're not spun up about this case."  So why,
      then, are these young women in jail, cut off from their families? Why are their
      lives being ruined? This is an insane injustice.

      Please open your hearts to both families. The family of A., the young Guinean
      woman, is in urgent need, and owes money to their lawyer. They have also lost
      their income, as the father has also been detained on immigration violations.
      As we learn more details about her situation, we may find they have other needs
      as well.

      The young Bangladeshi woman, T., and her loved ones also face an enormous
      challenge.  Her family needs to raise approximately $10,000 in the next three
      months just to get by. There are three children. The vast majority of the money
      would go towards housing, because the family has had to give up their apartment
      out of fear of surveillance or other threats to their safety.  The remainder of
      expenses are for food, transportation and any legal expenses (although the
      lawyer is currently doing the case for free). Visits to the lawyer and to the
      detention center take 3 hours each way and cost money. It may also be necessary
      to fundraise for airline tickets for some family members in the future. There's
      enough money available right now from various sources to cover them for a few
      days, but their situation could become dire very soon.

      We haven't yet factored in bond money for either young woman; if they are
      granted bond, it could tremendously increase the families' respective financial
      burdens. Given everything these two families are going through with their
      daughters' jailing, isolation, and the media smear campaign by the government,
      those of us outside the direct situation need to help out. This is a horrifying
      crisis for both families.

      CAIR-NY, a leading Islamic civil liberties organization that is involved in
      helping these two families and many others, has an Emergency Family Fund. To
      contribute to the fund, you can mail checks written to:

      Emergency Family Fund / CAIR NY
      C/o 9-11 relief program / Adem Carroll, ICNA
      166-26 89th Avenue
      Jamaica, NY, 11432
      Donations are tax exempt

      If you would like to direct your contribution to A and T and their families,
      please write that on your check. Otherwise, surplus donations to the fund will
      be used for the Emergency Family Fund for detainee families more generally. For
      more information, please contact Brother Adem at 718-658-7028 or visit
      Detention, the blog.

      3. Organizational Letters of Support Needed for Detained Teen Girls

      [NOTE: the hearing has been postponed until May 11 so there is still time to
      write an organizational letter of support!]

      Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 21:24:04 -0700 (PDT)
      From: kavitha pawria <kp25@...>
      Subject: URGENT! Secret Evidence cases, letters of support needed

      Hello all,

      RE: Case of Detention of two 16-year olds accused of "terrorism"

      In late March, two 16 year old young women were taken into immigration custody
      and accused of "terrorism" by the FBI, targeted by the US government based on
      anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant motives.  They are now being held in a detention
      facility on secret evidence, are being questioned repeatedly and threatened,
      and will be subjected to closed hearings.  More info on the case is below and

      SUPPORT which will be taken to one of the young women's Court hearings on
      [postponed to May 11].  We need the letters by 5 pm [on May 9].  Please share
      the letter with your organization as well as other community organizations and
      individuals, through personal contacts and list-servs. As background, you can
      find (1) attached, the Letter to the Editor from April 12th's NY Times and, (2)
      a statement about the case pasted below, written by CAIR-NY.

      The purpose of the letter is to communicate the following to the Court: public
      and community support, a sense that the public is watching, solidarity with the
      family and detained girls, clear demands, and attention to larger legal &
      policy concerns, etc.

      To facilitate sending the letter, here's what to do:

      1.  put the letter on your organization's letterhead, if possible

      2. add your name or organization to the signature

      3. edit the 2nd paragraph relating to your organization's particular concern,
      if you'd like.

      4. there is a suggestion to minimize politically radical language since in at
      least one immigration case, ICE has denied legal relief based on
      "anti-establishment" language in letters of support

      5.  Only if you know the family or are in a position to honestly comment on the
      detained young women from personal experience, add some background about
      yourself, how you know the family and your relationship with them. Describe the
      good things they had done in the community prior to being detained and positive
      things about them that you have read in media reports.  Describe the impact on
      the family due to detention.

      6. Email the letter as an attachment to kavitha@... AS SOON AS YOU
      GET THIS E-MAIL if POSSIBLE.  We'll take care of forwarding it to the attorney
      who will bring the letters to Court.


      If you have any questions, e-mail me.

      Take care,
      Legal and Policy Organizer
      DRUM--Desis Rising Up and Moving


      CAIR-NY shares in the Muslim community's deep concern over the recent arrest
      and detention of two 16-year-old Muslim girls from New York City. Despite the
      continuing protests by immigrant and civil rights communities following 9/11,
      the Federal government's implementation of ethnic and religious profiling and
      its use of immigration proceedings to circumvent the constitutional protections
      of the criminal justice system persist.

      Following 9/11, CAIR-NY and other civil rights organizations witnessed
      firsthand the government's targeting of Muslim men for investigations, false
      accusations, detentions, and deportations.  Immigrant Muslim men were singled
      out for Special Registration, solely on the basis of their national origins,
      and thousands were deported from this country as a result of this program.
      Despite the vigorous surveillance and crack-down on our communities, however,
      the Federal government's efforts have not resulted in any successful terrorism
      prosecutions, nor have they shown any evidence that these methods have made
      America safer for anyone.

      Today, it appears that the profiling of Muslim men has grown to include Muslim
      women and children. In this case, two minors are being linked to terrorism
      based at least in part on their interest in and observance of the Islamic
      religion. In one of the cases, a girl was questioned by FBI agents, at one
      point posing as youth counselors, without the advice or presence of an
      attorney. Neither of the girls has been formally charged with any crime, but
      both have been detained indefinitely in facilities far away from their homes
      and families. Their hearings are held in secret. Any substantive evidence
      against them has yet to be revealed. Concerns have also been raised regarding
      the conditions in the girls' detention facility, including reports that their
      ability to observe religious practices has been restricted.  Given the Federal
      government's previous track record and manner in which these two cases have
      been handled thus far, CAIR-NY and the Muslim community are justifiably
      outraged at the government's continuing disregard for the civil rights of
      American Muslims.

      As a community-based civil rights organization, we sincerely hope that these
      cases do not develop into a new example of baseless religious profiling and
      unfair targeting of American Muslims, both of which have become disturbingly
      frequent in post-9/11 America.

      Cases involving minors necessarily require heightened attention to their
      treatment during detention, their access to legal advice and social support
      services, and the need to come to a swift and just conclusion.

      CAIR-NY calls upon all community organizations and elected officials to join us
      in closely monitoring the legal and humanitarian issues in both cases to see
      that justice is done for these young girls.
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131

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      Send check pay to:
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena CA 91030
      (All donations are tax deductible)

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