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3/1/2005 - Close Mexican border to terrorits...a false crisis?

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  • Al Soto
    Washington Times ... chemical, ... to ... intelligence ... of ... professional ... our ... interrogations ... Loy s ... was ... using ... hijackers fit ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
      Washington Times
      >Close Mexican border to terrorists
      >By John B. Roberts II
      >Published March 1, 2005
      >CIA Director Porter Goss' warning that al Qaeda might try to use
      >biological, radiological and nuclear weapons" in his Feb. 17 testimony
      >the Senate Intelligence Committee overshadowed a more urgent
      >warning. At the same hearing, Vice Admiral James Loy, deputy secretary
      >Homeland Security, testified that al Qaeda has changed tactics for
      >inserting terrorist teams into the United States.
      >     According to Adm. Loy, al Qaeda plans to use Mexico's
      >people smugglers - known as coyotes - to infiltrate terrorists across
      >southern border. Adm. Loy's information is based on recent
      >and has been confirmed by ongoing counterterrorist operations.
      >     This story
      ought to have led the news on every network. But Adm.
      >Mexican bombshell didn't generate widespread media coverage because it
      >buried in written testimony instead of being delivered in telegenic
      >soundbites. Al Qaeda's departure from its previous modus operandi of
      >terrorists with valid documents (the majority of September 11
      hijackers fit
      >into this category) means the organization intends to attack us using
      >methods for which we are unprepared.
      >     Adm. Loy attributes al Qaeda's interest in using Mexico as a
      >springboard to the conclusion by al Qaeda's leaders that their
      >security" will be enhanced. They are right. Under current conditions,
      >terrorists can easily enter the United States undetected in the stream
      >hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who cross from Mexico
      >     At
      present, the United States has no defense against this
      >Washington's decades-long policy of benign neglect of illegal
      >has spawned a global infrastructure of underworld industries to
      >the flow of undocumented aliens.
      >     This underground pipeline originates in countries as far away as
      >China, Brazil and Nigeria, where professional smugglers charge
      thousands of
      >dollars to transport aliens to the United States. Many of these
      >networks converge in Mexico, where coyotes intimately familiar with
      >gaps in our security take over the task of transporting aliens beyond
      >border into our cities. Aliens who prefer can travel to Mexico's
      >towns and hire their own coyotes as guides for the final passage. To
      >them, the Mexican Foreign Ministry has prepared a handbook for illegal
      >     Once inside the United States, newly arrived migrants are
      directed to
      >forgers who create phony documentation, including Social Security
      cards and
      >birth certificates. These documents satisfy employer requirements and,
      >most states, are more than sufficient to obtain a driver's license.
      >states will knowingly license undocumented aliens. Illegal aliens can
      >obtain credit cards from sub-prime lenders. With a driver's license
      and a
      >credit card, an alien can open a bank account, lease a safehouse, rent
      >car, buy weapons, or purchase an airline ticket for use in a suicide
      >     Three-and-a-half years after September 11, we have not begun to
      >address the security issues posed by an internal community of illegal
      >aliens believed to number between 8 and 10 million. Last month, the
      >of Representatives made a start by passing H.R. 418, Rep. F. James
      >Sensenbrenner's bill to tighten standards for driver's licenses and
      >physical security on the border.
      >     H.R. 418 limits the issuance of licenses to those legally in the
      >country or with pending visa and asylum applications. Licenses cannot
      >remain valid for periods of time that exceed the applicant's legal
      stay in
      >the United States. Citizens, residents, and legal aliens will have to
      >submit documentation before being licensed. Visa status will be
      >through federal databases, and those who make or issue licenses will
      >to get security clearances. After a three-year phase-in,
      >from states that don't meet the federal standards will no longer be
      >ID for federal transactions. Residents of laggard states won't be able
      >board aircraft or
      pass an instant background check for gun purchases
      >their driver's license.
      >     These are reasonable precautions, given Adm. Loy's warning about
      >Qaeda's change of tactics. But they won't take effect unless the
      >acts, and even then it will be years before the measures are
      >If Mr. Goss' warnings about al Qaeda attacks using weapons of mass
      >destruction are right, we can't afford to lose time getting control
      >the illegal immigration pipeline into and inside our country and if
      >Goss believes what he told the Senate Intelligence Committee, perhaps
      >CIA should take covert action to disrupt alien smuggling networks and
      >corral the coyotes before they deliver the next band of al Qaeda
      killers to
      >our doorsteps.
      >     John B. Roberts II served in the Reagan White House. He writes
      >frequently on terrorism and national security.
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