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    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2005
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest

      COMMENTARY-OPINION, February 21st, 2005

      U.S. Immigration Policy is Riddled with Contradictions
      By Cynthia Tucker/Atlanta Journal Constitution
      Last Wednesday, intelligence officials may have handed anti-immigration zealots the ammunition they needed. In a wide-ranging analysis of terrorist threats, CIA chief Porter Goss and other ranking intelligence officers warned Congress that al-Qaida operatives may try to sneak in through Mexico. …Never mind that they wouldn't be Mexicans. Xenophobes in Congress and state legislatures will no doubt use the warning as an excuse to turn up the pressure on Latinos…
      On Guard, America
      New York Times Editorial
      In the name of foiling potential terrorists, the House has passed a misbegotten immigration control bill that would make it harder for persecuted immigrants to get political asylum in this country. One of the nation's bedrock principles - sanctuary - would be badly crimped by the measure, which would also block states from granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Eleven states grant such licenses as a way to encourage highway safety and accident insurance coverage.
      U.S. Aides Cite Worry on Qaeda Infiltration from Mexico
      By Douglas Jehl/New York Times
       New intelligence information strongly suggests that Al Qaeda has considered infiltrating the
      United States through the Mexican border, top government officials told Congress on Wednesday…. In a wide-ranging assessment of threats to American security, including those posed by Iran and North Korea, the officials also said intelligence indicated that terrorist organizations remained intent on obtaining and using devastating weapons against the United States.
      Bit by Bit on Illegal Migration
      The Christian Science Monitor's View
      One can only hope 2005 is the year Congress finally puts a lockdown on illegal immigration - nearly four years after 9/11.  …Lawmakers are off to a good start after last week's House passage of measures that, as a beginning, better enforce immigration laws. The House bill now heading for the Senate this week would, among other things, require states to check the legal status of anyone applying for a driver's license - just as Mexico does. Too many states give licenses away too easily, raising the risks of terrorists obtaining one.
      House Bill Denounced by a Range of Leaders
      Immigration Forum
      Religious leaders ranging from Catholic bishops, to Jewish organizations, to evangelical groups have criticized the REAL ID Act (H.R. 418) as antithetical to both American and religious values.  The REAL ID Act is a bill that recently passed the House of Representatives, which would make it harder for genuine refugees to get asylum, further eliminate due process for many immigrants, and impose a complicated driver’s license mandate on states (in addition to many other harmful provisions).
      National ID Party
      Wall Street Journal (Editorial)
      Republicans swept to power in Congress 10 years ago championing state prerogatives, and one of their first acts was to repeal federal speed-limit requirements. Another was aimed at ending unfunded state mandates. So last week's House vote to require costly and intrusive federal standards for state drivers' licenses is a measure of how far the party has strayed from these federalist principles.
      What’s Next for REAL ID?
      Now that the House of Representatives has passed Representative James Sensenbrenner’s (R-WI) REAL ID Act (H.R. 418), people are speculating about its future in the Senate. … White House Wants Clean Bill: In an effort to get these measures quickly off the table and into law, Rep. Sensenbrenner has asked House leaders to attach the measure to an emergency supplemental appropriations proposal to fund U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and Tsunami relief in Southeast Asia. But doing so would go against the wishes of President George W. Bush, who stated in a letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) on February 14…
      3 Articles
      1. Growing Up in America With No Mother
      It’s been said that the person closest to a man is his mother. I wouldn’t know. The last time I saw my mom was one month after my sixth birthday…
      2. A Border Separates Father and Son
      Twenty years of my life have gone by, and I am entering a stage of adulthood when it is expected of me to develop into my own person…
      3. Immigrant Children Face Trials and Heartbreak to Cross the Border
      A 17-year old girl sleeps on a bunk bed, wrapped with a blanket, exhausted after her failure to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. Her baby, 6 months old, was luckier…
      The Dirty Half-Dozen
      One indication of how lax is enforcement of charitable funds-use laws is the fact that so many groups openly operate in apparent violation of the law. The six organizations described below have all registered with the IRS as tax-exempt educational organizations, enabling them to fund their activities with tax-deductible contributions. However, they openly tell the media and prospective supporters that what they really aim to do is to change public policy, not educate the public. Under federal tax laws, an organization does not qualify as a charitable group (501(c)3 organization) unless it is operating "exclusively" for charitable purposes…
      Outlook for Mexican Politics, Economics in 2005
      From: Oxford Analytica
      Rolling Assumptions:
      The main parties will become increasingly preoccupied with nominations for the 2006 presidential race, which will lead to high levels of infighting.
      The economy will grow by 3.5% to 4.2%, slightly less than in 2004. There is risk that political instability could undermine confidence and reduce growth.
      The nomination process will reduce the willingness of opposition parties to negotiate with the government, making the outlook even more negative for key structural reforms.
      3 Articles on Mexico
      1.Mexico’s economy grew faster than expected projected now to top 4.9 in 2005
      An unexpected surge in Mexico's economy that began around Christmas has probably carried over into 2005, leading some Wall Street analysts to pump up their growth forecasts for this year.
      2. Loan programs fuel housing boom in Mexico
      Developments offer alternative to haphazard cities
      Outside Melesio Rivero's city hall office, workers shouldering bags of cement squeeze past suit-wearing developers waiting for building permits.
      3. 2004 Tourism to Mexico tops 20 million visitors in 2004
      Foreigners visited Mexico during 2004 in numbers not seen since before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks…
      Mexico's Mother Teresa Attends Immigrant Amputees
      By Frank Jack Daniel
      With the stubs of her severed legs covered by a hand towel, Magdalena Belen sits on the bed recounting the day her life changed for ever. …While trying to reach the United States illegally in December, the bright-eyed Salvadoran, 25, fell from a Mexican freight train and her legs were mangled between tons of moving steel.
      "A friend was helping me off the roof of the train as it slowed to be checked by migration officials. He slipped and I fell," she said.
      Belen is now a resident of a refuge in southern Mexico run by Olga Sanchez Martinez, a seriously ill woman whom some have dubbed Mexico's Mother Teresa.
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