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      HispanicVista Columnists - January 17th, 2005Guest Columns - January 17th,
      Gonzales Appointment Latest Step in Browning of Justice
      Immigrant bashing shames U.S.
      By Roberto Lovato - Commentary/Analysis
      People living along California's bucolic highway 99 in the San Joaquin Valley
      are of different minds about Bush Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales,
      a man who will soon be crowned the nation's first Latino Attorney General.
      Following a recent drive along the 99, I saw some Latinos living in towns along
      the highway who, like most national Latino civil rights and political leaders
      -- Democrat and Republican alike -- consider it an act of ethnic fealty to
      support the Gonzales nomination.By Andrew Greeley
      Americans have less concern for the lives of illegal Mexican immigrants than
      they do for Iraqi civilians -- which is none at all. Both groups somehow do
      not seem to merit respect as human beings. The parish at which I work in Tucson,
      Ariz., has a memorial to those immigrants who have died while trying to cross
      the desert in their search for jobs in the United States -- more than 150
      last year, more than 700 since the beginning of the decade. The parish cares, or
      at least some of its people care. Most Americans couldn't care less.
      "Sr. Sinvergüenza"Shooting Ignites Hmong Racial Tensions
      By Robert Miranda
      I never thought that a day would ever come when the actions of an individual
      would fill me with disgust and I would feel embarrassed by the actions of that
      person as I did when former Hispanic Chamber of Commerce chairman, Perfecto
      Rivera spoke to the Coordinating Committee Against Hate Speech (CCAHS) last week
      … The flamboyant Puerto Rican Republican was recently given a talk radio
      program by WISN radio (Clear Channel). The program was part of a deal Clear
      Channel representative Cynthia McDowell made with Maria Cameron of the Hispanic
      Chamber of Commerce. The deal was made in order to block the community from
      organizing its campaign for the permanent removal of Milwaukee’s biggest known talk
      radio bigot, Mark Belling. By Eduardo Stanley
      The morning of November 21 didn’t start off well for Chai Vang, a deer hunter
      in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. Vang purportedly got lost in the forest. When
      the owner of the property saw him, he asked Vang to leave. According to Vang,
      who is a Hmong resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota, the owner and his friend made
      racist jokes about his Asian origin as he was walking away. There was a clash
      with weapons. Before dying, the property owner was able to call other hunters
      on his walkie-talkie.
      Foot in Mouth Time . . . AgainUrban Legends Should Not Guide Homeland
      Security Policy
      By Richard N. Baldwin T.
      The Fox administration has demonstrated once again its ineptitude in
      conducting even the most elementary level of foreign relations. Especially when the
      interests of its people and citizens are involved. I refer to the illegal
      immigrant comic book episode that was issued by our foreign relations secretariat….
      (sic)… But the book goes further than simply warnings of danger. It crosses
      the line when instructions on avoiding the border patrol and "blending in"
      across the border to avoid attention and deportation are given. Issued by
      Immigration Forum
      A myth that has been circulating on the Internet and in the Halls of
      Congress is that the September 11 hijackers were able to obtain a total of 63 driver
      ’s licenses among them.
      In support of his measure to bar states from issuing driver’s licenses to
      undocumented immigrants, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) cites this myth as
      Where did that number come from? In its final report, the 9/11 Commission
      addressed this issue. The 19 hijackers had 13 driver’s licenses, not 63.
      The Commissioners have more recently gone on record noting that Rep.
      Sensenbrenner’s driver’s license prohibition would not have prevented the 19 hijackers
      from obtaining driver’s licenses:
      Local taxpayer groups should tackle ILLEGAL immigrationActivist sues Sykes
      over essay - Report of 1991 protest wrong, activist says
      By Joe Armendariz
      Get ready for another debate over illegal-immigration. In other words, over
      those who come here, not by way of Ellis Island, via the Rio Grande. And you
      might as well get ready for another debate with the loony-left over issuing
      illegal immigrants a California drivers-license. Indeed, now that the state
      legislature is back in session, get ready for just about anything… Regarding illegal
      immigration, or more importantly, regarding the question of whether we should
      issue a drivers-license to illegal aliens… By Derrick Nunnally
      A Latino activist aims to get talk radio host Charlie Sykes sent to
      sensitivity training over an allegation that Sykes "maligned, libeled and slandered"
      him in a November Web posting… Robert Miranda, editor of the Spanish Journal,
      made the accusations in a small-claims suit filed Monday in Milwaukee County
      Circuit Court…. Sykes, heard on WTMJ-AM (620), wrote that Miranda's public
      criticism of radio host Mark Belling meant that Miranda's own "history of attacks
      on free speech" became a "highly relevant" subject. Belling had been suspended
      from his radio show on WISN-AM (1130) for a week after he used a derogatory
      term to describe illegal Mexican immigrants on the air, then joked about the
      ensuing controversy and public protests.
      No Medals for WisdomRestrictionism Resurgent in Post-9/11 Politics: Protect
      America Now
      By Steven J. Ybarra, JD
      My friend Tequila Joe and I were talking last week and in the midst of our
      profundity on the present political situations he said, ‘You know, they don’t
      give medals for wisdom.’ I meant to write an editorial about this in an attack
      on stupidity; however, yesterday I received news of the passing of Bob Matsui…
      I have known Bob since his days in local politics. Bob was fierce in a
      gentle kind of way. I am fierce in a fierce kind of way. When we worked
      together, we made a good match tackling issues. Several years ago, he made me his
      appointee to the Democratic State Central Committee, which was then and is now an
      honor. He is the reason that I am on the DNC. By Tom Barry
      “Mean spirited” and “anti-American” is how the Latino-rights group MALDEF
      described the anti-immigrant bill approved in a referendum by Arizona voters on
      November 2. … No doubt that the Proposition 200 spearheaded by Protect
      Arizona Now is mean spirited. Protect Arizona Now (PAN), which has a national
      advisory board that includes prominent white supremacists and cultural
      nationalists, is part of a country-wide network of groups committed to severely
      restricting legal immigration and stopping illegal immigration by all necessary means.
      America: Stingy Government but Generous PeopleLatin America Abuzz Over
      By Domenico Maceri
      Soon after the tsunami devastated 11 eleven countries in the Indian Ocean,
      Jan Egeland said western countries were "stingy" in their offers of helping the
      victims. Some Americans took exception to his statement. Yet, in some ways
      Egeland could "afford" to make it. Although he was speaking as the United
      Nation's emergency relief coordinator, Egeland is from Norway, one of the most
      generous countries in helping the poor around the globe…. What about the US? Did we
      deserve to be called "stingy?"
      By Marcelo Ballve
      Like all humanity, Latin Americans grasped for words to describe the calamity
      that raced across the Indian Ocean Dec. 26. The word tsunami is used in
      Spanish and Portuguese, but in both languages there was a term much closer at hand
      for the event: maremoto.
      Maremoto, which can be translated as "seaquake," has dominated Latin American
      news pages and broadcasts since the catastrophe hit. "Maremoto Kills
      Thousands in Asia," a headline in the Mexico City daily El Universal cried out. (sic)…
      Latin American nations showed a ...
      A legacy of Service: Mexican-American Defenders of California
      Guatemala: The Crown Prince of Central America’s Drug Trafficking
      By Jennifer C. Vo and John P. Schmal
      The state of California is a very special place for many people. Millions
      have come here from other parts of the United States and from around the world
      to live, work, and prosper. And many of these people embrace their new lives
      in this western state. As the world's fifth largest economy, California has a
      great deal to offer the many people who make their way to the Golden State in
      search of a better life…. My name is Jennifer Vo and to me and my family,
      California is a very special place. This may be due to the fact that – my
      Chumash Indian ancestry notwithstanding – I am an eleventh-generation Californian of
      Mexican descent. By Christina McIntosh
      Over the past 10 years, Central America has become a major transshipment
      corridor for cocaine smuggled out of Colombia and into the United States. An
      estimated 80 percent of the illegal cargo is transported by drug conveyances to
      Mexico; U.S. officials estimate that up to three-quarters of all cocaine entering
      through America’s southern border passes through Central America. The
      corridor has become a smuggler’s paradise because of the under-funded and chronically
      corrupt local security forces already bedeviled by limited U.S. counter-drug
      assets and operations, vast stretches of lawless jungle and shoreline, and a
      compliant population.

      Spanish in the USA: Growing or Waning?Will Washington tolerate a
      Chinese-Venezuelan Petro Pact?
      By Frank Gómez
      Just when we were getting used to saying proudly that Spanish is no longer a “
      foreign language” but the “second language” of the United States, a report
      appears that questions the assumption that Spanish use is growing. State
      University of New York at Albany researchers say that English is the preferred
      language of children and grandchildren of Latin American immigrants… This news
      surely gave comfort to Samuel Huntington and others who believe Spanish-speaking
      immigrants endanger “American” culture. The study holds that forecasts of
      growth of Spanish use overlook forces that bring about assimilation. Issued by
      Council on Hemispheric Affairs
      The U.S.-Venezuela Oil Split approaches a Boiling Point -- Although Venezuela
      has long been one of the U.S.’s top four foreign suppliers of crude,
      relations between the two countries have grown quite acrimonious since the Bush
      administration’s tacit support of the failed coup against populist president Hugo
      Chavez in April of 2002. How the Bush administration has been dealing with
      Caracas repeats a well-known cycle to any student of U.S./Latin American relations:
      support of overt or covert coups against democratically-elected regimes
      eventually ignites a backlash of popular support for the embattled government
      against the ...
      Abraham Lincoln and the Iraqi ElectionsPatrick Osio, Jr. has written a short
      but intensive manual on the Mexican perspective on numerous issues between our
      two countries. The manual is an in depth primer on the culture and protocol
      for better understanding Mexicans that in turn allows establishing personal and
      business relationships, and how to avoid the most common faux pas that can
      ruin relationships and business deals.
      About the author
      Table of Contents
      Excerpts from the manual
      The manual is available through Electronic delivery for $9.95 making it
      possible to download the manual to save on your hard drive, printing its entirety
      or particular sections while reaping considerable savings over printed copies.
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      O’me, o’my! What shall we do? Part of the country discloses that no matter
      what they won’t vote for someone they hate. They won’t vote because armed men
      will suppress their vote because the armed suppressors are determined to not
      allow this very visible minority to vote…. Voting places will be few and badly
      equipped, thus their vote will be suppressed and they won’t have their say in
      how the country is run.
      We know this, they say, because it is the normal method of keeping them
      suppressed and in a permanent minority situation, a situation without power…. Can
      any election be fair and open and democratic under such circumstances? Of


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