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Reports from UFPJ Assembly and Complete UFPJ Contact Information

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    Reports from UFPJ Assembly and Complete UFPJ Contact Information March 1, 2005 by: Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Sodality Network, Peace No War Network New
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      Reports from UFPJ Assembly and Complete UFPJ Contact Information
      March 1, 2005
      by: Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Sodality Network, Peace No War Network
      New UFPJ Steering Committee Member
      New UFPJ Steering Committee Member
      Fernando Suarez del Solar (Guerrero Azteca Project)

      This past weekend, United for Peace and Justice convened our 2nd National
      Assembly. More than 500 people from groups in at least 36 states gathered to
      develop our common program of work for the next 18 months, and elected a new
      national steering committee.

      It was an exciting, powerful weekend; a gathering that re-energized everyone
      and gave new focus to our work to end the Iraq War and resist the Bush
      Administration's agenda. We agreed to a range of strategically targeted
      initiatives. Some highlights:

      * a major grassroots education campaign to bring our message of peace and
      justice to new allies and communities
      * a campaign of state-by-state local organizing to oppose the deployment of
      the National Guard to Iraq
      * a major national anti-war protest in New York City on September 10, the
      World Day of Mobilization Against War, coinciding with the Millennium+5
      Summit at the United Nations
      Here's some UFPJ Assembly stats:
      “More than 450 people from at least 275 organizations participated in the assembly.”

      “329 delegates representing approximately 270 groups participated in the assembly.”

      The UFPJ web site just posted several reports and photos from the assembly, please check: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=2675

      Major Proposals Passed by UFPJ assembly
      During the assembly, delegates from UFPJ member groups approved the six Level #1 proposals below. These are programs and campaigns that will form the main work of UFPJ in the coming period.  

      The UFPJ Assembly also approved thirteen Level #2 proposals. These are campaigns organized and led by member organizations or allies of UFPJ, which we will support through website publicity, email announcements, and/or other similar means. A summary of these projects will be posted shortly.

      Grassroots Education Campaign (Level #1)
      Submitted by: Institute for Policy Studies, Global Exchange, Action LA, Peace No War Network & education Funds, National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      Opposing the Use of the National Guard in Iraq (Level #1)
      Submitted by: Military Families Speak Out, American Friends Service Committee-

      Supporting Clergy and Laity Concerned about Iraq (Level #1)
      Submitted by: New York Common Ground

      Highlighting the Local Costs of the War (Level #1)
      Submitted by: Code Pink

      Pressuring Congress & Elected Officials to Bring the Troops Home (Level #1)
      Submitted by: Global Exchange, Peace Action

      September 10 Mobilization Against the War (Level #1)
      Submitted by: Milwaukee Coalition for Just Peace

      UFPJ info (staff, listservs, steering committee)
      From: beka@...
      Feb 28, 2005

      1) contact information for the national office of United for Peace and Justice
      2) national UFPJ staff
      3) information about UFPJ listservs
      4) new UFPJ steering committee


      UFPJ national office phone number:  212-868-5545
      UFPJ web site: http://www.unitedforpeace.org  

      UFPJ mailing address:
      United for Peace and Justice
      Times Square Station
      PO Box 607
      New York, NY 10108

      UFPJ office location:
      209 W. 38th St, 9th floor
      (between 7th and 8th avenues)
      New York, NY 10018
      (please note, we will be moving soon and our new address will be on our web site)

      In order to make your contact with the national office easier we want to make sure you know who is on the national staff and what their primary areas of responsibility are. Of course, you can always ask any of us any question and we will refer to you someone else if necessary. Information about who on staff works with the specific working groups is included below.

      Leslie Cagan - national coordinator, lesliecagan@... 
      Joe Cavelletto - merchandizing, joe@...
      Bill Dobbs - media/press, press@... 
      Beka Economopoulos - internet coordinator, beka@...
      Leslie Kauffman - mobilizing coordinator, lak@... 
      Hany Khalil  - organizing coordinator, hanykhalil@...  
      Yvonne Lewis - finances, yvonne@... 
      Glen Pine - information manager, glen@... 
      Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou - Religious and People of Color Outreach Coordinator, revsekou@...

      We want to make sure the member groups of UFPJ know about our various email listservs. These lists are an important communication tool and we hope you will use them to get any information your group needs as well as to share ideas and news with others.

      There are 3 main listservs for all UFPJ participating groups. In addition, each of the 8 program area working groups of UFPJ has its own listserv. Information about how to get in touch with the working groups is included at the end of this message. To learn more about the work of any of these groups please contact one of the conveners directly.
      Note: once you’re subscribed, you can access the list archives from the website: http://www.yahoogroups.com.  If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up a yahoogroups profile there.

      The 3 main UFPJ listservs are:

      1) ufpj@...   
      This is the UFPJ list specifically for the groups that are part of the UFPJ coalition. It is the internal announcements list for United for Peace and Justice. Each member group of UFPJ should have at least one representative subscribed to this list. If it would help facilitate communication and the sharing of information, we can add two or three more people from your group to this list. We will need the complete contact information for whoever is to be added: name, email, phone number, mailing address, etc.  Please email both beka@... AND hanykhalil@... with this information. 

      This is a moderated list (that is, all postings require approval), and it is intended solely for announcements directly related to UFPJ internal business. Appropriate postings for this list include:

      * UFPJ conference call & meeting announcements
      * conference call & meeting minutes
      * announcements or updates re: UFPJ working groups
      * UFPJ calls to action

      This list is NOT to be used for posting news articles or event/campaign announcements (other than those organized or officially endorsed by UFPJ), and it is not a discussion list. These limitations are designed to make this email list an effective conduit of key information to member groups of UFPJ.

      If your group is not yet on this list, please email both beka@... AND hanykhalil@....    

      2) ufpj-disc@...  
      The DISCUSSION LIST (send a blank email to ufpj-disc-subscribe@... to subscribe) is designed for discussions specifically related to United for Peace and Justice business. It is a place where people can discuss such UFPJ items as proposals for action, future strategies, and the like. It is NOT intended for general, wide open political discussion, nor is it a place to post news articles or event announcements.

      3) ufpj-news@yahoogroups.com 
      The NEWS LIST (send a blank email to ufpj-news-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe) is designed for people to post news articles and event announcements of interest to member groups of UFPJ. It also includes a periodic round-up of news coverage of the anti-war movement, compiled by UFPJ's media coordinator, Bill Dobbs. Please do not use this list for discussion.

      If you have any questions or problems with any of the UFPJ lists, contact Beka Economopoulos at beka@....

      In addition to these lists (and those of the working groups listed below) we maintain a massive email contact list open to anyone who is interested in receiving periodic alerts and other information. Please let the members of your group know they are all invited to join this list. To subscribe, go to http://www.unitedforpeace.org/email4.php?p=subscribe 
      We also have a mechanism for people to make an online financial contribution to United for Peace and Justice and our organizing work. Anyone can visit http://www.unitedforpeace.org/donate to make a much needed and greatly appreciated donation.


      We are thrilled to welcome the new UFPJ Steering Committee, as elected by the membership at the 2005 National Assembly.

      American Friends Service Committee-National, Baltazar (Bal) Pinguel
      American Friends Service Committee-Vermont, Joseph Gainza
      Baltimore Anti-War Coalition, Virginia Rodino
      Black Voices for Peace, Felicia Eaves
      Black Voices for Peace - Oakland, Maleena Lawrence
      CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Gael Murphy
      Communist Party - USA, Judith LeBlanc
      Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN), Prasad Venugopal
      Fayetteville Peace With Justice, Chuck Fager
      Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, Denise Thomas
      Global Exchange, Medea Benjamin
      Guerrero Azteca Project, Fernando Suarez del Solar
      Hip-Hop Against Racist War, Bryan Proffitt
      Historians Against the War, Van Gosse
      Independent Progressive Politics Network, George Friday
      Institute for Policy Studies, Amy Quinn
      Iraq Veterans Against the War, Christopher Harrison
      Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice, Susan Wenger
      Military Families Speak Out, Ann Roesler
      Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace, George Martin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network/PeaceNoWar Network, Siu Hin Lee
      National Network On Cuba, Sobukwe Shukura
      National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Jessica Marshall
      New Yorkers Say No To War, Leslie Kielson
      No Militariacion de los Jovenes, Cristina Martinez
      Not In Our Name (NION), Efia Nwangaza
      Root Activist Network of Trainers (RANT), Lisa Fithian
      September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Kelly Campbell
      Students for Change, Sophie Bloch
      Teaneck Peace and Justice Coalition, Brenda Allen
      Teen Peace Project, Liz Rivera Goldstein
      Third Coast Activist Resource Center, Rahul Mahajan
      Thomas Merton Center, David Meieran
      US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Kymberlie Quong Charles
      US Labor Against the War, Nancy Romer
      Vanguard Public Foundation, Alona Clifton
      Veterans For Peace, Michael T. McPhearson
      War Times, Bob Wing
      Western States Legal Foundation, Jacqueline (Jackie) Cabasso
      Women To Women Ministries, Inc., Saundra Addison-Britto
      Young Koreans United (YKU) of USA, Cliff Suk-Jae Lee
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!

      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org

      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131

      Please consider making a donation to the important work of National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      Send check pay to:
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena CA 91030
      (All donations are tax deductible)

      *to join the immigrant Solidarity Network daily news litserv, send e-mail to: isn-subscribe@...
      *a monthly ISN monthly Action Alert! listserv, go to webpage http://www.actionla.org/cgi-bin/mojo/mojo.cgi?f=list&l=isn

      Please join our new Asian American Labor Activism Alert! Listserv, send-e-mail to: api-la-subscribe@...
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