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SF Labor Council Resolution endorses FTAA Protests

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  • LSandraH@aol.com
    Labor Resolution on FTAA passed at February 26, 2001 meeting of SF central labor council: Whereas: A Summit of the America s of all Western Hemisphere
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2001
      Labor Resolution on FTAA passed at February 26, 2001 meeting of SF central
      labor council:

      Whereas: A "Summit of the America's" of all Western Hemisphere countries,
      excluding Cuba, will convene April 18-22 in Quebec City, Quebec, to further
      negotiations on the Free Trade Area of the Americas,and
      whereas; The FTAA would expand NAFTA throughout the Western
      Hemisphere and incorporate selected trade rules from the World Trade
      Organization(WTO) and the defeated Multilateral Agreement on
      Investments(MAI), and

      whereas; NAFTA, the WTO and the FTAA are "corporate rights charters";  i.e.
      secretive, undemocratic, unaccountable, supranational institutions which act
      against the public interest through deregulation and privatization and
      impose the rights of corporations over the labor, health, safety, consumer
      and human rights of citizens (and their elected representatives and
      institutions), and the environment;  and

      whereas, NAFTA has led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of U.S.
      manufacturing jobs, increased exploitation of Mexican workers in the
      maquiladoras (factories in Mexico, owned by US and other foriegn
      corporations), the impoverishment of small Mexican farmers who are forced to
      leave their farms for the slums of Mexico City or the perils of immigration
      northward;  and

      whereas;-"Fast Track" negotiating authority, if passed in the US congress,
      will allow the US President to push the FTAA through Congress with limited
      debate and no ammendments, and

      whereas; Protests are being planned, to coincide with the Summit of the
      Americas, in Quebec City, on the border at Tijuana/San Diego and the border
      between Washington and British Columbia, Therefore be it resolved that

      the San Francisco Central Labor Council(SFCLC) urges all of its affilitated
      unions and members to  join in the planning of and participate in the
      protests against the FTAA ; and be it further resolved that

      the SFCLC calls upon the California Federation of Labor to join in active
      opposition to Fast Track and FTAA and be it further resolved that

      the SFCLC, contact local, state and federal legislators and ask them to
      join us in opposing Fast Track and the FTAA; and

      be it finally resolved that; the SFCLC commit resources to the fight
      against Fast Track and FTAA, make meeting space and phone-banking
      available to union members who want to oppose the FTAA

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