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A Message From Don White

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  • LSandraH@aol.com
    Please send replies to this email to: lacispes@igc.org FYI: GROUPS A , C AND D ARE TAKEN...dw Companer@s--- from Don White These are the companies which
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2001
      Please send replies to this email to:

      FYI: GROUPS "A","C" AND "D" ARE TAKEN...dw

      Companer@s--- from Don White
      These are the companies which charter buses and I am suggesting that we
      contact these companies (and I will call and coordinate) asking the
      following questions:
      (1) What is the total charge if we leave Los Angeles at 8:00 a.m. on
      April 21 and return at 7:00 p.m. (leaving at 7:00 p.m.from San Ysidro) and
      does that include the cost of bus, driver, insurance, any extra charges for
      driver, [gratuity for driver??] etc.
      (2) Exactly how many seats? (So we'll know how to divide the costs.)
      (3) Does bus have restroom?
      (4) If we charter more than one bus, do we get "discounts" for additional
      (5) Are passengers fully insured?
      (6) When do we have to put down a deposit to hold and guarantee the bus?
      (7) Is there the capacity to show videos on the bus en route?
      Does anyone have other questions to pose? Should we ask about cost if we
      stay over until April 22?

      <lacispes@...> and let him know you are covering that "group" and leave
      name & phone. If we split them up it will be easier on all of us!
      Here are some companies by "groups".....
      Don White will take all of Group "A"----

      Group "A": Fiesta Express: 323-232-2040---Golden Star Coach: 310-541-4050---
      Golden State Transportation: 213-627-2937---GrayLine Coaches: 323-525-1212--
      Greyhound Charter Service: 800-454-2487----J & R Bus Tours: 323-296-5357
      Jamboree Tours: 323-262-3255---Jamboree Tours: 877-262-3255----

      Group "B": Jones Charter: 323-750-3768----L.A. Tours: 323-460-6490---M & J
      Coach Services: 323-737-3365---Maple Leaf Tours: 323-734-9722----
      Mark IV Tours: 323-567-2244------

      Group "C": Miracle Charter Line: 323-753-9015----NADA Bus Line:323-526-3777
      Oliver Charters: 323-290-1327----Orange Blossom Lines: 800-448-8885
      Coach USA: 562-634-7969-----Eagle Line: 323-721-8877

      Group "D": Sunrise Plaza Transportation: 800-564-5806---
      Jamboree Tours:877-262-3255---Atlantic Express: 323-225-7000

      Group "E": Transportation Charter Services: 800-833-5773---
      Pacific/Trailways: 562-598-6000 or 714-892-5000
      Robinson Charters: 818-248-9020---Payton Bus Tours:323-758-8817

      Group "F": Prestige Charter Services: 213-508-7322--Red Buses: 323-294-1115
      Red Carpet Buses: 323-678-2634---Roadrunner Bus Charters: 323-235-1880
      Robinson Bus Charters: 818-248-9020---Mark Charters: 800-822-1212

      Group "G": Far West Charters: 310-547-0875---Travelways: 800-999-7191
      TourCoach: 800-460-8331--Tour Masters: 213-386-1698-
      Tres Estrellas De Oro: 323-881-9756

      Group "H" Let's Go Transportation: 310-216-2718---Atlantic Express:
      323-225-7000---Laidlaw: 323-565-4300---Victory Tours: 323-971-5580
      Star Line: 323-463-3333----Raul Sandoval Tours: 213-746-0228----
      Sampaquita Tours: 818-500-0797---SPD Tours: 323-293-7003
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