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Lee Siu Hin: My Latest Updates from UFPJ

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    My Latest Updates from UFPJ I am elected to UFPJ Administration Committee! Your Support Is Needed! Folks: As you remember, I was elected to United for Peace
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2005
      My Latest Updates from UFPJ
      I am elected to UFPJ Administration Committee!
      Your Support Is Needed!
      As you remember, I was elected to United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ) Steering Committee on February during the national assembly at St. Louis, MO. URL: http://www.UnitedforPeace.org
      During the past weekend, I attended the UFPJ Steering Committee meeting at New York City, and I was elected to serve the UFPJ's 12-people Administration Committee (AC) for the next 9-months (in additions to my SC position), the tasks includes :
      - Providing oversight and direction to the national staff
      - Convening key working groups, including Fundraising, Media, Communications etc.
      - Endorsing actions in emergency situations
      - Approving periodic financial reports
      - Developing policy recommendations for the Steering Committee regarding personnel or organizational issues
      - Preparing for Steering Committee meetings
      My area of works will be:
      - grassroots education project and community outreach
      - youth and student outreach
      - fund raising
      - people of color and challenging white supremacy
      I am honor to take this task, and I also want to use my connections to bring more working relations with UFPJ to work on the areas of:
      - student-youth activism
      - community outreach
      - immigrant-labor rights
      - linking and highlight the unpopularity of the war to the local community struggles
      Your suggestions to help my work will be highly appreciated! However, most important of all, we need your supports! We need your financial (or in kind) donations!
      Please support our work defeat Bush's empire building agenda, as well as fighting for economic and social justices!
      Lee Siu Hin 
      ActionLA Coalition
      Peace No War Network
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      US-Mexico Border Action and Information Project
      Please send your check pay to: ActionLA/SEE


      ActionLA / The Peace Center
      8124 West 3rd Street
      Suite 104
      Los Angeles, California 90048





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